Both President Reagan’s SDI and President Trump‘s SF are basically the same idea of setting up a vast array of satellites orbiting the earth and command centers on the ground to oversee an advanced system of satellite weapons technology such as lasers and particle beams capable of shooting down incoming Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs), which could be launched from the ground anywhere in the world and against submarine missile launches.

What most people do not understand is, any major world conflict will primarily be fought using land-based ICBMs and those launched from submarines; and every single one of them will enter space above the atmosphere after being launched, before returning to their intended targets on earth thousands of miles away. This is the main intention behind the need for a protective umbrella that can destroy or disable incoming ICBMs carrying nuclear warheads before they hit their intended targets on the ground.

President Trump’s SF is nothing new, it is a continuation of President Reagan’s SDI program which has been in progress for decades. Most of the missions, some secret carried out by the Space Shuttle during its time in operation were part of President Reagan’s SDI, or Star Wars, program in getting it set up in space and coordinated with command centers on the ground. Thus, President Trump’s announcement of the creation of a Space Force is nothing more than a proclamation of a new sixth branch of the US Armed Forces that will have control over military operations, research, and clandestine activities in space.


This new Space Force will have nothing to do with protecting us from the possibility of an invasion from hostile aliens from another world, but all to do with making sure billions of people on the planet are not obliterated in a full out ICBM nuclear exchange.

Not only can such a new branch of the military protect us from hostile nuclear missiles, the technology will also be instrumental in detecting unusual military activities on the ground such as troop movements, naval maneuvers, aircraft flight pattern inconsistencies, and intercepting enemy transmissions.

A US military Space Force is a necessity in today’s human civilization where our technological advancements far exceed our primal mindset of warring among ourselves.


Tony R. Elliot 

San Antonio, Texas

August 22, 2018