Unusually Bright Star-Like objects Observed

Are the unusually bright, star-like objects observed in the sky all over the world, signs heralding the emergence of a new spiritual teacher?

Background information

On the 12th of December 2008, Share International (SI) in London, sent out a news release telling that very soon, a bright, ‘star-like luminary of brilliant power’, would be seen all over the world.  According to Benjamin Creme, the editor of SI, this acts as a ‘modern day Star of Bethlehem’, heralding the emergence of Maitreya, a spiritual teacher for all of humanity, that wishes to inspire us to create a new global civilization based on justice and sharing. 

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According to Creme, there are now four large star-like UFOs in our earth’s atmosphere, each being the size of five football fields! Two are positioned in the northern and two in the southern hemisphere. Ever since I first heard of them, I have watched the sky for these objects and videoed them many times. One of them is unusually bright and hangs ‘like a lamp’ in the sky.  Since these objects are the earth’s atmosphere and not far out in space, this one can sometimes even be seen through the clouds when it is lightly overcast. As a contrast to ordinary UFOs, these are much larger, brighter and stay more at a fixed point in the sky, acting almost like ordinary planets. However, after having been seen in one direction they can change position and also vary their color and form. 

A repeated observation has been that at the time of the full moon, and sometimes at other times as well, one of these unusually bright objects is often situated near the moon. Sometimes it also changes side, one day being on the left, the next day on the right. Others have also noticed this. 

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The other one that we can observe here in Norway is often quite low on the horizon, flashing strongly and changing color all the time.

What do the media say?

Being a UFO phenomenon, it has been subjected to the same type of disinformation, at least here in Norway, explanations given in the media ranging from ‘Sirius’, an ‘unusually bright Venus’ or an ‘unusually bright Jupiter’. 


More information about the ’star’, like media reports, photos etc., can be found at Share International’s website:



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