Who is behind the phenomenon called Ghost Rockets, and why?

During this year (2011), there have been media reports coming from all over the world about unusually powerful meteors, strange balls of light, etc. What is this phenomenon that mainstream media usually explains as being freaks of nature, and why does it appear?

Background information:

As far as we know, the phenomenon called Ghost rockets (see old photo taken in Sweden in 1946), appeared for the first time shortly after the US had made the first test of an atomic bomb on the Bikini islands in the Pacific. Between the 9th and the 12th of July, about a week after the test, over 300 reports came from Sweden about observations of meteor and rocket like objects, giving off a very bright light. The next test took place on the 24th of July, and in the beginning of August, another large number of observations were made. There were a lot of news reports appearing in Swedish newspapers and the conclusion was: “an unknown phenomenon”.  Due to all these observations, a secret meeting was arranged between the Swedish defense minister and the American, James Forrestal. The defense ministry went to great lengths in trying to solve this mystic riddle. Due to the strange circumstances surrounding his death, there is reason to believe that Forrestal became the first victim in the ‘campaign’ set in place to ensure that information about UFOs were kept secret from the public. (For those who may be interested in this aspect, there is a book by Gray Barker, called:”They knew too much about Flying Saucers”).

The source of most of the information regarding Ghost rockets is coming from a book called Spökflygarna -46 (Ghost fliers-46), by a Swedish man called Erland Sandqvist. Working full time for several months, he made a great job of sifting through hundreds of reports, and then by analyzing and comparing the common denominators was able to give the following description.

What are the characteristics for this special type of UFO-phenomenon?

  • Appears suddenly.
  • The speed of the object tend to vary a lot, sometimes it is very rapid and at other times very slow. Therefore the length of the observation will vary; the most common is from a few, up to 10-12 seconds, but sometimes much longer.
  • Looks like a ball of light or of fire. The color can vary from white, red, yellow or bluish green, very often with a tail.
  • The surroundings are very brightly lit – sometimes so strong that it can remind of broad daylight or sunlight. For some this can feel spooky or cause fear.
  • The height above the ground can be from a few hundred, up to several thousand meters.
  • Can disappear behind the horizon as ‘if it hit the ground’, but no remnants of any meteorite is ever found.

·         Disappear very rapidly, creating the effect of an explosion, with or without noise.

According to Sandqvist, an extraterrestrial manned vehicle,  (either a scout or a mothership), suddenly appears. The spaceship arrives at a very large speed, and then suddenly comes to an abrupt standstill. This creates the fireball, meteor or rocket like effect, often with a tail. At the end the vehicle disappears as sudden as it came. As the object disappears, the fast acceleration creates an exploding light effect, either with or without sound. 

This video gives a very good illustration of this phenomenon:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBvOaIIlZdw

On the 25th of August this object that could be observed for several minutes, was videoed as it passed over Cusco in Peru. The explanations given ranged from ball of fire, meteor or UFO. Link to video.  

Flagler Beach, Florida.  On the 27.th of July 2011, dozens of people saw a mystical ball of fire falling from the sky, with explanations ranging from a UFO to Chinese lantern. The Coastguard went out looking for wreckage, but nothing was found. Conclusion: “An unsolved mystery”. Action News, Florida, USA. Picture: Fireball, Florida

On the 14th of September 2011, this object was observed over Arizona, Nevada and the southern part of California. The question was: “Maybe it was a fireball or a meteor?” Link to video.


Who is behind the Ghost Rockets and why?

On the 27th of September 2010, a very special news conference was held at The National Press Club in Washington DC. The aim was to bring forth testimonies from several military servicemen about UFO activity near nuclear weapons sites. Robert Salas, a fomer USAF nuclear missile   launch officer, gave concrete examples on UFOs hovering over nuclear missile sites and that they even had caused the rockets to be temporarily disarmed. According to declassified information coming from the Russians, this has also taken place there. Quote from Robert Hastings a leading researcher on nuclear weapons-related UFO activity: “I think the nuclear powers are being warned that they are playing with fire.

Link to website:” The UFOs-Nukes Connection Press Conference http://www.ufohastings.com/articles/the-ufos-nukes-connection-press-conf…

It is worth noticing that these incursions are still taking place – thus this is an ongoing phenomenon.

Most probably, the Ghost rockets of 1946, was also a warning to us about the folly of our nuclear experiments. Today, there is about 20 000 atomic bombs powerful enough to extinguish all life on this planet several times.

We also know that atomic power plants create hazardous radioactive waste. Another, less known effect, is pollution on etheric levels which current science is not able to measure. (Source: Benjamin Creme).

Repeatedly, we are giving warnings by UFOs appearing near nuclear missile sites. Wouldn’t it therefore seem logical that because of our use of atomic energy with its destructive effects or a possible nuclear holocaust, Ghost rockets are also appearing again as a warning from our Space Brothers?

Early this year (2011), Sten Lindgren, a Swedish contactee, gave the information that Ghost rockets would reappear over Scandinavia. This autumn there have been several media reports about this phenomenon both in Norwegian and Swedish newspapers. 

Who are the Space Brothers?

 Space Brothers consist of 7-8 extraterrestrial races that work together. (Lindgren). Perhaps we can call their co-operative project help for a less developed planet? These individuals come from Venus, The Pleiades and Ganymede(one of Jupiters moons that was colonized by a civilization coming from the star system Orion. The Space Brothers look about the same as us. Some are high and blonde (Nordics), others has more Asiatic- Mongolic features. Here we are talking about the real Nordics, not the fakes materialized by negative extraterrestrials in order to create confusion and destroy the mission of the Space Brothers (7).  

 Early in the seventies, Sixto Paz Wells from Lima in Peru one of the most well known contactees of today, met this man Oxalc, an extraterrestrial person from Ganymede (6). Picture:Oxalc.

Orthon from Venus, who met the contactee George Adamski early in the 50thies. (4). Picture: Orthon_Venus

What characteristics do the Space Brothers have?

Most of the following is information given by Adamski, Creme, Lindgren, Wells and Williamson:

·        They come from civilizations that are a lot more advanced than ours, both technologically and spiritually.

·        Our free will is never infringed. Therefore they do not force themselves upon us in any way, or try to take the lead. The phenomena manifested by the Space Brothers are never such that we are forced to accept that they are behind them. They always give us a way out – that is – it will be possible for us to give what we observe (in the sky), a natural explanation.

·        Oversee the condition of this planet and among other things, neutralizes radioactivity and poisonous substances that we have dumped into the oceans. As long as we (read: the media controlled by special interests), keep the fact of their existence hidden, this can only be done to a limited degree. When the time comes when we wish to cooperate with them more openly, the present situation will of course, change. This situation is governed by a spiritual Law fully respected by the Space Brothers, called the Law of Correspondences.  This Law is works as follows. The less the media informs, the weaker the expectation and wish among us to get help becomes, and the more the Space brothers must keep themselves in the background. As already stated: They never infringe our freewill.

·        They wish to be of assistance, but solely on our premises and according to our wishes. They are very concerned about the environmental destruction, our arsenals of atomic weapons and our use of nuclear power. They want to help us develop new sources of environmentally friendly energy, since this seems of prime importance in keeping our planet inhabitable thus securing it as home for future generations.


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