Witnesses Describe Orange Triangular Object with Yellow Center

By Scott Corrales
Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic UFOlogy
UFO Digest Latin America Correspondent

Argentina: Latest UFO Reports from CEUFO
By Fabio I. Romano, La Pampa

Several qualified witnesses claim having seen the movement of an orange triangular object with rounded edges and a round yellow center in the sky. According to two witnesses in the western part of town, they were able to distinguish and provide references for what they observed for nearly 5 minutes.

Around 22:30 on Sunday, a senior commander of the local firefighters, accompanied by another person, notified me immediately and provided broad details on the event.

One of the witnesses made it clear that the object was toward the southwest, at the height of a 33 KWH power line in the area. It later moved slowly northward. The object that drew their attention was mistaken at first for an aerostat, and followed closely due to the concern that it could kick off a new source of wildfires. But this concern was dismissed immediately.

He states that the UFO was a perfectly defined orange triangle with rounded edges and a pale-yellow coloring at its center. The object maintained its shape at all times and notes that its [apparent] size was some 35 cm per side.

This detail is not insignificant, given that he was able to highlight fixed references, estimating size and distance, from his standpoint. He further adds that the object remained visible for nearly five minutes and that the intensity of its light did not change at any moment. It made no noise and did not leave a wake.

The witness was at the entrance to his house, accompanied by another person who confirmed his statements. “I didn’t want to miss any details. We only looked and I didn’t even think to get the camera to photograph it out of a fear of losing it. We followed it with our eyes and lost it behind the hill that’s some 500 meters distant,” he said.

Early in the week, I was able to ascertain that several witnesses had seen the phenomenon and agreed with the observations of the initial witnesses.

A Cylinder with Lights

The repercussions of the aforementioned case have attracted new testimony, but the significant account, offered by an experienced aviator and his wife a week after this event, allow us to say that the phenomenon is displaying itself unabashedly in various sectors.

These two people state that on Saturday, 28 January, a large grey cylindrical object with three equidistant lights in its interior flew over them at low altitude.

The sighting occurred in [the town] of Miguel Riglos at one o’clock in the morning, and was seen from their back yard at the time that they were entertaining a relative. Both noticed a strange object with lights crossing the clear skies from the west, following a steady eastward path. It was a large grey cylinder with rounded edges and three white lights inside it.

A thunderstorm was approaching at that time, but the moment that the sighting occurred, the sky was clear. They stated: “The object was large, about the size of a pickup truck.” The fleeting vision startled them and they immediately headed to the other side without seeing it further.

That same day, at a time estimated to be the same as the recent sighting, other sources that prefer to remain confidential noted that while on their way to Macachín, a large opaque white light was seen suspended at the edge of Provincial Route One and that it turned off immediately.

With increasing assiduousness, more people are coming forward with significant details of UFO experiences. Societal awareness, emerging from research and dissemination of events, has forced us to be cautious.

There aren’t given times according to the calendar, nor sure-fire advice on how to be a witness. However, there are always triggers for this so-called anomalous phenomenon. The fact is that it is increasingly familiar, and in fact, the presence of strange forms, movements and maneuvers has drawn the attention of entire communities.

The significant number of arguments wielded as a result of the sightings that have taken place recent days leads me to believe that we are facing a new and evident flap of unidentified flying objects.

Freely and providing a wealth of details, qualified accounts from various professionals, with the unconditional support of their families – including young children – leads one to believe that for some reason, the phenomenon is making itself far too evident. In the last 15 days, the affluence of eyewitness accounts has been particularly rich and abundant.

The various maneuvers and movements of strange lights in the Pampean sky, particularly in the region of Macachín, Miguel Riglos and Alpachiri, are proof that an activity of unknown purpose has begun.

As a researcher of the UFO phenomenon, I only have to ask around town and the vicinity about the latest events. Word spreads quickly and new testimonies are quick to emerge. Some are exceedingly cautious; others, with total freedom, discuss the fleeting sightings with a variety of interpretations. With fervor and enthusiasm, the experiences are remarked and given the ease with which information is conveyed; the stories and evidence can be immediately evaluated. The possibilities are many, but as well as the eyewitness accounts, they all agree on one thing: intense UFO activity.

At this time, the number of sightings isn’t the only feature that draws our attention, but rather their persistence and the variety of opinion on the subject. According to the data received, the patterns appear to be the same. Manifestation of a strange light of considerable size in the clear sky, maneuvers and slow movement with a sighting that lasts up to five minutes.

Nearly all agree on having seen – at various altitudes – colored spheres of various sizes, some of which subdivide into equal parts at very low altitude and fly off before reaching the horizon. Spheres, triangles and stylized cylinders display themselves with majesty.

The testimony of the first witness and his companion, and that of the residents of the western area of Macachín, leads us to think that the maneuvering ability is far different from what we know. In a single day, with a minimum difference in time and cardinal points, the manifestation of these objects leads us to think that several maneuvers could have been involved, without necessarily being the same object. That is to say, more than one phenomenon could be involved.

A variety of shapes with variable sizes, with an [apparent size] of 15 to 70 centimeters. White, blue, green and orange lights ascending and descending, flying in a straight line or moving erratically, separating, making no noise whatsoever, leaving no traces and appearing close at hand, form part of the great mystery. What’s going on? Who’s mobilizing them? What is their goal? To these and hundreds of other questions we seek serious and objective answers.

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO and Quique Mario, CEUFO)

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