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William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, December, 2013 

The Zeta also described another method of travel that can cover arbitrary distances almost instantaneously. The method requires an ability to manipulate the shape of the etheric matrix fabric itself. 

When the fabric is folded upon itself, it acts cylindrically. A craft is able to manoeuvre back to its original point by simply “hopping” from one state to the next. 

The etheric body of the matrix is rolled up into a higher-dimensional cylinder shape so that the current position in the matrix is adjacent to a starting position in the matrix, even though these positions are far apart in the physical universe. Then, a short displacement of the etheric body of a craft across the “seam” of the cylinder causes a displacement in physical space equal to the circumference of the cylinder. This description reveals an important limitation of the method. It can only take the craft back to a position where it has already been. 

This now brings into play,“states of existence”. Is this craft of a physical nature or a dematerialized construct? 

This comment concerning “states of existence” is again an allusion to the creation process. The consciousness of the craft creates by using a state of consciousness that does not exceed its highest possible state. Normally, the etheric form is created so that it can be a template for the formation of the physical craft. Could the etheric body of the craft be placed in a state where the physical craft would fail to form? This might require that the etheric body be recreated using a state of consciousness higher than that used to create etheric templates. Then the craft would exist in a state of dematerialization for human beings who are unable to realize such higher states of consciousness. 

In a dematerialized state, the craft is able to move between subatomic structures. This “non-matter” allows the craft to move from one reference point to another in an instant. As there is a folding process taking place, interdimensional or physical travel is a “simple” movement from one state to the next. 

The Zeta emphasizes that the craft in the dematerialized state is not impeded at all by physical matter. The dematerialized craft is non-matter and, when using the cylinder method, it can move instantly from one position in physical space to another. The craft moves to the destination state as easily as it moves along any other thread in the matrix. 

Craft Safety 

During discussions with the Zetas, it became clear that there were safety concerns that inhibited physical contact with humans. This was addressed in the following transcript of an interview segment. 

Interviewer: There is a question about your ability to visit us in physical form. The medium has said that you do not allow your craft to readily appear to humans because there is an issue of safety that concerns you. If safety is an issue, is it our safety or the safety of the craft and crew that concerns you? 

Zeta: Both. Of course I am concerned about what happens to the occupants of the craft. I am also concerned about the safety of the being which is the craft. I am also concerned with the environment in which the craft lives. I am also concerned with what may happen to a human if they were to approach a craft. Many humans would become instantly unwell, and then they suffer because the frequency would change their body’s ability to understand how to repair itself. 

Interviewer: There would be a minimum distance then, I suppose, that humans should approach? 

Zeta: Yes, of course, you would never get, unless there was an accident, within 30 meters to 50 meters from the craft. The physical body is unable to cope with the changes. 

The Zeta was concerned about the safety of both the beings on the craft and the humans who may be in the vicinity of the craft. We know that the Zetas breath carbon monoxide rather than oxygen, so they need to use a breathing device when they are physically present on earth. He does not explain what other dangers might threaten the safety of the craft occupants. Perhaps there are concerns that humans themselves are a threat given our nature. 

He is clear, however, that a landed craft would have a negative effect on the immediate environment. There would be a danger to humans as well were they to approach too near a craft. Such effects would arise from exposure to emissions from the craft. To avoid negative effects on the human body, we are advised to stay more than 30-50 meters away from a craft. 


The axioms that underlie extraterrestrial science and human science are so different that the sciences are unlikely to correspond in a meaningful way. The main difference is the role of consciousness. It is an epiphenomenon for most human scientists, but is fundamental to the extraterrestrial science. This means that the propulsion technology employed by the Zetas is out of our reach. Human science does not recognize the existence of major elements of this technology, such as etheric bodies, the energetic realm, and creation by intent using the energy of consciousness. 

Even if we were able to develop a complete intellectual understanding of these concepts, we would still lack the level of consciousness needed to perform the operations necessary to propel a craft with that technology. The ability to create with higher states of consciousness is required, and this cannot be achieved without a parallel increase in the ability to love. Few members of the human race are at the level of consciousness where unconditional love for others is possible. 

In 2012 at the Wallacia Development Center in Australia, a group of people followed a meditation protocol under the stars and experienced a visit by a craft and its occupants. The craft did not materialize completely, but people sensed its presence a short distance away and heard footsteps of the invisible extraterrestrials walking on the gravel around them. The next day, a circular imprint was evident on the ground at the perceived location of the craft. The experience was direct evidence to the people involved that dematerialization is possible, and supports the existence of the technology described above. 

We may have possible evidence of the cylinder method of travel discussed above where the etheric body of the matrix is rolled up in 4D space. Such an object is called a duocylinder, “an object bounded by two mutually perpendicular 3-manifolds with torus-like surfaces”. When the duocylinder is projected onto a 3D surface at a suitable angle, a toroidal shape appears. A toroidal optical distortion has been seen next to a UFO in various photographs taken over the years. This suggests that the etheric 4D cylinder has a toroidal organizing influence on the physical environment next to the craft. The effect is discussed in this article by one of the authors (WCT) that includes a number of examples in a picture gallery. The relatively small sizes of these tori suggest that the cylinder method can be employed to make short hops in space. 


Hamden, P. Alien interaction: Next generation, Copyright Paul Hamden, 2010. 

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