A Dozen UFOs Near Whiteman AFB


A Missouri witness riding an Amtrak train near Warrensburg reported watching “12 bright, white orbs at airplane flight level moving in a varied pattern,” according to March 21, 2013, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The incident occurred about 1:35 p.m. on March 18, 2013. Warrensburg is a city in Johnson County, MO, population 23,218. The town is situated about four miles west of Whiteman Air Force Base.
“I looked out the window (north side) at the view,” the witness stated. “It was farmland fields. The sky was bright blue and there were large cumulus clouds as far as the eye could see. I typically look at cloud shapes and as I looked up I saw several bright, white objects flying and moving in a non-bird formation pattern.”
The witness had difficulty counting the objects.
“Two would move one way and then two would move another way – all remaining in the loosely formed group. There were 12 of these things. They were much higher than birds of prey fly. They looked to be the height that aircraft fly and just behind them was a cumulus cloud.”
The witness believes that each of the objects were large.
“The appearance of them was a very bright white and I have to think their size was large since I saw a vulture just seconds after they were out of view and its wingspan was about five feet across and these things were significantly higher than the vulture and appeared just as big.”
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  1. I see these drones every night up in the sky they have white blue red green lights on them and I’ve even seen them admit green Sparks coming out of it like they’re shooting something out of them. I see him sitting in the same position every night and then they move just before Daybreak and head towards Whiteman Air Force Base. I’ve been watching them for the last year-and-a-half I’ve had their fly over a car wash at high speeds six of them like they were attached to each other they were so close no way they were helicopters no way they were planes they were drones coming out of Whiteman Air Force Base the go there and they Landing with the igloos is sending out constantly every night you can see him flying in the air every night I think the name of these drones are tr3 or tr5 something to that effect I’m not sure I do have a picture but I’m not ready to release it but I will. When the right time comes I will release this picture I got it just before dark what are the drones that came out but I call Early in the evening before it got dark and I have a high-tech camera that got it really pretty decent picture of it triangular shape that can sit Motionless In The Air not move bombers cannot do that. So I know after talking to numerous people they have seen these two also they fly around at night under Dark Skies so you can’t see them I’ve even seen them turn their lights out lights flash red continually means something I don’t know what the flashing in the colors mean quite yet but I’m trying to figure this out when I figure that out I would let you know but I’m pretty close to figure it out what these things are for I think therefore military nuclear warfare and Spy

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