Multiple UFO witness speaks out: lack of explanation leads him to write essay

UFO witnesses are often at a loss when their sighting description falls on deaf ears – or when investigators point to man made or natural solutions.

One New Jersey witness is speaking out.

After having multiple UFO sightings and not finding any reasonable explanation, he began conducting his own research. The frustration in finding any answers led to the witness writing an essay that allows the reader an inside look at his case with greater detail.

But first, a question from the witness.

“When I wrote the essay I sent to you, I included everything that I can truly classify as unexplainable. However, there are other things I’ve witnessed that can go either way, which I didn’t include. There is one in particular that I am hoping you could shed some light on. As you know, there are two main types of heavenly bodies visible to the naked eye. Stars and Planets. Stars often twinkle, planets do not. Stars are always in the same relative position to other stars around them, planets move across the sky and do not keep relative position. But Roger, in the past 6 months I’ve noticed a third type of heavenly body. This type is certainly not a planet, but I can’t be sure if it is a star either. They appear in different spots each night, and instead of twinkling, they pulsate with a luminosity that is hard to fathom. Often they pulsate with different colors, many times red or purple, but they do not move from their position for the entire evening. I have been looking for a natural explanation and the only thing I can come up with is that the object is a Cepheid variable star. They are stars that have a specific gestation period which astronomers use to tell how far away other stars in the galaxy are. The period can be a period of days or weeks, and in-between that period their luminosity is not nearly as great. Could what I’m witnessing be one of those? Are they even visible with the naked eye? I have to say that their appearance in different areas at night and the incredible pulsating luminosity they project, is a little bit strange. Of course I’m looking for the simplest explanation first but if these objects aren’t Cepheid variables then I don’t have a clue what they could be. That is where I hope you can provide a little insight.”

Our explanation today comes from Chuck Reever, MUFON’s Director of Investigations.

“Yes, Cepheid Variables are visible to the naked eye. Eric is correct in his discussion of the objects. One thing to consider is how close the star is to the horizon. Planets and stars behave differently of course, but near the horizon atmospheric conditions play a definite part in the optical image. Many colors may be observed due to the refraction of light simply because the observer is looking through so much more atmosphere. Refraction is the bending of a wave when it enters a medium where its speed is different. As an interesting side note when one looks into a swimming pool you observe hundreds of light and dark patches against the side of the pool. These are the warmer (lighter) and cooler (dark) areas of the pool water.

“This effect is not only observed just near the horizon, it depends on a number of factors and can be noticed at higher elevations. Also very high atmospheric clouds can easily obscure faint stars one night and then they would be visible the next night.

“If one Goggles Cepheid Variable Stars a vast amount of information is available.

“Ninety-five percent of all objects we observe, if we had enough information, will be what we call IFO’s, Identified Flying Objects. Remember we do not know all of the “hardware” governments may have deployed-again-if we had all the necessary information, and many times we do not, the objects would be a ‘known.’

“In my opinion only a very small percentage of sightings are true unknowns.”

Now back to the essay. I am posting the beginning of the essay here. If you wish to read the essay in its entirety – please use the link below.

There is an old adage that says, “Seeing is believing.” This statement rings true for many,
including myself. It is especially true when dealing with unexplainable phenomena. Personally, I would never have believed certain things I’ve witnessed were even possible; much less that they would occur before my very eyes with such frequency. This treatise is both a description and reflection of the strange sights I’ve witnessed in and around my small town only three miles from the Jersey Shore. It all began with a single event around eight years ago; though after that incident I did not notice any more strange activity again until the last year and a half.

Yet since then, the things I have seen have often left me questioning my own sanity. The only reason I am writing this instead checking into my local psychiatric hospital is because I was with people during three of the most bizarre sightings; each who confirmed seeing the same thing. That was all that stood between me and a lifetime’s worth of therapy and Zoloft prescriptions.

The continuous plethora of outrageous skyward sights combined with the utter dismissal and complete lack of interest by nearly everyone around me, has compelled me to write a polished and well thought-out in-depth analysis of these events. I have spent thousands of hours researching top-secret government aircraft, unexplainable weather phenomena and even UFO’s, all sparked by my own experiences. Without them, I would never have gone to such lengths to try to learn about and understand these things.

On the other hand, I am not writing this to make a case for UFO’s or super-secret government technology. I simply wish to relate about things I have seen that have had the most profound effect on me and my life and then allow the reader to decide what these things could be. Admittedly, I am also writing this because I have grown tired of so-called “qualified professionals” who refuse to take me seriously.

After all, I am an intelligent, educated researcher and writer. My memory is well above average and I wear contacts that correct my vision to 20/15. Just to be clear, 20/20 is considered “normal” not “perfect.” Famed World War II fighter ace Chuck Yeager’s vision was a miraculous 20/10 without corrective lenses. Finally, I have developed a talent for observation, as well as observational description. I have an unbelievable Art Appreciation teacher to thank for that.

Ask yourself these questions. If you started seeing jaw-dropping airborne phenomena,
sometimes only a few feet from where you stand and these phenomena continue close to your home on a regular basis for months and years at a time, and those sightings continue even when you go to work or go to visit your friends or relatives; wouldn’t you have a burning desire to find out what the heck it is that has you to amazed? Wouldn’t you wonder why you’re seeing so many unusual things, when most others go their entire lives without ever seeing anything out of the ordinary? Wouldn’t you question why you seem to be nearly the only one who is even paying attention? Wouldn’t you want to find out as much information as possible to search for an answer? Finally wouldn’t you be a tad frustrated when you
realize that so few will take you seriously?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are not alone. I have been absolutely enthralled by what is going on above my head and my entire mindset, my entire life even, has been forever changed. I have always considered myself an open-minded skeptic. Meaning, I do not take anything at face value, but when I am confronted with enough evidence in relation to a given topic, I am able to alter my point-of-view. I am interested in the truth, not proving my theories and ideas true. As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famously brilliant fictional detective Sherlock Holmes would say; partaking in the latter inevitably leads to twisting facts to suit ones theories, instead of theorizing to suit the facts.

When this all began eight years ago, I was unfamiliar with UFO’s and secret aircraft. It was 2002 and I was living in Stone Harbor along the Jersey Shore, enjoying myself after a very successful year at college. The town is only half the size of the seven mile Island it was built on, sharing the tiny barrier land-mass with another small shore town called, Avalon. One warm July night, my friend Gene (short for Eugene but he hates his full name and out of respect for my friend I will refer to him as he would want me to) and I decided to walk back to my house via the beach and what we saw as soon as we traversed the steps leading over the sand-dunes, has stayed with me ever since.

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