Leslie Kean on The Colbert Report: look a little closer

Leslie Kean’s appearance August 23, ,2010, on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” might seem like every ufologist’s nightmare interview. But look a little closer.

The segment begins with Colbert asking, “Haven’t we settled the UFO phenomena? Why write about this now?” (Kean just released a new book, UFO: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record..)

On the idea that actual generals went on record, Colbert asks, “Real generals, or like Cap’n Crunch?”

On the idea that UFOs act in ways we can’t, Colbert asks, “Like birds?”

Colbert suggests what people are actually seeing out there, naming “weather balloons and marsh gas.”

On the idea that a French general went on record, Colbert quips, “French general? I think the meter maids got a couple of bars on their shoulder over there.”

On describing the Chicago O’Hare UFO incident that punched a hole in a cloud, Colbert adds, “Like Wiley Coyote?”

On reflection that this is technology we don’t have, Colbert says, “Maybe we’re blowing the lid off the latest technology that’s going to help us beat the Russians.”

On the idea of what the aliens might be like, Colbert asks, “What if, heaven forbid, they’re Muslims? Tentacles and claw faces, but Muslims?

On the idea of discovering the true nature of UFOs, Colbert comments, “I am prepared to pretend like it didn’t happen.”

Not a single intelligent questions, huh? Well keep in mind that this is Stephen Colbert and this is Comedy Central. Mr. Colbert is a political humorist and former correspondent for “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Colbert actually plays a fictional anchorman – with his same name – that is well intentioned, but poorly informed.

So while some of you saw the clip and feel bad for Ms. Kean – I’m applauding both Kean and Colbert for pulling it off. Kean had to bark back with straight answers, while Colbert had to keep up the persona, asking dumb questions or making outdated remarks.

By the way, the Chicago Tribune reports that the mere mention of how to Google that incident – use the words “chicago o hare ufo” – saw a surge in their site traffic, bringing the story to 1.6 million page hits to date, “the single most popular story or column in the history of chicagotribune.com.”

The fact is that the show is popular and this segment most likely got a lot of people thinking and talking about UFOs – and hopefully buying Kean’s book. So if you thought this was a nightmare interview – Colbert did an outstanding job.

Click on the link to watch the video. https://www.ufodigest.com/video/stephen-colbert-bashes-ufo-expert-leslie-kean

Originally published: http://www.examiner.com/true-crime-in-national/leslie-kean-on-the-colbert-report-look-a-little-closer

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