A Triangle UFO Slowly Hovers 300 Feet Above Iowa Interstate

by Roger Marsh
UFO Examiner


An Iowa witness traveling south along I-35 at 5:54 a.m. on March 22, 2011, watched a silent, black triangle-shaped object under 300 feet that appeared to be constructed of “black, dull composite fiberglass,” according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was driving between mile marker 61 and 62 at the time. The MUFON report was filed on March 22.

“The craft was about 300 feet above the tree tops and flying very slow as if on a landing approach,” the witness stated. “It had non-blinking white lights on the ends of each tip of what at first look like wings and had two very large spotlights where the nose landing wheels should be, but the flood lights were not spotting forward like normal airliners. This was my first indication this was not a normal jetliner.”

As the object approached the highway, it turned off lights and banked hard away from the roadway.

“As the craft slowly approached I-35, about 200 feet before the craft would had crossed over Interstate 35 and over me, the craft quickly turned off the forward flood lights and made a hard bank right turn away from the highway (as if the pilot was saying ‘Opps! Wrong runway!’). When it banked I could see it was not a passenger airliner but a black triangle shaped Flying Wing with a boomerang shape leading edge.”

The witness described the object and its lack of sound.

“I would say it was a very large craft with a 250 to 300 feet wing span and about 325 to 350 feet long. The structure was not made from metal but more like a black, dull composite fiberglass. It slowly flew away at a 45 degree angle northeast and I could see it had no vertical stabalizer nor any exhaust or sound from any engines. The side white marker lights never turned off but now I could see a set of red anti-collision light blinking off-center to the right of the Flying Wing as it flew away.”

Witness quotes, above, were edited for consistency.

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