A year on and things are looking up, Artist Danny Rogers

Dear all you might remember me as one of the alien artists from 2010. 

Its been a few months since my last contribution, so I thought it would be nice to bring you up to date with why so long !

I’ve been using all my time to promote my oil paintings when and where I can. The first piece of news i have is that i finally have a deal with a specialist stamp maker to produce a series of 7 different stamp sheets using the Alien art some of you may have seen last year. It’s taken a lot of time to get here but some of the art is finally getting published. I wanted to thank some of you for your support and kind remarks on my work, so ‘A big thank you’. 

I also managed to get a couple of portraits on the front and back cover of ‘The Finest Hour’ magazine, also being developed as stamps, this is the official editorial of the Churchill society and war rooms. So as you can imagine things are going in the right direction.

The stamps are being made by Bletchley Park Post Office – You may recognise the name as the code breaking centre for World War 2 –

The website if you wish to see all the stamps is – https://secure3.host-it.co.uk/bletchleycovers-co-uk/store/categories_detail.asp?catref=25

Well that’s all for now and i hope you are all well,


Danny Rogers.



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