Alien artist Daniel Rogers, Oil Paintings.

Two days ago…… I sent the publisher of this site examples of my alien art….. two days later i would like to thank him kindly for the kind remarks on my work and the opportunity to contribute to this site.

My name is Danny Rogers. I am primarily a portrait artist currently working alongside the Alan Turing Year 2012 and the Winston Churchill magazine ‘Finest Hour’. the latter of which i am told, my portrait of young Churchill will be on the cover of the winter edition. So as an emerging artist i add the link to my website gallery below. (just scroll down the page a little when you arrive at gallery).

So what’s the point behind the alien art?….. The point is fun, humour and enjoyment. Although my portraits may shout out a technical ability, there is nothing better than to sit down in front of a blank canvas and paint what is in your head, no need for reference pictures or getting things exact, just PAINT! The thought of painting an idea, a concept and most especially something that makes people smile (including the artist themself) is in my mind the motivation to keep going.


The main concept behind my aliens/E.T’s is rather straight forward, they all have a human aspect to their nature, for example the alien looking for life from another world or aliens making crop circles in exactly the same way as a hoaxer would. I simply love the idea that if aliens are out there somewhere, they are among us and as playful, interesting and as rich with humour as the human race are.

There are plenty of paintings to view on the website and originals and prints are available from links on the gallery. so…..

I hope you enjoy the paintings, they almost always seem to produce a smile. 

Thanks again to Dirk.

Best Regards, Danny Rogers.

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