Perhaps you might be intrigued by how Quentin (his space name) became the legendary god Quetzalcoatl in South America. So here are some blurbs that I wrote about it.

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Quentin is a real to life extraterrestrial SUPERMAN originally from the fifth Spectran dimension with all the super powers of a superman! Also Quentin is a grade 5 personal representative of the Council of Guardians who are a kind of a group mind of super beings who are the elder brothers of humanity everywhere in multiple universes…

Currently, Quentin is grade 5 Spectran adviser to the Federation of Psychean Worlds whose Psychean astronauts have landed on our world millenia ago and now are even walking our streets… Quentin is even part of our history because he was Quetazalcoatl, plus Kukulcan and Viracochia all in South America thousands of years ago…

The way it happened is that about 7020 years ago his small flying saucer malfunctioned and had to make an emergency landing on land in Central America not too far fromTeotihuacan. That flying saucer landed in the midst of some ceremonial native gathering. The natives thought that Quentin was  a God that came down to visit them and were so awed by the majestic looks and bearing of Quentin that they invited him to Teotihuacan their capital city, gave him the name of Quetzalcoatl and in a short time asked Quentin, now called Quetzalcoatl to be their ruler in Tula,capital of the Toltecs… Subsequently Quetzalcoatl (Quentin) travelled to other parts of the Americas where he was known as Kukulcan and in other parts as the God Virachochia.

And the following is a quatation from a conversation in the physical that Quetzalcoatl (original name Quentin) had with my friend and fellow ufo contactee Oscar Magocsi on February 24,1985 in Teotihuacan, the “City of the Gods”. Quetzalcoatl (Quentin) is telling Oscar Magocsi what was his (Quentin’s = Quetzalcoatl’s) misson at that time in Meso America and in Central America:

“Since my task was about teaching them some culture and civilization, I went along with their unshakable belief in me as their incarnate deity (Quetzalcoatl) hoping to make them more receptive to novel spiritual ideas. And that strategem worked like a charm – but they were slow learners. So I just kept popping up throughout the centuries in various places… One time coming from an Easter Island conference to the coast of Chile, I even walked through Peru, Equador, the Amazon jungles, Central America, North America, right up to the Athabascan region. This particular journey became the subject of many tribal legends, some of it written up in Taylor Hansen’s book “He Walked the Americas” .

MY MISSION WAS TO BRING PEACE and PROSPERITY THROUGH CIVILIZATION…. I introduced agriculture, the art of writing; devised a calendar for the Meso Americans (based on a 52 year cycle, with a Pleadies orientation as a hint for Eathman’s long forgotten origins), kept attempting the permanent foundation of justice and humanism in Meso America – heavily opposed by the powerful priesthood’s desire to perpetuate those horribly barbaric human sacrifices…. In Toltec territory, among the Toltecs in the Toltec city of Tula I became their priest-ruler for thirty years. After then, the scheming priests managed to oust me by clever trickery, plus run me out of town with intent to kill. According to their version, out of shame I set fire to myself and went up in flames with a threat of returning in the flesh again some day. Actually, I did speak to the crowd about such return, just before getting spectacularly beamed aboard a rescuing Federation spaceship near Vera Cruz – thus ending my milleniums long public role in those parts… “

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