Additions To A Time-Traveler’s Log

Excerpted from The Introduction to the Book, Additions To A Time-Traveler’s Log 

Probably anyone so foolish as to tell someone else, even in private, in a feigned, half-joking way that they have, in fact, traveled in time— regardless of which direction, if that word “direction” actually has any applicability at this juncture— deserves whatever they get. Certainly, anyone like myself who would go an extra, especially foolish step, and do so in any sort of public forum or what have you, such as this which is now before you,… is just,… we’ll, … either absolutely desperate for some type of recognition for their work, or should possibly be considered for, “The Best Science-Fiction Writers Award of the Year — or so I would imagine most would suggest, anyway.

But for those few brave, as well as imaginatively alive souls out there, who might know, by some quirk of fate or personal experience, that what I am saying here is true (and I do know from your personal contact by email and snail mail that there are, indeed, a few of you out there, smart enough to be on top of this) then what I write here will help you to complete your task, or begin the most incredible journey and adventure that you have ever dreamed possible to have.

Of course, for the purposes of this Introduction, as well as the contents that follow herein, and the specific information that both contain, we will ignore the naysayer as well as all others, limited by those contrary views, imposed by the scientific establishment, and forge ahead, based upon our own empirical views, with our own, somewhat unconventional, but Oh so marvelous! travel plans.

Many of you, who have contacted me over the past several years, and have actually implemented and used the method that I recommend for you to use (recounted herein), have not only told me of your experiences and personal adventures, using the mechanics of this incredible technique, but also by your close observation of the process itself, as well as the adventures that subsequently ensued thereafter, have contributed much to the material and process that follows herewith in this small book. For that I thank you and duly give each of you all the credit you deserve. What follows in this book is the complete original process — though somewhat revised — as well as observations from my own recent experiences and experiments, in addition to those “tweakings,” as I call them, that each of you have so generously contributed to the perfecting of this singular and unique phenomena and its methods of implementation.

Admittedly, we are a rare breed; as some would say, “half fool” and the other half perhaps, “the next generation of Magellans, de Gammas, Cortes, Cabots, and Raleighs of the temporal regions.”They all explored space; now, we will attempt to take up the second region of that reality gestalt, time itself.We can only hope that a few of us do not sail over the edge of this Brave New World as some feared those before us might do in their exploration of the spatial regions.

I found in my correspondence a note that one of you sent to me that I particularly identified with, and as per my promise to the individual who sent it, I will not publish your name; however, I think it appropriate to the subject of this book, that I quote some of it, to gives others, who might be equally as adventuresome, an insight into to what is actually possible. I intentionally chose this piece out of all my correspondence, because this was from a guy who had had no great scientific interests or understanding in the phenomena, only that it might be possible, as evidently he proved it to be. Of course, I have other correspondence that goes into a lot more elaboration and speculation about the scientific and metaphysical aspects of this method, but I thought for the purposes of this tract, anyway, that a letter from just an average guy, interested in the possibilities inherent in the process itself, might be enlightening and encouraging to others, as well.

Forgive me if I skip a line or two, here and there, just to get to the relevant parts; other than that, I have done no editing of the letter:

Honorable Doc,

If you remember that I told you about how I became interested in time travel back when I was a kid and saw a Twilight Zone episode where this guy goes back in time to this peaceful little town called Willoughby. It was supposed to be back somewhere around 1880 or just before the turn of the century. Well using the method that you suggested – I started to do everything just as your instructions told me to do. Once I got the whole thing worked out in my mind and understood what to do and how to do it- I did go back myself. Not to Willoughby. I don’t think there is a place named that. Anyway not that I know of. But I went to a little town near here where my grandparents and great grandparents had lived and others before them in my family. I followed each step exactly as you had done in your thing you wrote. I’m not sure I really expected anything to much but before I realized it I must have gone to sleep or something. Because it seemed like I fell asleep or something. I’m not really sure exactly what happened. Anyway I found myself sitting on a front porch. I don’t even know whose house it was. I was just rocking and I can still feel the breeze that was coming over that porch. I can still smell honeysuckle just like I did that moment wherever I was at. The next thing – and I can see it all in my mind as clear as a video is that I saw a buggy and horse coming up the road. The details are incredible. I rubbed my hand along the wooden arm rest of the porch swing I was sitting in and felt the texture of the wood. It was smooth because a bunch of coats of paint had been put on it. I know that I was there just as much as I know I am here right now. I would have stayed there longer. It was so peaceful. But for some reason I got real, real sleepy and just let my eyes shut and the next thing I knew I was back where I had started. My wife says that I dreamed the whole thing up but I know better than that. I have never had that kind of dream. Yes I have had realistic dreams before that seemed almost real. But I have never had anything that intense to happen. It was incredible. I thank you and I will keep you posted what happens next.



Of course, this is only one of many emails and notes that I’ve collected, but I think it shows the inherent possibilities in what can actually be done, even without a deeper understanding of the scientific and/or psycho-spiritual principles involved. Sometimes, just following simple instructions is quite enough to bring about phenomenal results that you might not otherwise suspect as possible.

However, I do want to address an important issue, here in the Introduction, concerning the differences between what I have proposed here and what is commonly called, Remote Viewing. It is a valid point, and one I believe should be addressed so that you will have a clearer understanding of what all is involved, as well as what should be expected, before you actually delve deeper into the process and method itself.

Some, with a broader scientific background than the chap who wrote the letter, have written suggesting that what I propose with this formula is nothing but a more elaborate process of, as I said above, Remote Viewing, and while I will admit that a really successful remote viewer — one that has become seasoned in using and developing his technique— will often inadvertently dip into and access this deeper, more tactilely oriented aspect of our formula and process here, nevertheless, as far as the experiences of most are concerned, the two methods are entirely different. Remote Viewing simply allows you to view, exactly as the term implies, the scene (or as they would identify it, the “target”) once removed, or remotely (thus, the name, Remote Viewing) whereas with what is proposed herein, you actually— at least to an entirely different degree, though, using some similar steps— become part of the event itself, emotionally and experientially. The exact and actual extent to which you become part of these realities has still not been determined. Though hopefully, as you, and many others like you, begin to narrow in on the phenomena, then the extant body of anecdotal testimony will also grow, thus we will have a much clearer and exact understanding of what it is that is actually occurring and taking place, both mentally and physically, when we take such temporal trips. It must at all times be remembered that as far as being any sort of organized body of experiential knowledge is concerned, this is all new territory. Where we should draw the borders between this that I propose herein and remote viewing can only now be guessed at and assessed on an individual basis, with each experimenter drawing his or her own conclusions.

As it would now appear, with the standard approach to remote viewing, you are essentially only a voyeur, if you will, a peeping-Tom on events and circumstance in which you have no part in the way of tactile or emotional involvement. With remote viewing, you maintain a displaced objectivity to the events (target) that are around you; with our method as explained herein, you merge into the scene as a part of the experience itself. What this essentially means (as you will experientially discover for yourself) is that you experience the event and all of the circumstances from a first-person point of view; with Remote Viewing (at least in most instances) you are participating only from a third-person point of view.

It also needs to be pointed out, here in the Introduction, that no great effort has been made in this present small tract to delve into, or for that matter, even attempt to offer an explanation, or any scientific analysis whatsoever, of the process and method involved. I’ll leave that for many of you to do, as I’m sure you will, anyway. I think that is grist for another mill, on down the road a bit. In the present volume we are not concerned so much with grinding our corn, only picking it from the stalk and putting it into our basket of personal experience.

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