MAGICK: Why Do Some Have Tremendous Success In Using Creative Visualization While Others Fail Dismally In Their Manifestation Efforts Or In Using Such Programs As The Law Of Attraction?


Why Do Some Have Tremendous Success In Using Creative Visualization While Others Fail Dismally In Their Manifestation Efforts Or In Using Such Programs As The Law Of Attraction?

While most of my life has been spent as a “seeker,” like I would imagine many of you also are as well, I have occasionally (particularly when it seemed most needed) also had many occasions where suddenly I became a serendipitous “finder” of the most incredible pieces of information that anyone should ever have the good fortune or right to uncover in one lifetime. The great majority of these “finding” situations involved the coincidental and sudden (if you believe in “coincidences, which I don’t) discovery or revelation of some absolutely phenomenal information, which in turn would give me access to the use and dissemination of a supernatural power that most human beings (if they were otherwise rational, sensible, and educated) people would consider so preposterous, far-fetched, if not downright superstitious, as to pass it all by with the wave of one dismissive hand. Realize, though, by referring to this power as “supernatural,” I don’t wish to give you the impression that it was “above” or “beyond” natural law, rather that it was “beyond our current scientific understanding” of certain natural laws, which manifest themselves in such a way as to appear to be “supernatural.”

I guess what it all really comes down to is that I have also been blessed with, what many might call — and many who know me well,… have, indeed, said so, without so much as a moments hesitation —- a rather foolish and careless nature; though, what some others, less accusatory, yet in my opinion, just as spiritually short-sighted, might prefer simply to call instead, a rather gullible, naïve, and child-like nature — as a way of overlooking, what they assessed as my sometimes bizarre and indiscretionary behavior and choices. And indeed, they may all be right, at least to some limited extent, anyway.

Surely you know what they say about fools and little children? “God watches over them” — and most certainly in my case, he (she, it, they, or whatever you might like to call God)…did do so, without a doubt! And a good job of it, he (she, it, they, or whatever) certainly made of it! For I have been the luckiest and most fortunate person of all, in those important few life-transforming things I have had the blessing of stumbling upon and/or re-discovering. I say “re-discovering here, simply because I was not the first, nor will I be the last to experience such serendipitous discoveries,

I would imagine it is all attributable to the very quirkiness of my childlike willingness to pursue and believe in impossible things that has given me access to some of the deepest, most profound, and rewarding secrets this incredibly plastic universe can sometimes bring to our very doorstep.. Truly, had I been only a bit more practical, down-to-earth, and otherwise responsible, like many of my contemporaries —some of whom haven’t done too bad themselves, in spite of their obvious lack of naiveté— I would have surely let these marvelous and miraculous discoveries slip by without so much as a gullible glance.

I often compare myself to the Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carroll’s wonderful children’s story about Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (however, my Alpha male ego would have much preferred the title, King of Hearts, though unfortunately, it simply doesn’t jell with Carroll’s story line) where the Queen remarks to Alice’s lack of believing in the impossible things, “Why, sometimes I’ve believed in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

And if I’m being at all honest and forthcoming here in this article, then I will have to say, that is, if we are counting all of the hours between a late night snack — say around eleven o’clock and dawn (which would still be, according to the rule, anyway,… just before breakfast) then I have the Queen’s considerations beat by several “impossible things.”

I won’t belabor the point here, but suffice it to say, I have been privy to some absolutely incredible and seemingly miraculous processes inherent within, still operative through, and totally observant of the laws and framework of the universe and nature, albeit, as I said above, many of them have not been discovered as yet by modern science.

Of course, it would not be possible, given the limited scope of such a short article as this, to delve too deeply into exactly what each of these discoveries are; that would require several books. But, in even bringing the subject to your attention, my only point and purpose is to encourage those of you, who, like myself are inveterate spiritual seekers, to keep on, for there is, indeed, real spiritual gold and real magick in “them thar hills.” One of those techniques is what is popularly called, Creative Visualization, which is a term that I am sure most of you are familiar with, to one extent or another. But, as I plan to explain to you in the remainder of this article, in spite of its pervasiveness and use, both in programs taught on the Internet as well as in books that, quite literally, weight down the shelves in bookstores, Creative Visualization is one of the least properly understood methods of manifestation, while at the same time, one of the most popular. It has been my experience that even some of the so-called “experts,” who teach and promote these methods in various programs available on the Internet, do not fully understand or comprehend all of the processes, not only involved, but also absolutely necessary, to be in place, in order for many, who now are not so successful in effectively using these programs, to become successful in their use. Let me break this explanation down for you:

You see, basically our world and our experiences are created and sustained through our belief systems, through the power of our deepest beliefs. It is just that simple: As a person really believeth, at the deepest levels of mind, then so is he or she. Obviously, this is why creative visualization works so very well for those who truly understand and use its methods correctly. This is so because the image, scene, or circumstances, deeply visualized for adequate lengths of time, attach themselves to the belief-creating- matrix part of the universe, thus quickly manifesting as a so-called “real” experience in space and time. I have found, through many years of personal experiences, using Creative Visualization, that if one persists in its study, practice, and application, as well as adequately understanding each correct step in the process, there is nothing that they cannot create as a reality, which is a circumstance that often leads to as many problems for us as it does solutions to other problems. Good sense is the rule of thumb here: Don’t create what you can’t handle. As I once said in a class that I was teaching,

“We have been given the creative powers of the Gods, we must think God-like in our use of them, remembering that sometimes we can create plagues and pestilences that fall on the just and the unjust alike, …including ourselves and our own life experiences,…as well as manna falling from heaven.”

Creative Visualization, as a creative matrix tool for creating individual realities and experiences has created somewhat of a dichotomy in the personal experiences of many: there are those who seem to have tremendous, even phenomenal success in using this powerful psycho-spiritual tool, and those who, try and try as they might, seem to get absolutely nowhere in attaining any meaningful results. I mean, just look at all of the programs on the Internet alone that promise these incredible results; if everyone that bought or ordered one of these “CD Mind Development Programs” were successful in achieving all that the programs promoters claim as possible, why then, every other car you passed on the Interstate would be a Rolls-Royce or Lamborghini. Let’s get real, here; something else is missing! They don’t teach all that needs to be known in order for everyone to succeeding using these otherwise wonderful programs.

It took me years and years of experimentation and observation of the results to finally discover what the necessary “missing quotient” was in all of these programs. It was out of this work that I developed what has come to be known as the Gamma-Mind Effect. Specifically, what I am saying here is that I had to find out exactly “why” people, such as myself, could have such incredible results, results that could be called nothing less than “MAGICK” while others could, quite literally sit in the corner, holding pictures in their mind’s, from now until the Second Coming, and still get no substantive results.

What I discovered literally altered the lives of many people thereafter: I discovered that those who were having these phenomenal results were tapping into — quite unbeknownst to themselves — a “strata”, if you will, of this gestalt of energy that is only accessible when a certain level of mind and consciousness is reached, which when properly accessed, takes over the matrix-forming resolution of your visualized image, and almost immediately coalesces it into a reality in our time-space continuum. Of course, these individuals who were so successful in using Creative Visualization were simply doing this naturally and easily, while others obviously were not reaching and accessing this level. This certainly would explain the dichotomy of why some seemed to have so much success while others failed in their attempt at manifesting the realities they so desired.

After many years of observing this state of inequitable results that seem to exist in all Creative Visualization programs, I began to realize that it must have something to do with our brain wave activity, which, after several years of experimentation proved to be absolutely true. You see, most all of these programs use Creative Visualization, in one or all of its different presentiments, and basically all start and teach the individual student o a program of learning to relax and induce, what is commonly called, the Alpha state of consciousness. Then from this relaxed state of consciousness they learn to inseminate and implant in their consciousness a visualized image of the circumstances for which they are trying to manifest into reality. I found that well over half of the individuals in question were implanting into more of a conscious mess than consciousness, which led me to my ultimate discovery of one of the most important secrets of consciousness that I have had the good fortune to stumble upon in my career, a secret that seemed to unquestionably explain why some were so successful with Creative Visualization, while others were not. I will state the secret herein as, what I call, a “Gamma-Mind Maxim”:

At some point during the visualization process, irrespective of the program or process used (as long as it first teaches the student how to successfully access and visualize in the Alpha brain wave frequency of consciousness (7 to 14 cycles per second), it becomes necessary, in order for the manifestation process to affect and impregnate the creative matrix level of the universe, where the actual manifestation process occurs, that the students brain wave activity momentarily shifts from the low frequency of Alpha to the higher brain wave frequency of Gamma (35 – 100 cycles per second). The actual transfer of the visualized image from a state of pure “potential” to manifest reality occurs in the human mind when the Gamma level of brain wave frequency is attained, if only for the briefest second.

This maxim alone explains why some are incredibly successful while others are dismal failures. This is the “missing factor” that all of these programs fail to teach. This is what first motivated me in establishing further research and experimentation of this phenomenon through the Gamma-Mind Project for research into higher states of human consciousness. While it is true that some people seem able to easily and quickly make this momentary shift in consciousness in a very natural way (which would clearly explain their success), from Alpha to briefly accessing, if only for a moment, the Gamma range of brain wave activity, many others cannot (which would explain their failure).

So, for all of those who feel that they are not having the success they seek and desire in successfully creating realities through the use of the different programs of Creative Visualization, then perhaps this will give them a better understanding of exactly what is happening, as well as “why” they have not been able to have the same success as others in using these various programs. In addition, I hope this will give them some encouragement in how to correct this deficiency that is denying them success in altering and changing their reality. Believe me, when I say, that is possible for everyone to experience absolutely incredible levels of success through the use of these programs, once you learn the simple process of shifting from the Alpha frequency to, what I call, the Gamma-Mind.

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