Alien Light’ Probes in the Sky near Area 51

By Rodney Kawecki 


     In the night of October 7, 1965 in Lancaster California an alien probe sighting occurred above over Edwards Air Force Base in the Palmdale/Lancaster area of California’s Mojave Desert of a number of extraterrestrial craft by Air Force personnel and by several types of radar. What was first thought to be extraterrestrial crafts were the sighting of light probes traveling up and around what today is now known as Area 51?  Following the light probe sightings the Air Force scrambled several jet fighters after them and during the event the possible use of nuclear weapons even became an issue. The entire incident was documented with written reports, radar photos, and audio tapes made by Air Force personnel while they were actually seeing the objects flying after serious consideration taking military action against what they might imply as a threat was never taken. The event concluded the sighting of over fourteen light probes scattering across the desert region terrain.

      From documented calculations at least 40 hours of recordings were made (a five hour event recording from at least 8 locations). However, only six hours of tapes were de-classified many years ago as a mass of noise and unclear voices, which truly defied interpretation. The probes beloved to be alien spacecraft zip zaging the sky as ground air force personnel slowly video taped the two sets of light probes for some hours. There seemed to be no threat by the probes but they were calculated to have the ability to travel as velocities far faster than anything we have in the military.  The probes represented by seven probes lighting up as individual probes flew above the Edwards Air force Base. “During this foggy fall night in 1965, it seems that 12 luminous UFOs came right down low and just over a secure military runway. These craft were all sighted visually by beyond our own capabilities here on earth.

     After the first alert of the alien sightings other nearby air force bases stationed closet to the Edwards air force base sightings other air military bases began to investigate the sighting of the probes.  As a surprise this story is a witness explanation of that foggy October night alien visitation.  The sighting occurred late in the early morning hours and lasted for hours past early sunrise the next morning.  This story is a new explanation of that night from the eyes of an anonymous unrestricted witness who observed the activity that night.  Rodney Kawecki residence of the San Fernando Valley left his home early that morning because of the thick rigid fog that blinded the streets. Rodney loved running through the low cast fog as it was that morning and went out to have fun in it. But what he experienced was a lot more than just having fun in a low casted fog. Rodney Kawecki was only twelve years old when the alien invasions happen. As part of his observation even at that young age he later assumed he shouldn’t say anything about it to anyone. For other reasons who would believe him anyway? His observation of that night was not of several light probes as the original story claims. His story goes further to expose low latitude spacecraft maneuvering that he believes light probes were used to escape recognition and radar with.

    The Edwards Air force Base sighting occurred and continued until early hours of the next morning up until sun rise about six-thirty or seven o’clock. It was about this time Rod went outside to experience the fog as a young boy. He didn’t know it then but he was about to venture an off-world visitation event. An experience very few people even if all ever even talked about if it happen with them. The fog that early morning was heavy – really thick and nothing like it is seen these days the year 2010 as it seems the earth’s weather and forecast due to ozone atmosphere escape problems seem to be changing it as it is quite different than Rod Kawecki’s early fog bicycle and running days some forty somewhat years earlier in that early morning sighting of the light probes flying above Edward’s Air force Base. Yes ;light probes traveled over the air force bases where the real event were several spacecrafts traveling at low range letting the light probes take the blame for the sighting.  What is about to be explained to you here today in this story is a real event story of that early morning in the fog and its barrier with the light probes sightings historically documented on that morning nationally documented.

     The probe sightings in the night sky took place on through the early morning hours all the way up to about 7 o’clock the next morning. That’s when Rodney saw what he believed to be a spacecraft. Unlike the light probe investigation Rodney and the police officer who also saw the alien sighting – didn’t see probes as were explained for the sighting earlier but that morning they observed the lowering of heated fog coming close towards the street pavement near the sidewalk on the corner of the street in Reseda California. A police officer observed the sighting the same as Rod Kawecki did. It seemed as if the fog was rolling downwards closer and closer to the street near them Rodney now explains. The police officer got out of his police car and continued to look at the thick fog movement in the lower portion of the sky above the street corner. The thickened fog movement Rod measured during the sighting measured to be about fifty feet above or more from them at a slight frontward angle. Something big behind the thicken fog was pushing against it. Even though Rod didn’t actually see anything – he did conclude it was a spacecraft and not a light probe as later reports acknowledged it.   It also looked like what ever it was it was adding to the fog thickness as if pushing cooled heat or stream and creating mobilizing stream clouds that seem to blend in with the cold dense fog mass already there. The fog in the San Fernando Valley in the sixties was quite thick more so then it is today some forty years later. It was thick enough that a person couldn’t see their own friends that might stand only a few feet away from them in the fog.  That was one of the reasons why Rod liked to run and ride his bicycle through it. It was blinding at close distances.  There was something more to it Rod said to the officer who now was out of his police car looking up at the mobile movement.  Did you see that Rod asked the officer? Yes the officer relied. Rod quickly went to his bicycle he placed on the ground as he looked at the spacecraft sighting in the dense fog yelling to the police officer near him but still across the street. Slowly and for no known reason Rod looked at the officer and said ‘I’m going home’.  The police officer relied again back to Rod saying to him ‘I’m going to the police station.  Whether the police officer made a police incident report we’ll never know but the sighting was true.

     Kawecki didn’t know it then but kept his mouth closed about the incident for over thirty something years until one night watching the History Channel. Time stuck in the moment it seemed the documentation that evening confirmed his observation about that morning.  No one ever talked about alien sightings so it was better to keep things like this to your self Rod thought at the time – so he did.  But it started to add up. The sighting about light probes being observed that night but nothing about a spacecraft. Were the light probes giving off cold heat clouds as it traveled close to the planet surface? Or were they just fast light pods being flashed across the night sky to take observations away from the real experience invasion? That a real live spacecraft was actually taking pictures and hiding itself in the early fog? In 1954 there was an Alien crash landing very close to the area these later probes were observed in 1964. Were they reinvestigating the crash? At the time Kawecki didn’t think of it much and didn’t even notice anything in the news about the sighting at the nearby Edwards’s air force base. But it seemed there was more then just the light probe sighting that night – it looked to Rod that it was actually hiding the invasion of an alien spacecraft visiting earth. The probes seemed to be observed traveling across the low desert plains from Edwards’s air force base down across through the San Fernando Valley around and across the lower Malibu Mountains to the seashore where they diminished the next morning.  Area 51 was already established on an earlier alien crash in that region of California could they only now have started their investigation of the crash? After all it takes a distance of time traveling at interstellar distances through space if they were from another planet that was very very far away.

     Alien sighting confirmation are deem very unimaginable to be actual events due to the absence of photographic evidence about them. But this sighting notification is very different. The facts are based on people and observations to an event based on new evidence. This new confirmation evidence is in a separate event description and after the fact.  Again there exists no real evidence except for a young boy whom at the time observed something in the sky passing through the thick fog – pushing it away as if it were making the fog more thick due to its heat or thruster cloud activity. All these things came across Kawecki’s mind when it happens probably the police officers also.

     Some thirty or so years later now and the history channel cast a segment of the Edwards Air force sighting on national television and showed video presentations about the event of that specific early morning. Rod Kawecki’s was only twelve years old at this time and it wasn’t until the casting on the history channel that he ever confirmed any type of alien acknowledgement about spacecraft sightings or anything like that before he refers to be real he always tells people. Not because of the event but because being real is better.  But during the history hour documentation casting of the sighting sitting at home with a friend he acknowledged this event to his friend when like grace through a time warp at the same instance it began being broadcast on television. His friend was sited by the television set and asked Rod coming from his bed room if he believed in alien sightings? Looking at the space documentation on the tube Rod replied he kinda’ did – then saw they was talking about Edwards Air Force Base near where he lived as a boy. They mentioned 1964 in the alien cast.  That’s the sighting I was telling you about?  Rodney Kawecki has written other stories in UFO Digest about theoretical theories in physics explaining faster than light speed space travel. His first published books illustrate the fact behind superluminal space travel theory and illustrate how and why faster than light speeds space travel is possible and should be a part of modern physics literature book text. His books explain a new theory that allows for faster than light space travel within special and general relativity format that claim nothing can travel faster than light. His theories are contradictory but stem from a mathematical incorrect indication in relativity space physics math.  His work study’s beyond the threshold of relativity written by Albert Einstein in 1904 and explains a new formula based on the equations available in physics that he has formulated into a new equation for his faster than light theory. The name of his work is published under the logos of “The Quanta Physics Theory “.

      Like most possible alien sighting witnesses Kawecki kept his experience about the light probe event for some thirty years to himself until he gain confirmation from the history channel documentation about the nearby Edwards Air force Base probe sighting he experienced that night.  Based on this reason he decided to write this story about the alien visitation. His story is a little bite different than a lot of alien witnessing stories because he is just a witness of an historical event that now seems to characterize alien visitation from beings from the celestial realm that dark region of space far beyond our elliptical event horizon.  Note also that his books explain not only faster than light technology of the day but also his new book The Celestial Nature of Gravity “that explains a new formula for gravity a little different than those of Newton’s and Einstein’s written some hundred years ago. His new book will be available in book stores in a few months a long with “The Supertellic Electromagnetic Gravitational Universe Technology Theory “is available now for those of interest.  You get a real alien visitation story from a real scientist – that’s – for real.

    As the Area 51 crash happen only miles from Edwards Air Force Base. It seems our new visitor’s in 1964 were observing areas close to the earlier crash sight is the reason they were seem passing across the Edwards Base in 1964.  In 1991 a young physicist named Robert Lazar revealed publicly he had been employed at the famed Area-51 super secret military test center in Nevada. Lazar claimed he had actually worked on a captured ‘alien’ disc, housed at special facility at a remote location within Area 51, called S-4. The captured disc Lazar called the ‘sport model’ was still functional and came from the star system of Reticulum, thirty-seven light years from earth. Lazar learned the craft originally belonged to aliens referred to as the ‘Grays’. 

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