The Celestial Nature of Gravity Book

The Celestial Nature of Gravity Book


The Warning of 2012


‘Is it the End of the World as We Know It?’

Does Rodney Kawecki’s latest book hold new clues about the end of days?


<Edited by Kyla J. Glaser, ESQ >


     To understand and learn about what the future of the Earth looks like, early civilizations preserved artifacts.  By preserving these ancient artifacts, we have discovered our future and these artifacts inform us about what we will leave behind.  Some of these artifacts were written by early Native American tribes and show that, even then, the tribes were using and creating technology, like mathematics, and even methods of construction, like the pyramids in the far east.  This was how we discovered the 2012 prophecy and learned of its dire predictions.  Most people believe that the date of this prophecy is set in stone.  In reality, the prophecy is just an estimate of how our world will eventually end.  Looking at the facts surrounding the 2012 prophecy, we must remember this prediction was made at an earlier time and we are only beginning to understand the probability of celestial events.  So, in reality, the 2012 prophecy is really just a grand prediction of the probability these celestial events would happen.  I say probability because they were recorded at a time when human beings were only discovering mathematics in their world.  Mathematics were used to calculate numbers, establish a calendar and, later, used as a cypher and to study celestial events that could likely take place in the Earth’s future.  When the Mayans made the 2012 prediction, they were forging a new frontier, one previously uncharted and undiscovered.  Using numbers and mathematics to calculate measurements and lengths, these numbers resulted in a sum, or mathematical prediction, about the object being measured.  The 2012 prediction is merely a measurement and study of the alignment of the planets in our solar system, all following a pattern.
     Ancient peoples spent a great deal of time observing the stars and beginning to understand their nature and the laws of the cosmos.  Every tribe had their own method of prediction.  Tribal predictions often use trivial things, like bones or other objects close to the person seeking the prophecy.  There have been countless prophecies that, in the modern era of present day, did not occur.  December 2012 is the end of a 5,125 year long cycle in the Mayan Long Count calendar.  Therefore, 2012 is prophesied to be the end of the world.  The New Age interpretation of this prophecy is that, during this time, Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical and/or spiritual transformation, with 2012 marking the beginning of a new era.  Others suggest that this date marks the end of the world.  In 2012, there will be a rare alignment of the Milky Way galaxy and the Earth.  This alignment occurs once every 25,000 years and some scientists think this could cause a shifting of the magnetic poles in the Earth.

     There are other signs that this date will be significant in yet another celestial matter, the return of Planet X, originally referred to as Nibiru by the Sumerians.   Sumerian mythology says this planet is home to a race of beings known as the Anunnaki.  The Anunnaki are believed to have originally created a hybrid humanoid.  Whether this myth is real or not, there is some scientific evidence which shows a planet orbiting through our solar system once every 3,600 years.  If it were to collide with another planetary body or cause a massive disruption in the Earth’s orbit, it could be dangerous for the human race.

     Looking at the 2012 prediction, it appears that ancient peoples discovered the objects in the heavens follow a pattern.  We do not know how they made this discovery, but we do know this was a period of rapidly developing technology, specifically using mathematics to decipher and predict future world events.  By using mathematics, they were able map the celestial path of the objects they saw and calculate the specific mathematical patterns in and of the stars.  We now know our Universe evolves and it orbits on its axis.  This motion is absolutely essential to the continuity of life and the interstellar momentum of these bodies, as they are set in motion by the Universe’s orbit.  This is the  formation of  ‘gravity’.  If these forces were to stop, it would be the end of all things as we know them today.

     After studying the movement of the planets and stars, early mathematicians discovered a way to predict events by using certain common patterns in the sky.  They knew how the movement of planets and stars in one area of the sky seemed to affect other stars and planets in another area.  Eventually, these common patterns became the predictions we know today; the 2012 prediction was one such prediction.  Will an event in 2012 harm our planet or threaten our lives on Earth?

     The 2012 prediction puts our solar system in mathematical error.  This prediction states that the planets in the solar system will  align in a perfectly straight celestial alignment.  When this happens, the Earth’s South and North Poles will align with the other nine planets’ magnetic poles.  Is this a good thing?  When these nine satellites align in a roughly straight line across, their combined forces will result in great celestial power.   When viewed by a galaxy close to ours, this event will shine like a silvering bird of prey that is spreading its wings in a glistening cloud of darkness.  Is this combined power enough to allow our solar system to take up the “slack” of its disadvantage when compared to the Universe as a whole?  If our galaxy is strong enough, on it axis, on the downward swing of its orbit, our galaxy will gain great thrust to advance its orbit upward.  On the other hand, the free-falling with the Universe it will, on the upward swing of its orbit, cause all the matter in it to cling close together so it can take in the slack of its free-fall.  Clearly the 2012 prophecy holds that our world will be forever changed and the world, as we know it, will no longer exist.  When all nine planets combine their energy, it will create a huge amount of celestial mass, or weight, for the down swing.  Will this cause the nine planet satellite to swing out of its celestial cycle?


     Research scientists from all over the world are in anticipatory dread that a possible polar shift might occur and they all fear the possible locking consequences of this event.   Even the Mayans warn this event might have a huge impact on the entire world and modern scientists think that this is the exact event the Mayans are predicting.  Polar shifts have taken place in the past.  The last polar shift is thought to have occurred about a million years ago.  Scientists say that this polar shift is repeating phenomenon every 750,000 years.  If this is true, it appears that the Earth is overdue for a second polar shift.  When a polar shift event occurs, the magnetic poles of Earth (the North and South Poles) flip over and interchange their positions.  This interchange occurs because the free-fall of the galaxy and the momentum of the solar system at their farthest points change mass because of their combined forces due to their alignment.  Studies during the last couple of years show that the magnetic field of the Earth has been decreasing in the last 2,000 years.  This decrease in magnetic intensity is a sign or precursor, scientists believe, that the polar shift might actually occur.  This shift is not only a theoretical fact, but an actual scientific fact

and that the probability it can occur in 2012 is very high.


    The impact of a polar shift on the Earth is varied.  Some believe there might be a complete failure of our electrical grid and land us all back into the early 19th century.  Earthquakes and volcanic activity on the Earth will increase and greatly affect our planet after the shift.  The magnetic field of the Earth will continue to decrease throughout the shifting process, exposing mankind to excess radiation from the sun.  However, this event, as described by scientists, would entail a complete pancake overlapping on a planet.  This event would, most likely, be of great impact on our world.  Greater radiation from the sun will result in more cases of skin cancer and other radiation borne sickness.  Humans will not be the only life form affected by radiation and could cause mass extinction of the various organisms in our world that depend on the sun’s radiation and energy for its continued existence.  So, looking at the story told of 2012, it appears to be that the magnetic poles of Earth have shifted and that these poles will shift again in the future, through time and the cycles of the universe.  The shifting of the poles is the event predicted in the 2012 prophecies.


    The actual prophecy of 2012 holds that our solar system, all nine planets, will align in a row.  At the strongest point, the magnetic poles shift from being vertical, up and down, to spherical on the lengthwise axis, across from one another.  In essence, because of the Universe’s angular momentum, a spherical period and change will come, possibly resulting in the destruction of the our solar system, as we know it.  As in every celestial system, like meteors and falling stars, a catastrophic event has occurred within the celestial system and this occurrence has caused the bodies within that celestial system to fall, thereby bringing about the end of times.  


   Scriptures tell of the end of the Universe, not the now.  They are the events of the Alpha and the Omega, they are the prophecy of destruction.  We now know that threats to our continued existence certainly exist.  This event may not be spherically occurring, as in 2012, but as in a warning foretold by the mathematicians.  The warning:  the Universe, as it was created and formed in the beginning, also contains an end – The End (of man).  The Universe, of necessity, contains both its beginning and its end, as does all life in the universe.  The new question then becomes: What lies in the future and are there other  prophecies?  Or are they – real?  If the galaxy’s alignment changes the alignments of all things within it will change.  If the alignment changes so will the alignments of systems at its disk length.  The twisting will most easily turn at the galaxy’s disk armature end, causing the planets to flip flop during the turn in the cycle. 

 GALAXY COULD TWIST SHIFT     There is no way to know which of these predictions are true or, indeed, if any of them are true at all.  We can only hope there is time enough to prepare ourselves for the coming events and, through this, we will be able to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.  Even when the world is not set to expire, each of us will experience a personal spiritual end when they leave the earth.  If there is really an afterlife, it would be an achievement to look back on your life and know that you have lived it well.  


    As we continue to read about celestial gravitation a new clue is discovered, a clue that has never been written or observed before by any scientist or biblical scholar ever before, in any way.  Until now. In Rodney Kawecki’s latest book, The Celestial Nature of Gravity you will discover a new threat targeting our world, and not only our world, but our universe. In the tale of 2012, by looking further into the matrix that makes up our universe, we discover that it is expanding. Edwin Hubble made this observation very clear to us in 1994.  By searching through his telescope, he discovered the galaxies were rapidly moving apart in all the directions of space.  His best observation was the universe expansion measurement seen here:


Rsch = 3km x Mass of the whole Universe in solar masses

= about 10 to 100 billion light years

= about the current size of the whole Universe


     Because the universe is expanding in all directions, our universe’s edge is called “The Event Horizon”.  Does the pouring of the universe’s dark empty mass into the event horizon widen its crest and, with expansion curl?  What are the advantages obtained by this purpose?  And, what does the event horizon have to with the universe anyway? All of these questions and more are answered in Rodney Kawecki’s newest upcoming mind spellbinding book in 2011, one year before the first captive “celestial event” that may forever change the nature of our planet is set to occur.


     In the basic definition of a black hole, where the object is smaller than the Schwarzschild radius, our entire universe is just the gigantic aftermath of one big black hole, with us on the outside.  The simplest answer, therefore, is that we are inside the event horizon along with the rest of the universe so that there is no possible way we could have escaped the universe’s “grasp” unless we passed through a repulsive event.  Physicists have retained some early ideas about the universe, such as the possibility the universe is a closed universe or an open one.  When a universe is closed it will never change, but will remain the same forever and ever and it is enclosed within something called an Inflationary Theory Bubble.  However, in 1994 Edwin Hubble uncovered evidence that the universe wasn’t closed, but that it was expanding.  This would mean that our universe is of the original “open”-type universe.  When scientists made this discovery, facts about the origin of an event horizon began to come into focus.  All galaxies seem to be spreading apart from one another, or expanding away from one another – but why?  And, if there truly was an advantage to this expansion scheme, what was that advantage of the presence of an event horizon?


   Explanation came to us when the facts proved that the universe’s orbit and angular momentum combined with the speed between the galaxies, showed the universe was, indeed, expanding.  This conclusion meant that everything we knew about the universe was false and we didn’t really know all we once thought to be true.  Now, Kawecki has discovered evidence of the existence and nature of the event horizon – its true purpose.  Is this a clue that uncovers the end of the universe as we know it?  What is the purpose of universal expansion?  Where is the universe expanding to, exactly?  All of these queries, and more, are explained in Kawecki’s newest book, The Celestial Nature of Gravity.  This book is a spell-binding tale of space you will use and cherish for the rest of your human life.  His book tells not only what lies in store for our universe, but lays bare new theories and prophecies for the universe and our galaxy.  By researching the cosmos, Rodney Kawecki has reinvented gravity theory and he answers questions about gravity force theory that linger from past theories.  Not only does he answer these lingering questions, he foretells the final event of the universe’s future – is our universe destined for disaster?  Using the gravity force implied by Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and other prominent scientists, Kawecki re-invents the fabric matrix of the Einstein era dealing with celestial gravitation theory, reconfiguring the theory into a new logic and answering the questions about gravity that have never been answered or asked – like the reason gravity waves have never been discovered or never will be.  His insight into the force of gravity tags celestial events and give new insight into the universe’s end of days.  He believes that, through observation and the application of gravity design.  Unlike Newton and Einstein, Rodney shows that gravity waves do not exist and why.  Using his brilliant insight with regard to a celestial sphere’s outline, he is able to describe the force of gravity using Newton’s absolute space.  By renewing early seventh century dialog pertaining to the force of gravity and using modern century technology, Rodney creates a new formula and basin for the gravity force.  By drawing on his previous work, The Supertellic Electromagnetic Graviational University Technology Theory, Rod streamlines the force of gravity in a way never thought possible.  By renewing the celestial weights and measurements of mass and defining their source and media, he answers the question of how gravity works at the subatomic level adjoining the fabric of space and places it into a single formula.  An idea even Einstein never approached in his career.  Using this formula, Kawecki re-constructs the universe’s matrix design and discovers a new Alpha and Omega along with the direction the universe is directing its movement and growth along.  With these tools, Kawecki finds new prophecies for our universe and foretells the universe’s true story and its possible ending.  This well written tome invites its audience into new insight about the true Alpha and Omega of our universe.  Check out what lies in the far far away future of our universe through this PublishAmerica Books, Christmas 2010 release.


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