Ancestors of the Mayans

America Before Columbus

The long low ship, With a high stern and pierced for many oars, glides effortlessly up the long narrow bay under its towering square sail.


After several hours, they reach the meeting place at the head of the bay behind several small islands. It was a nice sheltered spot. It would even be safe from the occasional sudden great storms that struck without warning in that late summer season. As the men heaved in the anchor and the ship swung around to face the breeze, the master ordered several blasts from the priest’s rams horn trumpet. Soon, dim shapes appeared at the edge of the forest. Then after while, the natives came down to trade. Both groups had a particular reddish skin and ornamented themselves with beads and feathers. Their Hebrew companions a darker swarthier completion. The men of Tyre, Sidon, and Carthage bartered all day with the natives and some of their own people who had stayed behind during their last voyage as traders. A day later, they trekked north across the width of this large Cape to meet other traders coming down from another trading place the natives called Mohegan island further north. On their way back across the Cape, they stopped a few days and inscribed these words on a huge stone “this land dedicated to King Hanna of Carthage” , Near a place called Aptucxet.

Centuries later it would be called the Bourne stone. After trading many days, replenishing the ship with food, water, precious exotic hides, and many other things, the got underway hours before the morning breeze. Their many oars glided their craft like a ghostly apparition southward down the bay toward the sea. A Few hours later, they stopped at their Block island trading post briefly for more cargo. After a day, They set sail east then northeast toward Briton, then south toward Espania and finally home to Cartage.

The flies we buzzing merrily around his bed. As he tiredly met the dawn, he thought to himself “I left home in Castile for Gold Glory and maybe even God, and all I have got is flies, stench, and malaria ….. And a half mad monk even now bleating in the town square at this unholy hour……
Well, its almost nine so I guess I need to stop the fuss before I hear from the —— governor again….. Further grumbling, he put on his shirt and stomped out to meet the day……

As he crossed the plaza toward the growing crowd, several slouching slovenly soldiers saw their “tenante and straightened up a little more. As much as was possible in their condition anyway…….. He stopped, glared at the mob, then waved over his men as he then elbowed his way through swearing.. He saw two natives babbling and the monk tottering back and forth as he listened.

After a few moments the “tenente bellowed “WELL what is he saying”?…… The monk, startled, nearly fell over… “A wreck, your honor, a wreck…he sputtered—– the hurricane must have exposed it……

The ‘tenante’s eyes bulged in greed… a wreck —GOLD? He thought…… maybe a way out of this hell hole…….He grabbed the native by his collar put his nose in the natives face and roared “WHERE” the native cringed, the monk babbling at his elbow.. Finally the ‘Tenante understood, dropped him and strode up the beach, the mob and soldiers following…….. Finally, the natives showed some strange looking vases as tall as a man sticking out of the sand at the waters edge. Some had already been smashed and a thick oil, maybe wine, was all over the ground……. There was a few coral encrusted clumps the ‘tenante slashed with his sword, and yellow coins gleamed back…….. He knelt down, examined them…… These were never minted in New Spain.

They had the face of an emperor and a date—– over a thousand years ago…….. The ‘Tenante mused… maybe I should write to the governor “”From ‘Tenante Romero, Coast of Yucatan, April 3rd 1722. Today I discovered wrecks of Roman ships. It seems to have much cargo along with a few coins from the late Roman empire……..””
As he mused on his good fortune he felt the sudden thrust of a bayonet through his body. He slumped forward into the sand………….

Apparently early voyagers attempting to find the Canary islands off western Africa got blown off course by a hurricane and ended up in Brazil / West Indies at a very early date—and the rest is, as they say, history.

The Aztecs, who’s ancestors the Mayans began as refugees from Atlantis and Egypt, were awaiting the RETURN of the bearded white men who had once ruled their empire.

Sailors from one of Hanno’s ships even left an inscription in my home town on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, mentioning this Hanno. Carthaginian coins even show the coast of Brazil in their inscriptions. Some of the Mediterranean vessels were huge — one writer mentions a voyage he took from Greece to Egypt on vessel with over a thousand passengers…….. So yes, they had the ships and sailors…… Julius Caesar mentions in his commentaries that he destroyed a fleet of very large ocean going ships in his conquest of France…..

On the other side of the world, China was building very large warships. Ships several hundred feet long were used in river and coastal warfare in the early dynasties. By the 1400’s China sent great fleets abroad to circumnavigate the world. Their largest ships were not matched until late in the 19th century. Certainly the Chinese explored our west coast and some stories have explorers visiting our South-western interior. Then at the conclusion of their world voyage, the dynasty fell…. China left her great ships to rot, turned inward, never to sail again. Had she done so, the history of civilization would have been far different.

The mound Builders civilization in the Mississippi valley have revealed many astonishing discoveries only to have experts swoop in, collect what was found and the artifacts are never seen again. Ancient American magazine is a great source for this. Perhaps with your detectors you can find conclusive evidence even the experts cant deny or hide. The Punic temples and huge standing inscribed Celtic Druid monoliths such as at South Woodstock and Royalton Vermont are other incredible sights… You might even be able to find others nearby…. A Stonehenge has been found at Mystery Hill New Hampshire inscribed with Celtic runes (writing).

The Indians of the Micmac tribe of eastern Canada had a written language when first “found” by the church. ((when were they “lost” ? 🙂 )) Their legends state they arrived on our continent from across the ocean. Priests translated parts of the Bible into their language. Come to find out over 100 years later, this written language was the informal EGYPTIAN text !!!! The experts are still denying, ducking and running from that one 🙂 Maybe the famous Rosetta stone was un-necessary, as the Indians could have read it themselves 🙂 …

Many places on our continent have these mysterious sites, carvings, images. The rest await your finding.

It is said that the secret maps Columbus was using came from these early voyagers. Maybe even from the Chinese who had visited Venice half a century before. Most certainly, he knew about how far to sail and where he was going.

The opportunities for dedicated searchers, explorers, archaeologists are still endless in our very back yards.
You may be the one that makes that one un-deniable find that brings final truth to light and a place in history for yourself.

I most highly recommend the books  “Saga America” and “America BC”  by Dr. Barry Fell, the books “1421”  and  “1434” by Gavin Menzies, available at ,and  Ancient America magazine.

See websites:

The Mayans—and their contact with bearded white men

Ancient Maps  …….drawn by early world voyagers………
Ptolemy’s map of the north shows Greenland only partly ice covered.,
glaciers retreating from Sweden, Germany……  several sources…..
Orontius map of Antarctica, (1531) mostly ice free. Only recently has been shown to be exact.
Many Ancient Maps ……..  Univ. of Calif. at  Berkley  🙂  Very Good  !!!  
Includeing the  King Hamy World chart (1502)showing the present Sahara desert as a fertile land with lakes, rivers, cities…. 7th itim down the list , #HM45
Piri Reis map ( over 2000  years old ),showing  south America, Africa with great precision  Piri_Reis   /PiriReis_eng.htm

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