Don’t blame the Christians! It’s the MidEast Peace Process that Poses a Serious Threat to World Peace!

First Saturday, then Sunday…This is the mantra heard throughout the Muslim world from Morocco to Indonesia. First the Moslem world intends to implement the “Final Solution” to the “Jewish Problem”. Next the Gentile world will be assimilated into Islam.

It is no secret that the reason for the Peace Process is to weaken Israel enough that her Moslem neighbors can destroy her. All Moslems believe that Allah has lured 6 million Jews to Jerusalem so that the true believers in Allah can kill them all.

So why does the world elite go along with this Peace Plan, knowing that its nonsense? This world elite wants power. Final world wide power. They see the Persians and Arabs as an obstacle to their plans. By doing everything they can to assure a regional nuclear war in the Middle East, they eliminate (read genocide) both the Moslems and the Jews— whom they detest anyway. In the elite’s mind its not just a twofer but a threefer.

They eliminate two rival power blocks AND create enough chaos to get, through their control of the media, a world wide demand for a real one world government that will “”prevent”” another war.

The chaos that they of course deliberately created in their Hegelian delusional mania.

The god of the Elite is Hegel. Hegel said “thesis/an-thesis /synthesis”. In everyday English this means you take a situation/society, create planned chaos, and the result is your new society.

One of the political elite recently said, “you never want to let a crises go to waste”…. Now you know why !

Yes, the Christians publically note that current world events mirror the events foretold in the Bible. One third of the Bible is future telling. Two thirds of this future telling has already occurred with a 100 percent accuracy rate.

Unlike other “prophets” like Edgar Casey, Nostradamas, Mother Shipten, The Bible has been right every time, giving real evidence that its “supernatural” power.

As a previous author on UFO Digest has written, and quite accurately BTW 🙂 , The Bible tells in explicit detail the dreadful results of the “Peace Process” delusion. A regional nuclear war, then reaching around the earth with many millions of dead. Damascus destroyed…… Persia and Arabia an uninhabited wilderness……… Fire falling on Russia and America…….

And this is only the first act of Armageddon.

Von Danikans “chariots of the gods”

was correct in most details—– what he did not know is that these “aliens” are returning !!!!!!!

And that Is In the Bible too !!! The Sumerian texts (Gilmagesh and the mighty giants) of the earliest human civilization is also reasonably correct, Just somewhat garbled in millennia of verbal rendition and misunderstanding.

The Greek and Roman gods were types and shadows of real super beings from another age—once again, more accurately detailed in the Bible as to who they really were.

The technology of the ancients…….

Where did it come from? As in Chariots of the gods, it came from these ancient visitors….. This is in the Bible also. These visitors raised the ancient civilizations to incredible heights in a few generations with forbidden wisdom before this civilization was destroyed in a world wide cataclysm— as in Gilmagesh AND in the Bible

We will soon see these events unfold….. Are you ready?

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