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Taken out of the realm of urban myth, this twice told tale can finally be confirmed!

Yes, indeed, it’s time to set the record straight, thanks to a little help from an expatriate friend of mine now residing with his family in the UK. 

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For years, rumors had swirled about in UFOlogical circles that the late comedian Jackie Gleason was among a handful who had witnessed something so rare and so bizarre that their experience defies rationality to the point where utter disbelief sets in and the story has got to be denied in order to keep one’s sanity. 

My recently released book, SHIRLEY MACLAINE MEETS THE PLEIADIANS, PLUS THE AMAZING FLYING SAUCER EXPERIENCES OF CELEBRITIES, ROCK STARS AND THE RICH AND FAMOUS, had once again started to stir up a hornet’s nest of controversy when I realized I would have to take it upon myself to settle the issue now and forever.

I was slated to appear June 16, 2015, as a guest on Coast to Coast AM with host George Noory. 

Gleason confirmed seeing “alien corpses” in a conversation with UFO legend Larry Warren. 

The main topic for the evening was scheduled to be Celebrities and UFOs. There was, in particular, one celebrity-related UFO incident that I wanted to get into, but in order to do so I had to call upon my old friend and homey in UFOland, Larry Warren. I had previously discussed this episode in some detail with mutual friend Peter Robbins on my podcast, “Unraveling The Secrets” – 

On his last visit to NYC, seen here in front of the Flat Iron Building, original Bentwaters UFO whistleblower Larry Warren, who commanding officer Col. Halt finally acknowledged “was there” but was messed with. 
Warren now lives in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Tim Beckley) 

But we need to go back a few years to a more “innocent” time in UFOlogy when things were a bit less confusing and more cut and dried than they are today in a field that some would consider to be a deeply ingrained part of an ongoing cosmic media circus. 

Way back in the mid-1960s, I got a letter in the mail from Jackie Gleason Productions, Hollywood, Florida, ordering a copy of a mimeographed book, UFOS AROUND THE WORLD, I had put together.  This, to me, was confirmation of what I had heard for a long time . . . that “the Great One” was personally involved in researching UFOs. Supposedly – and I’ve since found out that this is true – Gleason had one of the largest UFO and metaphysical libraries in private hands. The collection of thousands of volumes was known to stretch from floor to ceiling and included numerous rare titles. 

In the 1950s, when Gleason was still doing his network TV show in New York, he would frequently drop into the studios of WOR Radio at 1440 Broadway to sit around an open microphone all night and exchange words with “experts” in the UFO field. A personal friend of Long John Nebel, the talk show radio pioneer, Gleason would often use harsh language to “put to rest” those incredible fanciful details of trips aboard UFOs to other planets that he personally did not “buy.” And while he was not a believer in the stories told by such contactees as George Adamski and others who claimed they had been to Mars and Venus, he didn’t dispute the fact that something strange was indeed flying around over our heads. 

The reason for his belief was simple: Gleason had sighted UFOs on at least two occasions that he was willing to admit to in public. Both sightings took place near Miami and convinced the big man that “these were definitely not objects made on our planet. They weren’t secret weapons but were solid craft.” Gleason added that “on both occasions, the UFOs reflected the rays of the sun and were low enough for me to determine that they could not be explained by ordinary means.” 

“Okay! So he had two sightings,” you might say, “but what could be the big deal about that?” Well, here’s where the tale gets a bit wilder. 

A story circulated by Gleason’s ex-wife, Beverly, has Jackie actually viewing the bodies of several aliens who died when their craft crashed in the Southwest. The story was carried originally in “The National Enquirer,” and though Beverly Gleason later confirmed it to members of the press who were able to track her down, independent confirmation of Gleason’s supposed experience – for the longest time – could not be obtained. 

Now, with the striking revelations of a young man who knew Gleason personally, it can safely be said that such an event did take place. 

Most of those reading this will instantly recognize the name Larry Warren.  Warren was an Airman First Class stationed at Bentwaters Air Force Base in England (a NATO installation staffed mainly by U.S. servicemen) when an incredible series of events took place over Christmas week of 1980. 

A UFO was picked up on radar and subsequently came down just outside the perimeter of the base in a dense forest. On the first of several nights of confrontation with the Unknown, three security police ventured into the area and came across an eerie-looking object hovering just above the ground. One of the MPs was mesmerized by the UFO and was unable to move for nearly an hour. While in this mental state, he received some sort of telepathic message that the craft would return. 

For the next few nights, up to 80 U.S. servicemen, British bobbies, as well as civilians from some nearby farms, witnessed an historic event. According to Larry Warren, who stood within feet of this craft from another world, three occupants came out of the ship and actually communicated with a high ranking member of the U.S. Air Force. 

This close encounter at Bentwaters has become the subject of several books (see “From Out Of The Blue,” Jenny Randles, Inner Light Publications) and has been given wide publicity on CNN, Home Box Office and “Unsolved Mysteries.” Warren has, in a sense, become somewhat of a celebrity himself as he remains in the public eye, willing to talk about what he observed. He has even been at odds with other members of the Bentwaters “observation party” who have altered their stories and denied for a time that Larry was even stationed at the base when this all went down – while in truth Warren was the original whistle-blower who ignited a firestorm by revealing what happened over a period of three days almost four decades ago. 

But the Bentwaters incident is not the theme of this intriguing story, but only serves as a form of backup validation. 

“Jackie Gleason was interested in hearing my story firsthand,” Warren reiterated on Coast to Coast AM – almost exactly what he had said for the pages of my book. “In May 1986, I was living in Connecticut and both CNN and HBO had run pieces on the Bentwaters case. Through mutual friends who knew members of his family, I was told that Gleason would like to talk with me privately in his home in Westchester County. So the meeting was set for a Saturday when we would both have some time to relax.” 

One can almost imagine three million listeners across North America began listening more intently, perhaps turning up the audio a bit as Warren spoke from his home in Great Britain.              

After being formally introduced, the two men ventured into Gleason’s recreation room, complete with pool table and full-size bar. 

“There were hundreds of UFO books all over the place,” Warren remembered, “but Jackie was quick to tell me that this was only a tiny portion of his entire collection, which was housed in his home in Florida.” 

It wasn’t until after Warren had downed a few beers and Gleason had had a number of drinks – “his favorite Rob Roys” – that the conversation really got down to brass tacks. 

“At some point, Gleason turned to me and said, ‘I want to tell you something very amazing that will probably come out some day anyway. We’ve got ‘em!’ ‘Got what?’ I wanted to know. ‘Aliens!’ Gleason sputtered, catching his breath.” 

According to Warren, Jackie proceeded to tell him the intriguing set of circumstances that led him to the stunning conclusion that extraterrestrials have arrived on our cosmic shores. 

“It was back when Nixon was in office that something truly amazing happened to me,” Gleason explained. “We were close golfing buddies and had been out on the golf course all day when, somewhere around the 15th hole, the subject of UFOs came up. Not many people know this, but the President shares my interest in this matter and has a large collection of books in his home on UFOs just like I do. For some reason, however, he never really took me into his confidence about what he personally knew to be true . . . one of the reasons being that he was usually surrounded by so many aides and advisers.” 

Later that night, matters changed radically when Richard Nixon showed up at Gleason’s house around midnight. “He was all alone for a change. There were no secret service agents with him or anyone else. I said, ‘Mr. President, what are you doing here?’ and he said he wanted to take me someplace and show me something.” 

Gleason got into the President’s private car and they sped off into the darkness, their destination being Homestead Air Force Base. “I remember we got to the gate and this young MP came up to the car to look to see inside and his jaw seemed to drop a foot when he saw who was behind the wheel. He just sort of pointed and we headed off.” 

Warren says that later Gleason found out that the secret service was going absolutely crazy trying to find out where Nixon was. “We drove to the very far end of the base in a segregated area,” Gleason went on, “finally stopping near a well-guarded building. The security police saw us coming and just sort of moved back as we passed them and entered the structure. 

“There were a number of labs we passed through first before we entered a section where Nixon pointed out what he said was the wreckage from a flying saucer, enclosed in several large cases.” Gleason admitted that his initial reaction was that this was all a joke brought on by their earlier conversation on the golf course. 

But it wasn’t! As Gleason soon learned. “Next, we went into an inner chamber and there were six or eight of what looked like glass-topped Coke freezers. Inside them were the mangled remains of what I took to be children. Then, upon closer examination, I saw that some of the other figures looked quite old. Most of them were terribly mangled as if they had been in an accident.”  

According to Larry Warren’s testimony regarding his lengthy conversation with Gleason, the comic said, “All in all, it was a very pathetic sight. At one point, the President had tears in his eyes, and finally I realized that this was not his way of trying to be humorous.” 

Warren tried to pin down Gleason for additional information as to how the military had managed to obtain the wreckage and alien corpses. He wanted to know if they might possibly be from the crash of a disc near Roswell, New Mexico, which had been spoken of so often in the literature. “But Jackie could only shake his head and say he didn’t know for sure, since President Nixon didn’t really fill him in on too many of the details surrounding this very weird display. Gleason did give me a bit more information on the beings themselves. 

“He said they were very small, no more than three feet tall. Had grayish-colored skin and slanted eyes that were very deeply set. I forget whether he said they had three or four fingers on each hand, but they definitely were not human . . . of this he was most certain!” 

For three weeks following his trip with Nixon to Homestead Air Force Base, the world famous entertainer couldn’t sleep and couldn’t eat. “Jackie told me that he was very traumatized by all of this. He just couldn’t understand why our government wouldn’t tell the public all they knew about UFOs and space visitors. He said he even drank more heavily than usual until he could regain some of his composure and come back down to everyday reality.” 

Larry Warren is pretty sure that Gleason wasn’t lying to him. 

“You could tell that he was very sincere; he took the whole affair very seriously, and I could tell that he wanted to get the matter off his chest, and this was why he was telling me all of this.” 

And, as far as Larry Warren was concerned, the Great One’s personal testimony only added extra credibility to his own firsthand experience with aliens while he was in the service. 

“Jackie felt just like I do that the government needs to ‘come clean’ and tell us all it knows about space visitors. It’s time they stopped lying to the public and release all the evidence they have. When they do, then we’ll all be able to see the same things the late Jackie Gleason did!” 

Hopefully this day may arrive soon. 

At the end of the Coast to Coast AM interview with Larry, and before I was to go back on for another hour of discussion and phone calls, Warren was invited to come back onto the show by George Noory, to which Larry Warren quipped, “Well, it’s only taken 35 years to be invited on,” referring to the fact that everyone else involved in the Bentwaters incident had been in front of the Coast microphones numerous times. Noory, the listeners and myself all saw the humor in this and got a chuckle out of Larry’s snippet of sarcasm. But we did bring clarification to a very serious topic – that Jackie Gleason did see some sort of strange beings not of this dimension or plane of reality. 

John Herbert “Jackie” Gleason (February 26, 1916 – June 24, 1987)






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