The Mystical Power Of Dolphins

A Road Trip With Tim Beckley and Psychic Melis

A Special Book Excerpt copyright 2007 and 2012 by Timothy Green Beckley dba Inner Light Publications/Global Communications

From The Book: Kahuna Power: Authentic Chants, Prayers and Legends of the Mystical Hawaiians

    The boat pitched back and forth as we climbed aboard. There was a bit of a breeze out on the ocean, and it took us a few minutes to get our water legs.

On deck    

Psychic Penny Melis and her daughter Mayven had joined me on my return trip to the Islands. On an earlier voyage I had discovered the most amazing things about the legends and lore of the 50th State. I found out for example, that UFOs were considered by many of the native Hawaiians as being part of the spirit world. That they had experienced many astounding sightings and encounters going way back in their history. And that in recent years contact apparently had even been made with alien beings and the wreck of a crashed UFOs had been found on the beach. Being a sensitive whose roots lay with the shamanic community, Penny wanted to experience for herself the mysticism of the Hawaiian culture, and in particular undergo her own close encounter with the friendly aquatic creatures that populate the waters of the Pacific.

    Penny in a trance-like state at Delphi

Mayven had seen dolphins on television and in the movies, and even though she was not an experienced swimmer—hell, she was only four at the time of our expedition—she genuinely pushed her mother to take her on the adventure of a lifetime, one that would certainly grow with her as she matured. To say that Mayven took to water is hardly the way to explain her ability to adapt to an unknown venue. She was bobbing and weaving in the clear blue ocean, safely secured in a life jacket and held in the experienced hands of a seasoned swimmer.

    The captain of our sea-faring vessel later commented on how she felt almost certain more dolphins followed our boat than was usual, picking up the friendly vibes of the child as well as the even temperament of those who had come onboard to make friendly contact with another species. Of course, some believe that if you can establish communications with dolphins you can possibly “speak” with Et.

   Captain Nancy, as she prefers to be called, has degrees in both geology and oceanography and a solid academic background that serves her well in her current profession as a seafaring tour guide in Hawaii. But her real expertise involves the kinds of things they don’t teach you in any college or university. Captain Nancy is, as you will see in the following chapter, one who not only swims with the dolphins but also speaks their language.

    The story begins sort of tragically. It was 1994, and Captain Nancy had suffered injuries from four separate car accidents and was not fully recovered.

    “I wasn’t doing very well physically,” she said. “I was feeling a lot of neurological challenges.”

    Science City

After attending a seminar on the local dolphins in Kona, Hawaii, she experimented with swimming with the creatures.

    “I just felt tremendously better,” Captain Nancy said, “after one week of swimming with the dolphins. I stayed for another two and a half months and then never went home.”


    In the ensuing years, she learned that the dolphins do indeed have their methods for communicating with human beings.

    “All you have to do is think a thought,” Captain Nancy explained, “and your thoughts carry a vibration. The dolphins are very sensitive to vibrations, and they will pick up whatever vibratory energy you’re putting out. Then they will send you a   vibration back. It’s as simple as any other vibrations we’re picking up from humans or other animals. In my case, I just sort of know. I just get an answer when I’ve asked a question. The thought process comes back very clearly, very distinctly, of ‘This is your answer.’

    “It’s changed my life completely,” she added. “I’m a very different person than I was before I swam with the dolphins. It really opens your heart.”


    Timothy Beckley on the rim

The changes made by the dolphin experience may even penetrate to the cellular level, according to Captain Nancy.

    “My belief is that even my DNA has changed tremendously,” she said. “I’ve softened greatly. I’m much more compassionate and understanding of people than I was before I came out here and worked with the dolphins. I have information that gets ‘downloaded,’ the best way that I can explain it, that I don’t know where I ever learned it. It just shows up in my mind.”

    When Captain Nancy does her briefing of her passengers each morning before her tour sets out, she characterizes what she typically says as “dolphin channeling.”

    “Every time I do a briefing on my boat,” she said, “it’s a different set of information. And I know that that’s information that the dolphins want any particular group to hear.”

    Captain Nancy said her dog Pluto also communicates with the dolphins by imitating the noises they make.

    “He can hear their vibrations and their sounds,” she said, “that we can’t hear. So he’s learned to mimic their noise.”


    The dolphins also seem to be aware of future events.

    “The days when the tsunami was coming,” Captain Nancy said, “two Christmases before, we had very strange days out here. Everybody was back at the harbor saying, ‘Gosh, the dolphins are acting peculiarly.’ We didn’t know what was happening. We just knew that something was happening. The same thing happened when the Iraq war broke out, a similar kind of strange behavior. I don’t always necessarily know what that behavior is going to translate into. In my case, it’s more like I just know something’s wrong.”

    At the time the interview was conducted, in the spring of 2006, the dolphins were pretty much in a state of gentle contentment.

    “We haven’t seen any unusual behaviors,” Captain Nancy said, “in the last few weeks that I would say was pertaining to something special. What we mostly find, and what’s very interesting, is how they change from person to person. Sometimes they’ll start to get very close, what we call ‘kissing distance.’ And there are other days when we have a harder time finding the dolphins, and when we do, they don’t want to interact with these people. It’s always curious to me.”


    The dolphins often react with Captain Nancy’s passengers in a way that seems perfectly suited to the passengers’ specific needs.

    “We had a wonderful lady who was having some relationship challenges,” Captain Nancy said. “She had her own set ideas. She really wasn’t certain about this idea of communicating with dolphins, but she would try it. Basically, she went out with the dolphins and finished the swim just buzzing. She could feel her whole body vibrating. The end of the story was that she ended up meeting the man of her dreams that night and falling in love and soon after got married and had a child. She had been just about to marry somebody else and was sort of ‘close-minded,’ but she came out here and thought, ‘Gosh, I wonder what the dolphins have to say?’ She was headed left and she suddenly turned right. We hear stories like that from people all the time.”

    Captain Nancy explained further about what she felt had happened to the woman.

    “She went back to the mainland,” Captain Nancy said, “and just absolutely fell in love with this man and said that it was all so clear when she was with the dolphins, that this was generated by the shift that she needed to make within herself, to be ready for this more perfect man for her. It was an internal shift that happened within her that prepared her to be with somebody who was more appropriate to her new energy field that went with the dolphin experience.”


    In addition to their matchmaking skills, the dolphins are playful and seem to enjoy a good joke now and then. They can also perhaps impart a valuable lesson at the same time. Captain Nancy told the story of a family she took out on her boat one day.

    “The mother and the children were having this amazing dolphin experience,” Captain Nancy recalled. “But the father kept coming back to the boat and saying, ‘Nancy, I haven’t seen the dolphins.’ I’d watched this dolphin following him all day long, right behind his hip. I said, ‘The dolphins are right behind you. Just look behind you.’

    “He went off and swam again and here’s this dolphin right behind him. And he still came back to the boat and said, ‘I haven’t seen a single dolphin. My family’s having this amazing experience, with the dolphins so close, but they’re not coming to me.’ So finally he gave up. I just couldn’t help but ask him, ‘What is there in your life that’s behind you that you don’t want to look at?’ Because he wouldn’t look behind him to see the dolphins. Sometimes they’re little tricksters and they play games with people like that.”


    Along with the humor, however, there are also tears.

    “One of my saddest stories,” Captain Nancy said, “is about a little boy named Eli. He was very sick with cancer. He was about six years old, and he and his mother and I were out swimming with the dolphins. When you’re swimming with the dolphins, when the sun is shining, you see this gorgeous light that looks like this vortex. And I kept getting it in my head, ‘Tell this lady that when Eli dies, he’s going into this light.’ I kept thinking, ‘I can’t tell this woman her child is going to die. She’s brought him here to be healed with the dolphins.’”

    The message to Captain Nancy’s head persisted, growing louder and louder.

    “Finally, I tried very tactfully,” she said, “to say to her, ‘You see this light? This is what Eli is going to go to when he passes on and makes his transition.’ So about six months after they were here, I started to get emails from them saying Eli isn’t doing very well, but he wakes up every morning from a dream, saying ‘Mommy, Mommy, don’t wake me up. I want to stay with the dolphins. I keep dying, but the dolphins keep saving me.’

    “About a month after that,” Captain Nancy continued, “Eli did make his transition. His mother said that up to the moment that he was passing on, he kept saying, ‘Mommy, it’s okay. I’m going to go into the light with the dolphins.’ They made a stained glass window in honor of Eli with the dolphins swimming up into the light. His family was very touched. His mother said the most calming thing she remembered was swimming with me and the dolphins and me showing her the light and reminding her that Eli is just going to the light. I think, had I never said that to her, and if I hadn’t gotten that message in my head—it would never occur to me to tell a mother, ‘Your child is going to die and go into the light.’ But that’s some of the communications that the dolphins give.”


    The dolphins have come to Earth as messengers, Captain Nancy believes.

    “They really are our brothers and sisters of the sea,” she said. “They’re more intelligent than we are. They truly come as messengers. Some people call them ‘the angels of the sea.’ Why? You’d have to ask the dolphins.

    “We get people that want so badly to connect with them,” she went on. “I think that is the dolphins ‘calling’ people. It’s the dolphins’ mission, and it’s why they’re here on the planet. When they get a significant number of people that have been touched with this energy that they are evoking through their sonar, then indeed I think we’re going to see that New World Order that we’ve been talking about. It’s beginning to happen. It’s beginning to form.

    “The dolphins and the whales are both a very critical piece, connected in with the ETs, and it’s all a divine triangle of helping mankind to evolve into our next level of evolution. That’s the energy that the dolphins are trying to give us, by connecting with us, ‘sonar-ing’ us, implanting information for people to live a life in more harmony. A world of peace, everything that we all dream to be—that’s what the dolphins say you can have every day.”

To contact Captain Nancy Sweatt and make reservations for a dolphin swim of your own, call 808-329-3030 or 808-384-1218. Or email her at: [email protected]

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