They’ve Come To Take You Away

Special Book Excerpt From
by Timothy Green Beckley
copyright 2010 – All Rights Reserved

Man in Black

One by one they have given up their research, perhaps even their lives! Forced to go underground because of threats from the shadowy beings known as the Men In Black. Are these sinister individuals simply government agents gone amuck in their harassment of witnesses and investigators who have dedicated their lives delving into the unexplainable mysteries of the universe? Or are they something far more sinister as evidence in this book indicates? Perhaps the MIB are representatives of an extraterrestrial “police force,” whose job it is to keep the gates to a parallel universe closed tightly behind them. Over the years I have collected hundreds of MIB reports. I even appeared on the History Channel’s UFO Hunters with a photo I had taken in Jersey City, NJ in the mid 1960s of one of these out of time and out of place beings.                                                                     

The state of Arizona has always been a hotbed (pardon the expression) of UFO activity. Maybe it has something to do with Wendelle Stevens living there (only kidding Wendelle), but nevertheless I can remember a handful of MIB reports being handed to me.

Take for example the case of a Tucson newsboy, Warren Weisman who was delivering the Daily Star on Feb 19, 1979 at around 6 AM when he saw an odd looking object crash into a parked car at the side of the road.

According to a newspaper account this is his story:

“I was on Winstel Blvd when I saw this ‘falling star’ come from the sky. It was traveling at great speed and landed about a block away. It smashed the back of a white Volkswagen, throwing off its right rear wheel, rolled off the car and knocked over a mailbox on a post nearby.”

The ten year old fifth grader said the object was about the size of a microwave oven, was black, shiny, and had lots of “lava-like” holes all around it. Weisman said the object was smoking when he walked over to it.

As he bent over to examine his unusual find a brown pulled up and says the witness, “A skinny man in a brown suit and white shirt got out of the car. He was an FBI-type. He told me, “Why don’t you go ahead and deliver the rest of the papers?”

As he stood talking to the man, what Warren thinks was a Pima County Sheriff’s car pulled up along side the brown car. “I was afraid that the man in the brown suit was going to pull a gun,” Warren said. He quickly departed from home to tell his mother about what had happened.

Twenty minutes later, he returned to the scene of the “crash” with his mother.

“All we found was the tire and the broken mailbox.” The smashed car and the smoking object had totally vanished without a trace.

Interviewed later, the boy claimed he had put a small chip from the object into his pocket while looking it over. However, when he got hom a little while later it was gone.

“I don’t know what happened to it,” he confessed. “I didn’t  have any holes in my pocket from which it could have fallen to the ground.”

What at first might seem to be a tale story  fabricated by a highly imaginative youth has additional verification in that there were other witnesses to the event.

The Arizona Daily Star says that “three counselors who patrol the area while children deliver newspapers saw it fall but didn’t see where it hat the ground.”

the woman who lives in the house where the mailbox was knocked down, said she and her family assumed someone had hit it with a car. Margaret Pierce said she hadn’t heard anything unusual that morning, but around the time Warren usually delivers the paper to their house “our dogs just started barking and we couldn’t calm them down. They were really upset and that’s not like them at all.”

At the time the UFO group APRO was still active in Tucson and were called upon to make an investigation. As far as is known they never issued a report, and in the meanwhile Warren Weisman remained one frightened individual due to a possible visit by an MIB.


Take for example this report that was posted on the website of the UFO Clearing House. . .

Phoenix, Arizona Men In Black Encounter

Posted on December 20, 2009 at 7:17 PM  

Case Number: 21068

Log Number: US-12202009-0007

Submitted Date: 2009-12-20 16:21 GMT

Event Date: 1988-02-15 21:00 GMT

Status: Assigned


Region: Arizona

Country: US

Longitude: -112.081

Latitude: 33.4979

Shape: Disc

Around 1989 I was working at a restaurant in Scottsdale, Az. I was speaking with a customer and somehow we were on the subject of life on other planets. I recall saying something to the effect of “The odds are that there has to be life on other planets, due to the vast number of planets”. Another customer overheard me say this and said “Do you really believe that”? I said “Yes, I do”. He said “Next time I come in, I am going to show you something”. He had a serious demeanor as he said this. I had no idea what to expect. A few days later he came in and had a brief case with him. This brief case was totally dedicated to this UFO encounter he had experienced. He showed me a map of Arizona, where he had outlined the area that he had encountered a UFO in. It was the Roosevelt Lake area, north of Phoenix. He then pulled out a Polaroid photo he had taken. .

 I stared at that photo for 20 minutes. It is THE most realistic photo of a UFO I have ever seen. And it was VERY close up. The photo was taken from about 50 ft. away. It was taken at night and the ONLY light source was from the UFO itself! It was so apparent that I didn’t even ask if he had used a flash. I was obvious he had not, so I just said, unassumingly, “Why didn’t you use a flash”? His eyes got huge, and he said “Are you kidding! They would have seen me”. The reason you could tell the light was emanating from the craft was because the foliage to the left on the image was illuminated from behind. The foliage was in front of the craft, from the vantage point of the camera. The leaves were black, not green, as would be expected if the light source were from the camera. You could see only the outline of the foliage, not detail, as one would see from a camera flash.

Charles Fort – Tim and MIB Lady at grave site Cemetery

The craft was the classic disc-shaped kind. It was gray and metallic looking. The lower portion of the craft was concealed, due to a cliff overhang that it was hovering behind. I would gauge the craft to be about 60 ft. from side to side. The craft was about 50-60 ft. away from the camera-taker. The most fascinating part on the craft was the light on it. There was an orb, about the size of a basketball, that was circling the middle, most wide part of the craft. The orb was pure white in color, with not a tinge of yellow or blue. The reason you could tell the orb was circling the craft was due to the fact that the camera had captured a tail trailing the orb, as would a tail on a comet. So I tell they guy, after freaking out on the amazing authenticity of his photo, that he has to show this to someone. He said “I plan to. There is a professor/ufologist at ASU that is interested in this”. So I see the guy several days later and he said he had taken the photo to the ASU (Arizona State University) guy. He said the ASU professor also said it was the best UFO photo he had ever seen. I see the guy several days later, again, and ask him what the ASU professor guy is doing with the photo and such. He starts acting really weird. He wouldn’t answer me. I asked him again. His demeanor was that he was pissed off.

 He said to me “I’m not allowed to talk about it”. I said “What? What do you mean?” He said “I’m not allowed to talk about it”. He is really agitated. I can’t resist, so I said “Oh come on”. He said “I’m not allowed to talk about it. Two men from the government showed up at my door and said I am not allowed to mention this again, or I will disappear. They took the photo from the ASU professor and threatened him as well”. Since then I have read much info on UFO phenomena. Interestingly, much of what I have read about MIB, is that they appear at someone’s door, as a pair of two men, to threaten the experiencer. Mind you, his experience was long before MIB, the movie, came out, and MIB became part of general consciousness. I had never heard of MIB at this point.

The internet had not taken off yet, so he didn’t research the MIB phenomena to add credence to his story. He didn’t need to anyway, with that photo! It now makes sense to me that these government guys take only the good photos, and leave the junk out there. Thus when the general public views the photos, they assume the whole phenomena are people’s imaginations, or pranks. They purposely allow the crappy photos to prevail. If anyone knows who the ASU professor may have been, could you please contact a MUFON representative. I cannot imagine there were many ASU professors/ufologists at the time.


Monday, February 08, 2010

Alien Contact / MIB – Tonopah, Arizona

Tonopah, Arizona – July 1, 2009 – 10:30 PM (report unedited):                      While in the desert near the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant, the main witness and some friends saw a very large triangle shaped UFO. They were driving down a dirt road and saw a bright flashing light. They had seen objects in the area before and their intentions were to look for UFO’s. According to the witnesses, people that live in this area have been chased in their cars and seen objects on a regular basis. They went off the road behind some mountains, and no sooner had they come around the mountain they saw the large flashing light. All of them were scared but, at the same time, curious.

The main witness friend’s girlfriend was crying and telling them to turn around; they got within 2 to 300 yards from the light. It was the size of three football fields, triangular in shape, and had windows around it. It was about 3 stories tall, and about 30 feet off the ground, they flashed their lights and it flashed back, in the same sequence of flashes. The main witness and his friend, James, got out of the car and walked closer. The closer they got, the better they could make out what was standing in the windows. They could see small big headed aliens, and then 7 to 9 foot tall aliens, they based this on the size of the windows. Some of the windows they could see through, the other windows were dark, but then the dark windows, cleared up one by one, and as they went clear more and more aliens appeared on the windows. James was supposedly videotaping the whole time. The main witness was terrified but excited at the same time.

They walked closer and had to stop because the heat coming from the craft was so intense. The craft hovered and then landed. A large panel at the bottom of the craft opened and two aliens proceeded to walk out. This absolutely terrified the witnesses, but they couldn’t move or talk. The main witness remembers trying to scream and run but they couldn’t move or talk. Two others were in the car honking the horn, and screaming for them to come back, but they couldn’t respond or move.

The aliens walked up to within 20 feet of them. One of them was very thin and tall, about 8-9 feet, the other one was about 3-4 feet tall. The witnesses stood there in amazement, shocked because they couldn’t move or speak. Then calmness came over them and the aliens began speaking to them telepathically, they were saying not to be scared that they were not going to harm them. This “conversation” went on between the 4 of them for 15-20 minutes. They said they were here to help us, so that we would not destroy our planet, and that there was a horrible event coming soon, that it had to be stopped. One of the witnesses asked if it was something like ‘9/11’ and they said that it was bigger and that it would come from the Middle East. The main witness then thought to himself that he had been in this situation before and the tall alien heard his thoughts and repeated his name and said that yes, he had been visited before when he was 6 years old in Deming, New Mexico. He had been in the desert exploring and they had talked to him then. He had blocked that out, but it all suddenly came back, they said they knew they were coming and wanted them to warn people about global warming and what was to come if they didn’t take start taking care of our planet. Visions of disaster then entered their heads, as if to show them what was to come.

The taller alien then walked closer, and held his hand. He was no longer scared, neither was his friend, James. They said that they would see them again soon and to warn people about ‘saving our planet’. Supposedly James was recording the whole time. The aliens then returned to the craft and it was gone in a split second. When the craft left they both felt weak, but managed to make their way back to the car, when they got there the occupants of the car, Heather and Jamie, were not crying anymore they just hugged the witnesses.

For a minute the car would not start and suddenly it just turned on by itself. As they started to drive away three military helicopters appeared and began shining their lights on the witnesses. Then two military Hummers showed up and chased the witnesses. They tried to avoid the Hummers but were told over a speaker to pull over or they would be forced to shoot at them. They pulled over and military personnel surrounded their vehicle.

Two men dressed in black opened the door and asked them to get out. One of them looked familiar to the main witness. He asked the witnesses to get out and both questioned them, while the military personnel searched the car. They asked them what they had seen, how long they had been there and if they had had any contact with the alien ship. One of the soldiers then found the video camera. The men in black reviewed it and told the witnesses they were not to speak of this, they then confiscated the camera and took the main witness with them. The other 3 witnesses asked where they were going and they told them not to worry about it. He left with them and they questioned him further. He kept staring at one of the men since he looked familiar. They then dropped him off on the I-10 highway near Tonopah Joe’s restaurant. There he was later picked up by his friends.

Source: NUFORC

NOTE: this area is in western Maricopa County, Arizona, approximately 50 miles west of downtown Phoenix off Interstate 10. The community of Tonopah is near the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, the largest nuclear power plant in the country. There have been considerable UFO/alien accounts from this general area including rumors that an underground facility is nearby…Lon

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TIm Beckley with alien sedona

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