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A film project you can help launch

The story centers around a boy’s struggle to hold his broken family together after the effects of his grandfather’s contact with alien life. Credit: Chance of Fate Productions

For years rumors have circulated throughout NASA about Apollo 11’s controversial “findings” in 1969.  For over 40 years, the government has kept these files “classified.”  Now, for the first time ever, Apollo Minus Project is a bold new independent film that investigates these “findings.”
Enter film producer Nick Ronan with Chance of Fate Productions – with an interesting plot.
Based on actual events, the film follows the story of Daniel Conroy, a young documentary filmmaker who sets out to uncover the truth about his grandfather, James L. Conroy, an Air Force pilot and U.S. Astronaut.  Colonel Conroy vanished mysteriously in the deserts of Nevada in 1970, six months after returning from a top-secret mission to investigate evidence of extraterrestrial life.
Watch the trailer.
Here’s what we know: Daniel Conroy, 25, disappeared while finishing this documentary.  Most of the footage that will be used to assemble this film was taken from his home camera. The mystery of the Conroy family remains untold.

As the film’s producer, Ronan says he would like to suggest that Daniel uncovered something that has remained hidden for many years. Something that his grandfather knew. Something that potentially cost them both their lives.
The film is an intimate blend between The Blair Witch Project and District 9. It is the story of a boy’s struggle to hold his broken family together after the effects of his grandfather’s contact with alien life. It is an odyssey. A conspiracy story. A hunt for clues in dark places where there is no safe return, where the witnesses hide in dark corners and whisper, “We are not alone.”
Here’s your chance to follow along with a film now in pre-production – as they are raising funds to complete this picture. As of early morning, October 13, 2011, they’ve just topped $305 in their quest to raise $6,000 – over the next 29 days. Check it out. That’s only 600 of you giving up $10 to accomplish this. Good luck, James. The trailer and the story sound most interesting.

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