Arizona Vacationers Follow UFO for 40 Minutes!

Father-son track sphere light over Arizona campground

By Roger Marsh
UFO News Examiner

The father and son campers were observing the object from a campground about six miles north of Bullhead City, AZ.
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Father and son amateur star gazers vacationing near Bullhead City, AZ, report watching a sphere-shape light make “unusual movements” in the sky while they watched with the naked eye, binoculars and a telescope for nearly 40 minutes, according to February 23, 2012, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The Iowans were visiting the Lake Mead area and were camping north of Davis Dam and 6 miles north of Bullhead City at Katherine Landing when they first noticed the light just after midnight on February 21, 2012.

“While scanning the sky I noticed a light at approximately 10 degrees above the mountain horizon a few degrees east of north,” the reporting witness stated. “The light was a significant distance from my location, estimating it to be at least 15 to 20 miles away as if you were viewing a distant aircraft beacon. It looked mostly red with a little white-ish component and had a radiant variance.”

The witness attempted to rule out what the light could possibly be.

“At first I thought it to be nothing more than a common aircraft one would see at night accounting the radiant variance to be the effect of low angle viewing. The light did not strobe on and off as do most aircraft. Appearing to be stationary for the short time, maybe 20 to 30 seconds of viewing, I made the determination it was not a star or planet. Then to my surprise the light moved upward a few degrees then back down to its original position in maybe 4 to 5 seconds at the most. Thinking this to be odd, it now had my full attention since to move that amount from the distance I was viewing meant it had to be traveling at a significant velocity as well stop and start.”

The witness continued to watch.

“Approximately 20 seconds later the light moved again in the same upward direction at the same speed as before, but this time it came downward in a slight arcing diagonal ending up just east of its original position by the width of about a fifth of its upward movement at the same position above the horizon. A couple of seconds later it moved to the left (west) traveling at the same rate of speed it went upward going approximately three times the distance that it had traveled upward, stopped and came back to its original position at a slightly faster speed.”

While the object was stationary, the witness ran to his vehicle to get a pair of binoculars and to alert his son.

“The image was larger than with the naked eye but still quite small. The light now looked to be composed of three colors – blue on top, white-ish in the center and red on the bottom but not well defined as the image was still too small for more detail. I gave my son the binoculars to view it. While he looked for about half a minute the light moved again this time to the right (east). It appeared to move at the same speed and distance as it had done to the west and came back to its original position with the abrupt stops at each end of its travel. This event is now about 10 minutes into it and having witnessed a couple more times of the up-down, side-to-side movements with the exception of one east back to west movement, in which the travel back was a wave-like motion.”

Now the witness moved a telescope into position and began to watch the object.

“The image was larger than the binocular view and now the colors more defined but no detail of a craft. Could now see definite blue light radiating from the top third, a white-ish yellow light in the middle that radiated less than a third part and the remaining bottom part which was more than a third as a bright red. The telescope image gave better detail of the light. It was very intense with a variable radiance, spherical with no defined outside edge, just fuzzy or almost intensly sun-like radiant.”

The object then began to move again.

“Were now about 20 minutes into this experience when the light starts an upward ascension at a slower rate of speed than what we previously observed, slow enough that I could make fast enough adjustments to keep it in the eyepiece. The ascension required equatorial adjustments to the east until reaching approximately a 45 degree angle to the horizon in which it disappeared or I lost track of it in the night sky. Total time of sighting lasted approximately 35 to 40 minutes.”

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