Book review: John Keel – The Man, The Myth and The Ongoing Mysteries (Brent Raynes)

Author and researcher Brent Raynes’ newest book John Keel: The Man, The Myth And The Ongoing Mysteries takes a close look at UFO/paranormal investigator John Keel. Brent has been interested in UFOs and the paranormal for many years, is the author of two other books and is also editor of Alternate Perception Magazine ( I personally know Brent and we have been together in northern Alabama searching for Earthlights and talking about various paranormal topics.

Years ago, I began reading Keels books and they became a valuable addition to my library. He understood there is a direct relationship with the UFO phenomenon and paranormal phenomena. Anyone who seriously studies the UFO phenomenon should be familiar with Keel’s writings. Brent has now provided us with a well written, informative and highly interesting book about John Keel and his valuable research.

For anyone who is a fan of John Keel or who may have heard of him and is interested in knowing more about this amazing person and his valuable research – this is the book I highly recommend. Brent’s fascinating book covers a lot of territory is not a quick read with more than 300 pages with several photos. For those what have an interest in UFOs or Fortean phenomena – then I heartily suggest reading Brent’s new book.

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