The UFO phenomenon: are we being visited by aliens from other planets or by unholy angels from the spiritual realm?

If we are to seriously entertain the idea some UFOs are actual spacecraft travelling from unknown and far away locations in the physical universe to earth, then we need to examine the physical universe we live in. The physical universe is wondrous, complex and finely tuned. It is so vast; the size of the universe is not known. We do know the universe is unimaginably huge. At the time of this writing, scientists estimate that in this universe there are at least 100 billion galaxies, and on the average, there are about 100 billion stars in each galaxy.

So, we can do the math. If we assume each star has just three planets, the sheer number of planets cannot be fully grasped by the human mind. For those who suggest some UFOs travel to earth from some far away planet, they claim there so many planets in the physical universe it is highly likely some of those planets harbor intelligent life that is suitable for space travel and has the capability to quickly travel vast distances.

First, we do not know how many planets there are, but there are many other important factors. Second, the more astronomers and other related scientists study our universe they acknowledge that it appears that Earth in perhaps is a unique planet after all. For now, there is no evidence that life outside of earth exists. There is no actual proof other planets can harbor or produce life of any kind. We are not talking about microscopic organisms, but rather sentient life so advanced the beings could and would produce technology that can take them outside their solar system and know where to go once they left their solar system.

For sake of discussion, if a UFO departed a planet many light years away (light travels 186,000 miles per second) from earth, the distances would simply be too vast. The nearest star to our sun is a small, red dwarf, low-mass star called Proxima Centauri, which is more than four light years away. That means if a space ship travelled 186,000 miles per second, it would need more than four years to reach our solar system. For a UFO travelling the speed of light, it would need approximately 100,000 years to travel from one end of our galaxy to the other end, and then it would need 2.5 million years to travel to the next nearest galaxy. The numbers simply do not add up for space ships travelling from one solar system to another.

Those who believe UFOs are physical craft from other planets believe the UFOs travel much faster than the speed of light. There is no evidence this is even possible. Physical objects travelling faster than the speed of light would completely discredit Einstein’s theory of relativity. Some argue there is natural phenomena such as a wormhole that bends space and time. This is fanciful conjecture with no evidence for support.

Regardless of how vast the physical universe is, God is given credit for creating it (John 1:3). Isaiah 40:26 says, “lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these things, that bringeth out their host by number: he calleth them all by names by the greatness of his might, for he is strong in power; not one faileth.” Nehemiah 9:6 says God made the starry host. In Deuteronomy 10:14 we read where God created the highest heavens. In Genesis 2:1 we read where God created the heavens, and it is the physical universe that declares the Glory of God (Psalms 19:1). So, regardless of the size of the universe and what exists in it, God is the creator and sustainer of this wondrous physical realm. While focusing on the creation, we are not to lose focus on its Creator.

UFO enthusiasts in general reject the Biblical account of creation and accept atheistic evolution. In other words, life regardless of its complexity is ultimately nothing more than a product of time, energy and random events. For them there is no personal God. Some will accept the notion God may have populated many planets with people.

Examining the UFO phenomenon

Credible witnesses, for the most part, report thousands of UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects, in the U.S. each year. For most adults, they are either convinced the UFO phenomenon means physical beings from other planets have traveled to earth in physical space ships for reasons not understood, or they consider the phenomenon to be a result of misidentification, hallucinations, mass hysteria, attention seekers, perpetrator or victim of a hoax, etc.

TV shows such as “Star Trek,” “Star Gate,” “The X-Files” and others, as well as many science fiction cartoons, are based on the idea there are other planets where intelligent life lives and some of these beings travel from their planets to earth. Our society has embraced the Hollywood idea of what UFOs are or could be. The UFO phenomenon is imbedded in our culture, and men and women of all ages in all 50 states report sightings. Christians as well as non-Christians have professed to have seen UFOs. People from all ethnic, cultural, and social backgrounds have reported observing UFOs. According to a survey conducted by National Geographic in 2012, 36% of U.S. adult Americans believe UFOs are real. This percentage has gradually increased over the past few years.

Even so, the Bible and available evidence demonstrates the atheistic view is simply not adequate to address this complex issue satisfactorily. It is most unfortunate that many people, especially in western civilization in general, do not grasp the seriousness and significance of this phenomenon. The modern UFO phenomenon is a Christian issue; therefore, the Christian perspective should be compatible with God’s revelation contained in the Bible. If there is anything about the UFO phenomenon contrary to or not compatible with the Bible, then all Christians should be concerned.

It is important for Christians to possess a basic understanding of what this phenomenon is and is not. For many Christians, the claim that the UFO phenomenon is a Christian issue may be considered extraordinary, and is at least controversial for many Christians and non-Christians alike. When one carefully examines the UFO phenomenon and uses the Bible, it is clear why Christians need to take this phenomenon very seriously. An important factor to consider is that about 96% of all UFO sightings reported can be explained without the need to entertain the idea that non-human beings from other planets are somehow involved.

For every 1,000 UFO sightings reported, about 960 are really Identified Flying Objects (IFOs). Most of these 96% involves:

  1. Misidentification of man-made phenomenon that is unfamiliar to the observer
  2. Misidentification of man-made phenomenon that is familiar to the observer but is seen in unusual circumstances
  3. Misidentified natural phenomena that the observer is familiar with but is seen in unusual circumstances
  4. Misidentified natural phenomena that the observer is unfamiliar with and is seen in usual or unusual circumstances
  5. Hallucinations
  6. Hoaxes (victim or perpetrator)
  7. Observer’s medical or physical condition caused misidentifying phenomenon observed poor vision, extreme physical or mental stress, etc.

These seven categories explain a high percentage of the UFO reported sightings. Since the above addresses about 96% of all UFO reported sightings, what about the other 4%? It is this 4% that compels us to conclude UFO phenomenon as real; that it does involve intelligent beings that did not originate on earth, and they have a keen interest in the affairs of humanity. It is this 4% that involves, UFO occupants, alien contact and abductions. It is this 4% that we, as Christians, must take seriously. According to the entertainment industry and mainstream media, if UFOs are real, then this means there are advanced, intelligent beings from other planets using complex technology so they can travel to our planet. The Bible simply does not support such a view.

The three basic views regarding the UFO phenomenon

  1. The UFO phenomenon is simply much ado about nothing. In other words, whatever the UFO phenomenon is, it does not and cannot have a serious or significant impact on humanity. Those who hold this view reject the idea earth is being visited by aliens from outer space and reject the idea the UFO phenomenon is somehow connected with demonic entities.
  2. The UFO phenomenon involves advanced intelligent beings that did not originate on earth, and some travel vast distances to earth via advanced technology for reasons not fully understood.
  3. The UFO phenomenon involves non-human beings that are not advanced beings from other planets, and these beings normally reside in the non-physical or spiritual realm. Their reasons for this deception is to interfere with the plans of God.

To accept view #1, one must reject available evidence and reject the view that demons can masquerade and pretend to be aliens from other planets. There are many UFO reports submitted by credible witnesses that simply should not be rejected merely because of the high strangeness level. Many competent UFO investigators have concluded that some people’s UFO experiences are real; therefore, the UFO phenomenon is significant.

To accept view #2, one must reject the idea demons can masquerade as aliens from other planets. One must also discard the fact that no alien has ever been found nor has presented itself on earth for examination. He also has to acknowledge that no extra-terrestrial built space craft has ever been located.

To accept view #3, one must acknowledge the Bible is God’s revelation to humanity. One must also acknowledge that fallen angels or demons have the power and desire to lie and deceive humanity with a variety of devices and snares.

What if God created other advanced beings, which do live on other planets. This question is often asked, so how does a Christian provide a response that is rational and consistent with the Bible? We know from the Scriptures God created the physical realm. The physical realm exists because of God. Could God have created other beings on other planets? From a human perspective, God is able to create and populate other planets with physical beings similar or different from humans. The Bible does not confirm or directly indicate that God did so. In fact, the Bible is silent on this issue.

The focus of the physical universe seems to be on humanity. When Lucifer rebelled against God, he was cast out of heaven, and Lucifer went to earth. Why did Lucifer go to earth? Why not some other planet? Jesus never spoke about this topic, and there is nothing in the Scriptures in reference to future events that evenly slightly hint that one day humans will interact with people from other planets. The Bible in no way suggests or in any way validates the claim God populated other planets with created beings similar to humans.

For the mere sake of argument, let us assume there are physical, intelligent beings living on other planets. There are still too many valid reasons why they would never travel to earth.

These reasons are:

  1. They are not technologically advanced enough. Humans are technologically advanced but still cannot send humans to our nearest planet Mars. There are no humans living on the earth’s moon, which is only 240,000 miles away.
  2. They have no desire to come to earth. Even if they were advanced and possessed space travelling technology, they may have no desire to leave their solar system. One theory is truly advanced beings have lost the urge to be explorers. They have outgrown this desire to explore other planets and instead focus their attention on other, more meaningful pursuits.
  3. They are fearful of leaving their solar system. If they do exist, they could be afraid if they made themselves known to other beings from another planet. They may avoid risking an attack or possible exposure to a harmful disease. These beings may have valid reasons for not wanting to be known.
  4. They do not know other intelligent beings exist. There are some galaxies where the stars are so numerous; they would have no way in knowing if another galaxy existed. They would not be able to see past the starlight produced in their own galaxy. They would be limited to visiting solar systems in their own galaxy.
  5. They do not know the location of earth. Just because they may believe there are other inhabited planets they could visit, how would they know about earth? If they were hundreds or thousands of light years away, how could they know about our planet? They would have no way of knowing earth even existed.

There could be other reasons, but even if one concedes to the possibility there may be advanced life on other planets, there is no compelling reason to think they can leave their planet. Even if they could, would they be willing to commit valuable resources to seek out an unknown planet with known and unknown risks involved? For now, there is no proof aliens from other planets have ever made contact with us or has visited our solar system.

While Christians reject the false and dangerous notions that the physical universe began to exist without a cause; that non-life produced life, that non-intelligence produced intelligence and that non- consciousness produced consciousness, we still have no evidence to suggest there are people living on other planets. The physical universe declares the glory of God, and it may not be a theological stretch to suggest the wondrous and majestic universe in some way could remind us of how the spiritual realm may even be more wondrous and majestic.

The UFO Phenomenon is Real

Thousands of credible witnesses do observe UFOs and beings they claim to be from other planets. They have seen what appears to be actual physical objects that are in the air or on the ground that are not made by human hands. There are, on occasion, people who report an encounter and even an interaction with non-human beings associated with UFOs. Some of these interactions, they say, are unwelcomed and even terrifying. These witnesses include people of varying ages, religions, ethnic backgrounds, etc. The people who report these encounters with alleged UFO aliens are often highly respected people whose integrity is not in doubt. There is compelling evidence there are intelligent non-human beings actively interacting with humans. So why do they interact with humans and what do they want?

The Evidence Does Not Support the Extraterrestrial Theory

For most people who accept the idea, the UFO phenomenon is real, though the actual evidence does not support this view. In addition to what has been previously mentioned, there are other considerations.

Nine reasons to reject the Extraterrestrial Theory, aka the ET Theory

  1. Close encounters of UFO/occupants or aliens are far too frequent. There are at least several hundreds of these cases reported each year. The massive number of these close encounters over a period of a few decades in the U.S. alone is staggering.
  2. There is no evidence that humanoid life exists anywhere except on earth.
  3. Humans are not biologically adapted for long space flights.
  4. The UFO aliens offer conflicting and contradictory statements to those who they encounter.
  5. There are too many different types and kinds of aliens reported.
  6. There is no spaceship located to examine.
  7. No alien has ever presented itself to a human for examination.
  8. No alien technology has been located or given to humans for examination.
  9. No video evidence (videos made by the many satellites orbiting earth) of UFOs entering our solar system.

Most of the proponents of the Extraterrestrial Theory are either atheists or agnostics. Whatever their position is on the origin of life; for them there is no personal God. For atheists, the universe exists without an objective purpose and without objective value.

While there is no evidence to demonstrate there is complex life on other planets, this does not mean God cannot create life elsewhere, nor does it mean God has not created life on other planets. The reality is there is no evidence to suggest God did. There is certainly no Bible verses to reference that would suggest God did. For more information about this particular topic, a review of the so-called “fermi-drake” paradox is recommended. The fermi-drake paradox is an equation formulated to attempt to estimate the probability of locating intelligent life in the universe.

The ultimate conclusion is that if there was other highly advanced intelligent life in our galaxy, humans would already have the evidence proving intelligent life did exist on other planets. Since we do not already have this evidence, this proves there is no intelligent, communicating life elsewhere.

The Evidence Points to a Spiritual Explanation

Part of the issue when examining the UFO phenomenon is to determine properly what is and what is not evidence. What is and what is not considered evidence depends in part on the perspective of the UFO investigator/analyst. An investigator who is committed to the Extraterrestrial Theory may often reject anything that would weaken or disprove his core beliefs. An atheist UFO investigator, as most are, will not have the same perspective as that of a Christian. An atheist will either reject outright or misinterpret any evidence that supports the view that the UFO phenomenon involves fallen angels. If the UFO phenomenon is not connected to aliens from other planets, that leaves only one viable and tenable option – the UFO phenomenon requires a spiritual explanation. The spiritual view makes the most sense for a number of reasons. The view that the UFO phenomenon is dealing with fallen angels is consistent with the evidence, is rational thought, is logically coherent and is compatible with Biblical teaching on the abilities and powers possessed by fallen angels. Even non-Christians who have spent several years investigating the UFO phenomenon have rejected the Extraterrestrial Theory. Dr. Allen Hynek is perhaps one of the best-known UFO investigators; years ago, he was employed by the U.S. government as an UFO investigator. His classic book, The UFO Experience, is considered required reading by anyone seriously interested in the UFO phenomenon. Hynek rejected the Extraterrestrial Theory. Later in life he concluded, I have come to support less and less the idea that UFOs are ‘nuts’ and bolts’ space crafts from other worlds. There are just too many things going against this theory. To me, it seems ridiculous that super intelligences would travel great distances to do relatively stupid things like stop cars, collect soil samples, and frighten people. I think we must begin to reexamine the evidence. We must begin to look closer to home.

Jacques Vallee, who is well known in the UFO research world, has a PhD in computer science and has studied the UFO for several years. He has written several books on the subject including Messengers of Deception. Vallee, who is not a Christian, believes the UFO phenomenon is being produced by interdimensional beings who are attempting to drastically alter our society. Vallee’s conclusion is “I would be disappointed if UFOs turn out to be nothing more than spaceships.” Many non-Christian UFO investigators do reject the Extraterrestrial Theory outright and are convinced that there is are intelligent beings responsible for the UFO phenomenon; that these non-physical beings have a keen interest in the affairs of humanity, and that these beings can manipulate matter and energy to suit their needs. Accepting the fact that the UFO phenomenon is real and rejecting the Extraterrestrial Theory is not limited to only Christians.

For the few Christians who do cling to the Extraterrestrial Theory as being valid and an explanation of the UFO phenomenon, they may wish to consider following:

  1. Their existence does not disprove that God is real.
  2. Their existence does not in any way invalidate the Bible as being God’s Word.
  3. They are created beings with the ability to be mistaken and even be deceptive. Not everything they communicate may be factual.
  4. Mankind still has a sin problem and only Jesus Christ can offer salvation.

As Christians, we realize there are two realms. One is physical and the other is non-physical or the spiritual realm. We also know the spiritual realm was in existence prior to the creation of the physical realm. In the spiritual realm, there are many non-physical beings. There are both holy and unholy angels. All angels were created holy but some rebelled against God and were cast out of heaven. Can the unholy or fallen angels (a.k.a. devils) be responsible for the UFO phenomenon? These fallen angels or devils are willing to deceive and lie. They possess the means to manipulate energy and matter, and to produce visions and appear as human beings. These demons can also pose as other beings. Because they lie and deceive, many will give heed to seducing spirits (Timothy 4:1). It is interesting to note that Satan is the prince and power of the air, and UFOs are seen in earth’s atmosphere, where Satan can use his power. Satan and his demons can produce lying wonders. This includes appearing as a human being or as a non-human being.

We know that Satan and demons:

  1. Lie – this includes making claims they are beings from another planet.
  2. Manipulate matter and energy (Exodus 7:10, 11, 21, 22; 8:7).
  3. Affect a person’s mind (John 13:2 and Matthew17:15-18).
  4. Spread false doctrines – claim to be space brothers and are here to help.
  5. Manipulates time (Luke 4:5)
  6. Manipulates energy (Job 1:15-19)

As we closely examine the UFO phenomenon, we become motivated to examine the Bible for answers. The Biblical based explanation is consistent with the evidence. Demons can temporarily manipulate time, energy and matter to produce what appears to be physical objects. This is how UFOs can suddenly appear and disappear. This is how they can appear to defy the laws of gravity and move at tremendous speeds. These lying wonders are not bound by the natural laws in place for the physical realm. Aliens do not usually deny the reality of Jesus Christ; however, they will not acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Demons masquerading as UFO aliens sometimes claim Jesus Himself is an alien.

Linda Howe, a well know UFO and paranormal investigator, has written extensively on the subject. She has spoken publicly on how aliens have reportedly claimed Jesus Christ was an alien who came to earth. Howe claims she interviewed a man in Brazil, named Urandir Oliveira, who alleges he is a lifetime UFO abductee, which means he has been abducted on multiple occasions. According to Howe, Oliveira was shown some kind of hologram that revealed to him that Jesus Christ “was a lead scientist who along with His team went back in time about 2000 years ago with the idea they could change ‘the hearts, minds and souls of humanity.’” UFO aliens are not hesitant to talk about Jesus; however, they deny that He is God in the flesh (1 Timothy 3:16). Howe is in a very revealing video where she tells a remarkable story at a UFO conference; she repeats a claim given to her that Jesus Christ came from outer space to earth 2,000 years ago. The claim is Jesus Christ was a great teacher who came to earth to teach humanity great spiritual truths.

When someone talks about Jesus Christ, it is indeed a Christian issue. The fact is Jesus Christ is mentioned often when dealing with the UFO/alien/contactee issues. It is simply not possible to conclude the UFO phenomenon is not a Christian issue. What is not found is UFO/alien/contactees talking about Confucius, Krishna, Mohammed or Mecca, Gautama Buddha or other religious leaders of the past. What these aliens (devils) tell their UFO contactees about Jesus Christ is in direct contradiction to what the Bible reveals about Jesus. The UFO phenomenon is a Christian issue because the aliens tell lies about Jesus Christ and deny the Bible is God’s Word.

UFO contactee/abductions do occur. Satan and his angels are masquerading as travelers from other planets. Some people only have one such experience while others may have several over a period of a few years. Their experiences are real. This is merely one of Satan’s devices. John Keel, who never claimed to be a Christian, was a pioneer in investigating the UFO phenomenon in the 1960s and wrote many books about the topic stated, “The UFO manifestations seem to me, by and large, merely minor variations of the age old demonological phenomenon.” From His book, Operation Trojan Horse, Keel realized that the UFO phenomenon is real, and the perpetrators are intelligent beings who have historically been referred to as demons.

Even Dr. Jacques Valley who studied the UFO phenomenon for decades concluded “We are dealing with a yet unrecognized level of consciousness, independent of man but closely linked to earth…. I do not believe anymore that UFOs are simply the spacecraft of some race of extraterrestrial visitors. This notion is too simplistic to explain their appearance, the frequency of their manifestations through recorded history, and the structure of the information exchanged with them during contact.” The E.T. theory is “too simplistic” and in my view lacks rational coherency.

I have reached the view the UFO phenomenon is real but is based on deception from non-physical beings known as fallen angels or devils. They are active on earth and have an agenda that is harmful to humanity.

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