Californians! – 1937 Vision of Earthquake NOW UNFOLDING!

Col. Larre Draper is a retired intelligence officer who phoned me recently with his carefully studied analysis of the 1937 vision of Joseph Brandt. This is a widely known prophecy. Col. Draper wants to disseminate his amazing and chilling analysis NOW, before the wholesale annihilation which seems to be looming on the horizon. I’m now quoting segmented excerpts from Mark Hazlewood’s book, “BLINDSIDED: Planet X Passes in 2003 – Earthchanges”. After reading this harrowing alert, please email Col. Draper.  

“The vision of Joe Brandt

In 1937, a 17-year-old boy experienced a spontaneous vision while recovering from a brain concussion in a Fresno, California hospital. The boy put his entire vision down on paper by his own hand. Young Joe Brandt wrote the following while passing in and out of consciousness.

`I woke up in the hospital with a terrific headache – as if the whole world was revolving inside my brain. I remember, vaguely, the fall from my horse, Blackie. As I lay there, pictures began to form in my mind – pictures that stood still. I seemed to be in another world. Whether it was the future or it was some ancient land, I could not say. Then slowly, like the silver screen of the “talkies” {JD: these are colloquialisms of the 1930s}, but with color and smell and sound, I seemed to find myself in Los Angeles – but I swear, it was much bigger, and buses and odd-shaped cars crowded the city streets.

I thought about Hollywood Boulevard, and I found myself there. Whether or not this is true, I do not know, but there were a lot of guys about my age with beards, and wearing — some of them — earrings. All the girls — some of them keen-o — wore real short skirts, and they slouched along, moving like a dance.’ “

{JD: skipping a few pages,}

” `An old lady had a dog, a little white dog, and she stopped and looked scared, and grabbed him in her arms and said: `Let’s go home Frou-Frou. Mama is going to take you home.’ That poor lady — hanging onto her dog. I got scared. Real scared. I remembered the girl. She was way down the block, probably. I started to run. I ran and ran, and the ground kept trembling.’ “ 

All the girls — some of them keen-o — wore real short skirts, and they slouched along, moving like a dance. Yet, they seemed familiar. I wondered if I could talk to them, and said, “Hello,” but they didn’t see or hear me. I guess it is something you have to learn. I couldn’t do it.

I noticed there was a quietness about the air, a kind of stillness. Something else was missing, something that should be there. At first, I couldn’t figure it out; I didn’t know what it was — then did. There were no birds. I wondered what had happened to them. Had they gone away? Where? Again, I could hear the stillness. Then I knew something was going to happen. I wondered what year it was. . . . It certainly was not 1937. I saw a newspaper on the corner with a picture of the president. It surely wasn’t Mr. Roosevelt. He was bigger {JD: Roosevelt?}, heavier, big ears. {JD: or could Joe have meant: heavier (pause) . . . big ears, referring to the picture on the newspaper?? Just speculation}. If it wasn’t 1937, I wondered what year it was . . . My eyes weren’t working right. Someone was coming — someone in 1937 — it was that darned, fat nurse ready to take my temperature. I woke up. Crazy dream.

[Then next day]. Gosh, my headache is worse. It is a wonder I didn’t get killed on that horse. I’ve had another crazy dream, back in Hollywood. Those people. Why do they dress like that, I wonder? Funny glow about them. It is a shine around their heads — something shining.


For more information or to purchase this book simply click on its title: Blindsided: Planet X Passes in 2003- Earthchanges!

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