Most of you know how I attract weird synchronicities and coincidences in my life.
On Memorial Day my I decided to take a break and go over to Hudson River Park where I had never been before, but I heard was so lovely being on the water and all,and me being a Cancer should be extra special (and it was!).
My friend and associate Carol said we could quickly get to the park by taking the 23rd Street cross town bus and if we showed them our senior citizen ID we would only have to pay half the far of $1.25.
I had a little change cup I had put into my pocket before hand and loading it with mainly quarters for the round trip. I took out 5 quarters and told Carol to hold onto them while I got my ID from my wallet. She said, “Well you need another quarter because one of these coins is Canadian and the bus driver wont take it.” I quickly replaced the Canadian quarter with a “good” one. But I didn’t want to put the Canadian coin back in with the rest of my change or I would only have to go with replacing it again. But I didn’t want to just toss it away – after all a quarter is a quarter. 
So I placed it on the bench where people sit and wait for the bus. My  thinking being that  perhaps an out of towner from Toronto might come along and pocket it for use back in their country. It was about a ten minute ride across town to the last stop just outside Hudson River Park.
Carol and I exited the bus out the front door and as I walked down the couple of steps to the ground there on the sidewalk – where the same bench would have been,if there was on at this stop – was a shinny quarter – an American one.
I can’t help but believe this was more than a coincidence. Stuff like this just doesn’t happen. Leave a quarter, get back a quarter. Did I somehow teleport the quarter with a bit of “shape (or face) shifting” tossed in for good luck?
I have had tons of synchronicities which I will eventually turn into a book on the subject. . .if I ever have the time. If you want to get a bit of my inkling of what I believe is behind this phenomenon  I suggest you Google Dr. John C. Lilly Synchronicity Review Board  There IS DEFINITELY AN INTELLIGENCE BEHIND THIS! 
I have had other synchronicities with coins and a whole lot more.
Or maybe I can just teleport like Uri Geller!

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