Cape Fear River Case Featured In MUFON UFO Journal

The May MUFON UFO Journal ships to readers worldwide April 25, 2013, with the curious Cape Fear River case from 2008 describing aliens on the ground and the kickoff of the MUFON Radio Show the first Friday in April as Chief of Investigations Steve Hudgeons hosts as the cover stories.

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The Cape Fear River case details businessman Chris Bledsoe and son JR’s account of an alien encounter during a Hope Mills, NC, fishing trip. The Journal also includes a 2013 follow-up interview by STAR Team Investigator Norman Gagnon with Bledsoe on how the memories have affected and changed his life.

  • “As Bledsoe exited the path out of the woods and into the open field that led to the main road, he noticed at a distance three large orbs hovering silently close to the ground and then ascending over the trees and slowly moving towards his direction. He sensed that the orbs were aware of his presence. Frightened by this, Bledsoe quickly headed back down the road to meet his friends by river side and then he asked them whether they had seen his son. They replied, no. Bledsoe, in a panic, took off into the woods looking for him. Soon JR reappeared, also in a panicked state, telling his father what he saw. He described two red orbs floating a few feet off of the ground at a distance. Then as he was walking back from the woods and to the treeless area next to the river, he saw two small humanoids at the fire pit apparently examining the debris as one picked up an empty bottle.”

Hudgeons assembled both a base and a rotational team for the production with Race Hobbs producing. Hudgeons hosts the two-hour show with the National UFO Examiner presenting a monthly UFO Traffic Report during the first 30 minutes. Rotating guests will fill the second half-hour – including Robert Powell, the President of the MUFON Scientific Review Board; Kathleen Marden, Director of Abductions; Chuck Zukowski, Director of Animal Mutilations; Fletcher Gray, STAR Team Manager; former Executive Director Clifford Clift and his “Cliff Files,” and Stanton Friedman with comments.

The last hour is Hudgeons with a special guest. Executive Director David MacDonald was the first guest and shared international stories from his recent trip to Paris to meet with European and other foreign MUFON representatives or groups of interest.

The show is live the first Friday of every month on beginning at 9 p.m. ET and in an archived format at the web site.

MacDonald addresses the many speaking events he is asked to do across the country.

  • “The upshot of all this is that MUFON is now in a position of stature never before possessed in our history,” he writes. “We are sought after, consulted with, recognized and respected like never before.”

Antoine Cousyn writes a feature about strange lights that appear in a tourist’s series of photos taken in Monaco with a resolution to the mystery. Researcher Michael Schratt contributes the first in a three-part series in our first look at the Leonard Stringfield notebooks donated last year to MUFON.

  • “Students of ufology will recall that Leonard Stringfield was most well known for his research into so called UFO crash/retrievals,” Schratt writes. “During the mid-1970s, Leonard collected reports from pilots, engineers and military personnel, who claimed they had first-hand knowledge of crashed saucers and bodies being recovered by elements of the United States government. This of course would constitute a “Cosmic Watergate” of the highest order.”

Stanton Friedman addresses a May 2013 Astronomy magazine story written by Dr. Phil Plait – “The Science Behind UFOs.”

  • “The trouble with the article title is that it is false advertising,” Friedman writes. “There is very little science in it. Judging by its content, Plait knows almost nothing about UFOs and even less about the scientific side of the UFO story.”

UFOs and Nukes expert Robert Hastings reviews UFO sightings at the Hanford Engineer Works near Richland, WA. Hastings includes eyewitness accounts from now-retired servicemen.

  • “In any case, intermittent UFO activity at Hanford continued after the war,” Hastings writes. “A now-declassified Air Force intelligence report confirms that on May 21, 1949, a ‘silvery, disc-shaped’ object had been sighted hovering directly over the plant by Hanford personnel. Simultaneously, the UFO was being tracked on radar at nearby Moses Lake AFB, where an F-82 fighter had been scrambled to intercept it.”

George Filer includes 10 UFO reports in his monthly column, including this item from Millville, NJ:

  • “My husband saw lights above the neighbor’s shed on April 5, 2013, at 8:08 p.m. He went outside and witnessed orange-red lights in the sky. It passed over our house and looked like a wing. When it passed over, it covered the stars in the background behind it. Not sure what we saw, but by the time we got to the front of the house it was in the distance and disappeared. There was no sound. Thanks to MUFON CMS.”

Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, reports on a series of photos submitted to NUFORC where little aliens pop up – and while they are from multiple witnesses, he smells a hoax.

  • “If what I discuss here is a prank, the people who submitted the photos appear to us to be as much victims of the deception as NUFORC may be, and that they quite probably had nothing to do with the apparent prank,” he writes.

The Looking Back column this month submitted by MUFON Missouri State Director Debbie Ziegelmeyer is a piece from May 1984 about two men fishing the Sacramento River five miles from Colusa who encountered some strange lights.

  • “As the UFO started to slowly move toward them, both were very apprehensive and Carlos was on the verge of panic. He hastily told Reuben he thought they might be picked up, as he had read about it somewhere. With that, Reuben, who had wanted to stay to see what the craft was going to do, was ready to get out of there too. They scrambled part way up the gradual sloping river bank and hid in some heavy brush, still watching the slowly approaching lights intently.”

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