‘Cone’ of light UFO appears over Sandia Mountains

By Roger Marsh
UFO Examiner


Witness illustrations.

Photo: MUFON database.  

An Albuquerque, NM, witness reports watching a “bright, circular white light above the horizon of the Sandia Mountains” about 4 a.m. on December 5, 2010, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness is familiar with two lights that should be on the mountain – a crest light and a tram light – but this light was centered between them in the sky.

“I looked closely at the white light and observed that it seemed to flicker somewhat along the edges and ‘wobble’ side to side and up and down, but it certainly was not getting any closer to my location,” the witness stated.

Then the light just disappeared from view.

But a few minutes later, as the witness observed the sky, the light reappeared – but this time the witness reports that the light looked like a cone.

“It remained there and looked like a cone. A cone of white light with the smaller end facing south and the wider end facing north. I am not sure how long it remained this way, it got dimmer and bright again and again and as I was observing the ‘cone’ of bright light the entire cone rotated back to its left and faced westward again. It continued to brighten and dim somewhat for several minutes I started to think it was similar to the lights over Phoenix, but only one light here, and then, as I watched, it just went off like someone flipped a switch; and as I looked at the place where the incredibly bright white light used to be, there was now what appeared to be a glowing ’ember’ that was colored yellow and grew steadily smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared completely and I saw it no more.”

Article continues here: http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national/cone-of-light-ufo-appears-over-sandia-mountains 


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