TERRIBLE NEWS – Those in the paranormal world knew her best as Lady Suzanne (Miller). She was a dear friend since she was 18 years old and walked into a metaphysical school I was running in NYC in the early 1970s. She became a teacher of the occult arts and eventually authored “Curses and Reverses,” which we published. We spent some time traveling to exotic places (including Disneyland) and taking several cruises.  

Though we didn’t see each other that often, we would eventually bounce back together because we were friends till the end. Unfortunately, Lady Suzanne has departed this realm for another. She died just before Xmas 2013, and I had last spoken with her a month before her passing. I knew from her Facebook page that she had been terribly ill for some time. But I never expected the end would come so soon for such a close friend. I find it difficult to hold back the tears as I read over some of the personal notes and greeting cards from her file that I have maintained for decades.

There was a period in the mid 1970s when I lost track of Suzanne for at least a decade. Turns out she had taken up another profession – that of a professional wrestler. Lady Suzanne appeared in the ring using the name Vivian Saint John. She toured the world with the WWF and even wrestled in Madison Square Garden. Her face was on many a poster and graced the cover of several national magazines, which her devoted fans devoured. And while there is much we could share about Vivian, this article is not concerned with sports entertainment, but with the paranormal. Those wishing to learn more about Suzanne/Vivian’s wrestling career can follow this link: 

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While working together at the New York School of Occult Arts and Sciences, one of the first psychic centers in the country, Suzanne and I shared a number of “weird” experiences, most of them involving the use of the Ouija Board.

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The Ouija Board has always been a controversial means of attempting contact with those in the “spirit world.” Not too long ago it was used as a tool exclusively by mediums and psychics. However, in recent years, it has become more of a parlor game with sales reaching close to two million according to a leading game company which says the Ouija. Board is their hottest selling item. 

I have worked the Ouija many times with varying results. Frequently the messages are nothing more than what I call “psychic gibberish” with words being misspelled and phrases and sentences making no sense to anyone. Other times the board reacts positively and spells out things of importance. 

Some experts feel that if you treat the board seriously and ask questions of importance you will always be rewarded accordingly. Ask it foolish things and unimportant questions and it will respond thusly. How it works is also open to debate. There are those who believe the Ouija is a direct telephone line with individuals who have passed on. Others express the idea that what comes through is simply telepathic in nature. As far as I’m concerned, there is evidence for both beliefs. 

I hadn’t seen Suzanne Miller since the 1970s, though one could hardly forget her striking appearance. Standing all of six feet and dressed in a fringe jacket and tight leather pants, Suzanne had a way of attracting attention no matter what the circumstances. I might also point out that Suzanne was no “wimp.” In fact, she carried herself like a biker chick and no doubt this had a lot to do with her subsequent career as a female wrestler and her climb to a top ten position on the lady’s wrestling circuit using the name Vivian St. John. But the years have cooled Suzanne down – somewhat! Currently, she can be found several days a week doing psychic readings in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

When I first met Suzanne she was just starting to develop her clairvoyant abilities, a gift that she told me had been handed down from her mother’s side of the family. In her early twenties then, she was dedicated enough in her task that I had no qualms about asking her to work at the New York School of Occult Arts and Sciences, which I had founded and where many of the top psychics in the U.S. cut their teeth in the 60s and 70s. 

Suzanne always felt that her mission was to educate people to the reality of the   nonmaterial realms she knew to exist all around us, but just out of sight of the majority of folks who closed their minds to this normally invisible universe. Herbs and oils lined her heavily packed bookcases, and enlargements of Tarot cards hung on the walls of her west side apartment in Manhattan. 

After chatting over a glass of wine, Suzanne asked if I was interested in working the Ouija Board with her; something she felt she was becoming very adept at as her psychic abilities continued to grow. As it turned out, she felt certain that the spirits had something to tell her as she had been ill at ease all day wondering what had happened to her husband. He was due back in town the previous evening but hadn’t even called to indicate there was a problem. 

After taking the Ouija down and dusting it with powder so that the wooden planchette would move freely should a message start to come through, we moved to the floor with our legs crossed and the board on our knees. Suzanne was concerned over her husband’s whereabouts as Stanley had told her he would return from a trip upstate by early evening. 

It was already past 3:00 A.M. and he had not arrived as planned. Because of this, she suggested asking the Ouija to give us an idea where he was and if there had been any trouble. Touching the tips of our fingers to the planchette I decided to begin the questioning by asking if there was “anyone” present. The planchette moved directly to the word “yes.” Under normal conditions the planchette will start to move slowly at first and increase speed as communication becomes stronger. It works akin to adjusting a radio receiver to a particular frequency. 

After a few “test” questions devised to make sure our subconscious wasn’t playing tricks, we asked the whereabouts of Suzanne’s husband. 

“He will be in a car accident.” 

Suzanne’s face turned pale. I could see she was visibly concerned as the board continued to spell out its message. 

“Don’t worry. Stanley will not be hurt badly.” 

After verifying the message (we usually make the “spirit” spell out the communication twice), we asked who we were in contact with and under what conditions he had left this world. The reply came that the spirit had also been in a car accident, but was not as lucky as Stanley would be, given that the spirit was killed in the crash. 

“Where?” we quizzed and the reply came “Not far from Cincinnati, Ohio.” 

Further probing as to name, address and age (which we could later check for verification) did not get a meaningful response. Suzanne thanked whoever it was that had come through and put the board away for the night. 

By the next day, Suzanne’s husband still had not returned home. To try and quiet her worst fears, I attempted to calm her by rationalizing that since they had just moved into a new apartment and did not have a phone there was no way he could call to tell her how he had been delayed. I promised to return that night to see if Stanley had come back yet. 

When I walked through the door later, I saw Stanley alright, but he didn’t look at all well. Right in the middle of his forehead was one of the largest red lumps I have ever seen. 

“Boy, I’m lucky to be alive.” I must have really looked shocked as he elaborated. “I was returning from upstate and this car jumped into the lane in back of me and hit my automobile at 50 miles-per-hour from behind. The car was totally destroyed and I went forward, smashing my head against the windshield.” 

An ambulance had rushed him to Tuxedo Memorial Hospital, in Tuxedo, New York, where he was admitted in fair condition. 

“See,” Suzanne said, erasing any skepticism I still might have had about the powers of the Ouija Board, “the spirits don’t lie!” 

And she was right, this time it hadn’t! Stanley had verified the message by his very presence and with a lump on his head and the deep cuts on his arms and chest as evidence that an accident had happened and that he was fortunate not to have been killed. 

Next Monday morning, I placed a call to Lila, the promotional director for a firm that booked music, particularly rock ‘n’ roll groups, into several theaters in the metropolitan area. When she got on the phone I could sense that the normally high-spirited lady was disturbed about something. Pressed as to what was irritating her, Lila explained that one of her best friends was killed over the weekend. 

I told her how sorry I was and asked for more details. “He was driving toward Cincinnati…”

My heart skipped a beat and a cold chill ran up my spine – hadn’t our “spirit” on the board told us he had been killed in Ohio? Could it have possibly been Lila’s friend coming through? 

Lila has been a friend for some time and on occasions I have done psychic readings for her, picking up what I thought might be things important to her. About a month before this incident, I called her one night to tell her about an impression I was receiving. I told her that I foresaw trouble in the area of her eyes. Lila remarked that she had never had difficulties with her eyes but would take note if anything developed. 

The next time I saw her, four or five days later, Lila was seated in the box office during a performance I was attending. Her right eye had a patch over it, and her brow was a mass of tape and bandages. 

“Don’t worry,” she said to calm me, extending her hand, “the doctor says the swelling will go away in a few more days.” 

An infection had developed 48 hours after my late night telephone call.

Lila could only shake her head and remark how “right” I had been in what I had seen. Right away this showed me that Lila was an excellent subject to pick up from (for unknown reasons some people are just impossible to “read”). But why had her friend been able to get through to us so easily? 

During a later conversation, Lila remarked she would like to meet Suzanne and asked where she lived. I gave her the address and she just looked at me for a moment. “153,” she nearly shouted after I had given her the apartment building number. 

“My friend who was killed lived at 151 for more than two years and was sorry he had to leave. It was his favorite apartment.” 

As far as I was concerned, this clinched it. Lila’s friend had died the night we sat down to use the Ouija Board. The spirit had accurately predicted Stanley’s accident and told us accurately where he, the spirit himself, had been killed. The fact that Lila’s friend had once been Susan’s neighbor I believe increased the power coming through the Ouija to the two of us operating as receivers. Not only had this mystical device predicted a disaster but it went a long way in proving to me that communication with another realm is possible. 

Before I met Sue, I had always been skeptical about the ability of the Ouija Board to reveal the slightest bit of relevant information from the departed or describe future events. But Lady Suzanne/Vivian left me more open-minded about using the board as a positive device. We won’t be experimenting anymore, though I do not rule out the idea of attempting to try and make contact with her “on the other side.” But meanwhile, in this realm, she loved her animals, her daughter and her fans. She is missed! 


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