Edina Haunted House

Minnesota Paranormal Investigators take on an unusually haunted house in Edina, MN, in this May 2011, video case round-up.

Among the many ghosts said to haunt this private home is the spirit of the late actor Dean Martin, who stayed here during the filming of the movie “Airport” (1970). The home is built on an Indian burial ground and they say it is currently haunted.

The owner’s son, left, tours investigators through the home with tales of a ‘violent’ ghost residing there.
Credits: Minnesota Paranormal Investigators

In one room on the first floor, when the owners were packing up to move out, a table flew across the room and crashed against a nearby wall. The college-aged son who lived here talks on the video about his experiences – saying that the house seems to have abandonment issues – like the activity goes up tenfold when the family is moving out. He was away at college for three weeks, and upon returning, used his old room to sleep in. While in bed, the window blinds began to move, and they stopped when he simply asked that they stop. But a “powerful force” hit his bed and the bed “shot up.”

The son believes the “violent ghost” that resides in the house may have “entered” in 2002 when he was playing with friends in the basement and used a Ouija Board. The bed in the master bedroom once “shot forward” with his Mom and Dad in the bed. On another night, with his mother in the bed, the bed just collapsed to the floor.

The site has had an on-going problem with items disappearing. Sometimes they reappear in a different place and sometimes they are never seen again. But the son tells one very unusual tale about a pair of binoculars he used as a kid that disappeared when he was in the third grade. During a paranormal investigation many years later, the investigators found the same binoculars inside the house “just sitting on a floor.”

While the family was packing up, they had the attic pull-down staircase in the down position. His father was standing below it and heard a noise in the attic when no one was up there. He looked up and saw something move, and looking again, he saw what first appeared to be a cat, but it had no hair, big glowing eyes, and a human being smile. The incident obviously upset the man very much. 

In one room, the family once saw a bloody face staring back at them from a mirror.

In another incident, the son and a friend heard a rustling sound in a bedroom. When they investigated, they said the room smelled of urine. Looking around the room, they found a fresh puddle of urine on a bed – and they had no animals at that time.

“We took that as the ghost marking his territory,” the son said.

They also are plagued with flooding problems where plumbers cannot find the source of the problem. In one corner of a room, after flooding, the area smells of rotting meat.

Watch this unusual video to learn more about the home. The investigators used a Ouija Board – but caution the audience that this is not recommended – something I have heard repeatedly from groups around the country. The Ouija Board, they say, can allow unwanted spirits into your home that you might not be able to get rid of. The board was used only at the request of the owner’s son as he believes this was the instrument that put the haunting into motion originally.

From their YouTube page: “Besides the ghost of Dean Martin, it is said that other unfriendly entities haunt the residence. An Ouija Board is used by the son of the owner and the result, although not a credible tool to be used in a paranormal investigation, is a bit unnerving.”

Watch the video on this page click here or on the photo above.

And by the way – if you have an interest – the house is currently for sale.

Edina is a city in Hennepin County, MN, population 47,941.


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