ET-UFO Community Lightworkers and Truthseekers Called To Shift and Uplift Humaniod Species!

by  Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 


ET-UFO COMMUNITY – HOW MANY ARE HUNGRY & HOMELESS? We have a burden to bear and we can come up with the soul solutions for the future of our species! 
What would Captain Kirk Do? What would Jesus Do? What would Metatron Do? What will WE Do? What will you Do?
We in the ET-UFO Community are aware that all is not well on planet earth!
Do we know how many of our sentient intelligent being species are homeless and hungry on this planet? Do we care? It is time to become aware and to shift and uplift our own energy to define what our future will be for our species. If you are over 18 on this planet then we need your assistance!
We have decided those who are over 13 may surf the Internet. Whether at home or in school we share the awareness that we are coming together to make decisions for us all using the Internet. There are many who can think for themselves but it is up to those who are considered adults at the age from 18 through 25 to become the new leaders in the world. America has it’s standards and is sharing their values around the world. It is time we share the right family values that offer the basics of understanding how to be successful at surviving on this planet. We must prepare the way now for our future!
We who are on the Internet are aware that there are many of our intelligent being species who could use some guidance and support to shift and uplift their present situation on earth. There are those of us who are called Lightworkers and Truthseekers for a reason. 
We are here to provide guidance. Get Involved!
The first thing each of us must do is become aware of the Homeless and Hungry on this planet! We must all of course take care of ourselves and our own but then, we must join with others in our communities to prepare the world for a better future with a better way of light and life for all!
We believe and we have faith in those who we address as ET and who come in UFOs. We can also believe in each other and that we are INTELLIGENT BEING SOULS inside body-mind=spirits. We must address our synergism.
Capitalism is the best way for our products and services to work in the world’s trade routes of the GLOBAL COMMUNITY for everyone and everything on earth! G20 has to become aware and share that they are doing something about our hungry, homeless, and whom we consider the poor! It is their responsibility as much as the common folk who are down in the trenches working and thinking about how to rid the world of the basic unfairness that has been created in this world in which we presently share.
We are they who are the residual affects of what others who have come before have left behind. We are the spoils of war! We are the rich and famous!
We are they that will soon learn that there is enough abundance for the whole entire planet!
The whole entire Omnipresence is crying out to us to come and visit how it is when we choose to live an Ascension Life and Way of Being! There are many of us who are interested in extra-terrestrials and unidentified flying objects. We should not only be interested in flying saucers but all those that are empty for our species. It is time now in November, 2010 to begin creating and sharing the solutions to our WORLD HUNGER AND HOMELESS!
We can all get involved! Just like we all share our thoughts on the Internet. We can learn about the Homeless and Hungry close to us. We can learn what our communities are doing to involve others and all of us in the way it should be on earth and could be if we all did our part. We have conquered the suppression of socialism in many ways in the past and we can do conquer the homeless and the hungry by getting involved in anyway we can. No energy is too small. Whether we are just looking up on the Internet the closest shelters and volunteering our services or learning how to create new ones as a business venture to assist our communities. It is time we “ALL” get involved with those who are willing to help themselves out of the “HOMELESS & HUNGRY PIT OF HELL ON EARTH!”
Life we are told is what we make it! We need everyone to realize how to help themselves first, then their families, then their groups, tribes, and communities. We can then step up a level and assist our towns, cities, counties and parishes. It is time we know about all that we have failed and neglected in our past.
We are they who we share this planet with and it does not matter what separates us as far as ethnicity but rather what binds us such as taking care of our species on one planet in the universe. How we are looked upon by other intelligent beings in the Omniverse, this will be important to each of us as we are placed into a category of one being from a species that lived on the planet called Gaia or Earth!
It is really hard to care about the global future with ET and UFO Disclosure when one is homeless and hungry. We must all prepare a basic standard and model of what we expect all to share in the future as far as what will be our standards for food, clothing, and shelter. 
These are the basics provided for all by the worlds in the universe to all who are born. This is what we shall all learn as a species. There are special talents and gifts we can all claim later once we all learn to take care of our own species and home planet.
There are many of us who may not have all that we have been programmed to desire based on the television advertisements and marketing and media. We may not all have the best education, best clothes, best car, best home, and best bank accounts. However, we have our awareness of each other and that there is room for improvement on this planet.
We say we are the smarter of all that are grouping together in the levels of the mind. It is time to put our awareness to task and become involved. If one is doing all they can to assist and volunteer their intelligent body-mind-spirit to the cause of shifting and uplifting their area of energy with their own expertise then continue on that path for your own enlightenment and calling and election made sure in this life and the next.
If there is something more one can do with the 24 hour time period that one has from one day to the next on earth to make the world a better place regarding food, clothing, and shelter for everyone on earth and then to offer education, and how to become profitable in trade and commerce on this planet then by all means be involved and synergize others to do the same.
It is time we face reality of who we are in this ET-UFO Community. We can all volunteer our time to the THINK TANKS and assist in GLOBAL BRAIN TRAINING. 
Be aware that there are others of our humanoid kind in space that are sending us the great vibrations of urgency to tend to our own species as humankind on this planet. We who are Lightworkers and Truthseekers are “GETTING IT!”
We are to care, share, and become aware of our own species needs on this planet. 
We are to learn to co-habitate together.
 We all have the same basic needs. Once we accomplish this goal, then we can become involved in the next step in our own evolution in space. TJ

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