Half Dozen UFOs Spotted: Retired Military Personnel

Roger Marsh,
UFO Examiner

Two retired military personnel crossed paths on a Centerville, OH, street September 23, 2011, and watched six round, illuminated lights move across the sky in formation that neither could identify, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
The reporting witness is retired from the Army and the second witness said he had spent 20 years in the Air Force.
“I witnessed five lights about 40 degrees off the horizon flying from south to north,” the reporting witness stated. “The lights were about the size of a baby aspirin and were gold/yellow in appearance. Sort of like a dim fire. The lights were flying in a formation unknown to me. One was in front, the next three followed approximately 10 arc degrees behind the first light in a diagonal, top-left to bottom-right. The fifth light followed approximately 10 arc degrees from the fourth light, but was on the same plane as the first light.”

The witnesses met by accident, crossing paths as six illuminated objects moved overhead. Both retired military personnel – and neither could identify the objects.


The witness shut off his car to listen for sound.
“They made no sound. Another man was standing out front of a Verizon store and also witnessed what I did. As those five flew to the north and appeared to dim out of sight into a cloud, the man and I talked. I told him I was in the Army and never saw anything like that. He replied He had spent 20 years in the Air Force and had never witnessed lights like those. He went back in the store and I went back to my car.”
The witness called his wife at their nearby home.
“Just as she answered, I witnessed the sixth light appear over the tree line. I told her to get outside and look up. Her first words were ‘Oh my God, it”s round.'”
The witness asked the second witness to step ouside and they offered an opinion on altitude.
“He came back out in time to watch it from about half way through its visible flight path until it disappeared as the first five did. It just dimmed into a distant cloud. I asked the other witness about how far off the ground he would’ve guessed they were and he replied no more than 5,000 feet.”
The witness speculated.
“I have seen military flares, I have seen jets, and I have seen airplanes. This was not any of those. I even considered parts of that satellite that was due to burn in tonight but that was coming in at a 55 degree angle or something and this was moving too slow to be falling from space.”
The witnesses’ wife was also a witness to the event.
“I went home and asked my wife what she saw and she described a round light almost directly above her. She said when it entered a cloud she saw a distinct round shape around the light as if the light was just the center of a much larger round object.”
The above quotes were edited for clarity.

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