I Told William Shatner That The Ultra-Terrestrial “Invasion” Of The Earth Has Begun And That Strange “Alien” Shape Shifters Could Be Living Amongst Us


After nearly half a century investigating UFO reports, I am convinced that throughout history we have been encircled by invisible beings who can upon occasion materialize and take up a variety of shapes and facades – even looking so human in appearance so that they can walk on the surface of our planet undetected. Some of these beings may come in peace. . . while others are here for their own nefarious purposes, perhaps going so far as to control our minds, possess our body and do bloodcurdling experiments upon us. During the summer of 1966, a Gallipulis, Ohio, nurse saw a dome shaped UFO land in a remote field outside of town. She was compelled to leave her auto and walk toward the craft. Several seconds passed before a number of beings emerged from the UFO and walked up to the woman, who found herself unable to move from nervousness and fear. The woman said the aliens looked exactly like earthlings and spoke to her for several minutes in perfect English. Eventually, the ship departed and the woman rushed into town to report her experience. She went immediately to the sheriff’s office and told aim what had happened. The law enforcement official laughed at her and told her to go bother someone else. Months later, while walking along the street, she saw these same two men. Again she ran into the sheriff’s office in an attempt to drag him out to see the “space people” for himself. Once again he refused. Since then she has been constantly ridiculed by her neighbors and now refuses to discuss the case with anyone, though she continues to maintain that these Ultra-Terrestrials are living in her community. YES! They can pass for humans, but they are not and their true forms may be too horrific to comprehend. Recently, I dug deep into my 50 file drawers and came up with some of the most amazing stories I have gather which I put together in my most recently published work — THE AUTHENTIC BOOK OF ULTRA-TERRESTRIAL CONTACTS , released less than a week ago. This work includes dozens and dozens of strange cases taken from decades of research while editor of UFO REVIEW – THE OFFICIAL FLYING SAUCER NEWSPAPER, and UFO UNIVERSE both of which were sold on newsstands worldwide. I have appeared on Coast to Coast AM, the History Channel’s UFO Hunters and most recently William Shatner’s Weird Or What? show where I did my best to reveal the true origins of a strange little creature who had been captured in a animal trap in Mexico and mistaken for an “alien baby,” which it definitely is not! –though its actual origin may be even stranger and more abnormal.

WILLIAM SHATNER’S “WEIRD OF WHAT?” ASKS ME FOR VERIFICATION OF ALIEN CORPSE  As far as the “aliens” go, I prefer to identify them as Ultra-Terrestrials because none of us can be certain of their true origins. Yes! some could be legitimate ETs, but we have no definite way of proving this theory, so its each to their own when it comes to verification. Regardless of their home stomping ground, we can’t deny they have been cunning, cagey and crafty. We can’t believe for one minute what they tell us, because they seem to change their modus operandi and personal narrative with every single close encounter. In addition, who can accept as gospel the word of any being that can shape shift in front of our eyes? From an alien to a gnome in less than sixty seconds does not built up confidence. In the course of my UFOlogical career I have seen and heard just about everything. I am never amazed anymore at the bizarre claims that I have to deal with. They come to me either directly from those involved, or from what I consider to be credible sources. As editor of such publications as UFO Review, and UFO Universe there has been such a continuous stream of raw data that I now possess file cabinet after file cabinet crammed with all sorts of data of varying quality. Today there is a multitude of postings on the internet pertaining to UFOs, but as far as I am concerned there is no way of checking on the validity of these incidents. In the “old days” we relied a lot on the mass media – both local and international – for information. And usually as much effort as possible was put into authenticating the story before it was printed. You at least knew the individuals mentioned in the clippings on hand were not a figment of the imagination of some editor over at the Weekly World News, a weekly tabloid that regularly lampooned the subject even if some gullible readers didn’t realize they were being put on. If I say so myself, THE AUTHENTIC BOOK OF ULTRA-TERRESTRIAL CONTACT contains some of the best reports and encounters that fascinate me the most. They are as spine-tingling to me now as they were when they originally appeared in print. They were clipped out of newspapers most of us have never heard of and sent to me by a legion of associates worldwide. Very few other researchers possessed the network of freelance stringers that I did. Though it’s gotten more difficult to verify some stories because of the unanimity of the World Wide Web, I do my best to maintain a certain standard before I will say I absolutely believe in something. Last year, I received a call from a Toronto-based production company. CINEFLIX is the outfit behind “William Shatner’s Weird Or What?,” a paranormal “fact or fiction” show that is in its third season, airing on the History Channel Canada. Currently, you can’t “officially” view this program in the States, but it’s immensely popular north of the U.S. border. Now I should stipulate that I first met Shatner back stage at Dick Clark’s $10,000 Pyramid game show sometime in the 1970s. William Alan Shatner is a Canadian actor, musician, recording artist, author and film director whom just about everyone adores. He has a charming sense of humor and a down to earth charismatic personality. Over the years, Bill and I have shared a mutual friend and I even spent an hour in jail due to a misunderstanding of the hilarious kind. The unprovoked incident took place while Shatner was performing with a philharmonic orchestra inside in the world famous Madison Square Garden arena. The circumstances that surround this story are too complex to go into right now and are not relevant to the matter at hand anyway. But it still causes a chuckle or two whenever I relate the circumstances around this “misdemeanor” – at the time – not so uproarious episode. I can say this much for sure – Bill loves a challenge. He is not above doing almost anything to cause a stir and to draw attention to his performance art, even if it might seem a bit hokey or silly to some. “Captain Kirk” is as fascinating in real life as he obviously was to millions of adoring fans who remember him from the Star Trek days of his career. He always has been hard pressed to say NO! to any opportunity presented to him, even if it requires him to recite poetry or to record a selection of his favorite songs, including “Rocket Man” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” In order to set the stage for my recent invitation to appear on “William Shatner’s Weird Or What?” I have to turn back the clock to our initial meeting. I was working at the time as a freelancer for several of the national tabloids including the Enquirer, the Star and the somewhat seamier scandal sheet known as Midnight. This was in the days before having to stalk a celebrity to get a good story was required by such publications. I met dozens of well known personalities and on a more or less equal basis. Some of them wanted to hear all about UFOs and the paranormal as much as I wanted to hear about their careers.

Canadian born actor and Star Trek stalwart William Shatner wanted to tell me about his own UFO experience, and so we arranged to meet back stage at the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC, where he was taping a week’s worth of the Ten Thousand Dollar Pyramid hosted by Dick Clark.

“I’ll tell you a story that happened to me, and is open to any kind of interpretation you wish,” Shatner began. The story he told me was to become his often quoted epic encounter with a spaceship that he felt at the time had nothing to do with his having been a character in a weekly televised science fiction series.

“In the late ‘60s, when Star Trek was on, there were a lot of UFOs being sighted in the desert near Palmdale, California. We heard all kinds of stories about these objects, crafts, spaceships – call them what you will. There was even one fellow who said he talked with creatures from space. During this period, I used to drive my motorcycle a great deal, and would occasionally head for the wide-open span of sand and sun. With my sense of humor, I’d say to myself, ‘Well, if I were a little green man in a flying saucer and wanted to get publicity’ – which is what they would seem to be seeking –who would I contact faster than Captain Kirk of the Star Ship Enterprise?’” Shatner says he would often wonder if they were capable of picking up the thoughts of earthlings.


“One day I was out driving with four other guys, around noon – that’s the hottest part of the day in the desert – when I hit a hole and fell from my bike. I must have fainted when the bike collapsed on top of me. When I came to, I estimate that I was unconscious for only about a minute, I couldn’t get my motorcycle started. The motor refused to turn over. . . So here I am in the middle of the desert with a metal helmet on, wearing a leather jacket, heavy pants, boots and a machine next to me worth close to five thousand dollars.”

Shatner didn’t want to leave the bike behind but it was definitely too heavy to carry or even push along. It was at this point that he happened to see something gleaming in the blistering sunlight.

“It was like when you have a nightmare and you feel something crawling over your body or wrestling with you. As you awaken from the dream it turns out your blanket was the thing crawling over you. In other words, it was more of a sensing – a feeling – a shadowy phantom. All I know, positively, is that I suddenly felt better.

 “As I said, when I came to I couldn’t get the bike to move. No matter what I did it refused to start. Finally, I tried pushing it up a hill, but it wouldn’t go in that direction. Then I turned around and decided to go down the hill, but it still wouldn’t budge. Nor did it obey my command to turn left. Eventually, I shoved it to the right and it began to move as though it was going some place on its own. But this time I was doing what I was feeling. One could say I was doing what I was told to, but I was just doing the easiest possible thing.

“Fantastic as it may seem, the motorcycle appeared to have a way of going on its own. At this point I thought I saw somebody – another cyclist – in the distance waving me on, and so I continued to struggle with the heavy metal monster until I stumbled upon civilization in the form of a gas station in the middle of the desert, resting at the side of an old paved road.” Shatner seems to insinuate that this “other cyclist was some sort of sinister phantom – possibly a men in black. For when this figure joined the pack of Shatner’s biking buddies they would have assumed it was Bill trailing behind, when in actuality he was wandering about stranded an possibly ready to die in the desert heat.

Though I apparently was Shatner’s prime target to relate this experience to, because he knew it was going to appear before the Enquirer’s almost three million readers in those days, as far as I know he repeated this extraordinary tale numerous times to other interested parties.

Some critics may say that Shatner created this account for the sake of publicity.

I got chastised numerous times for my accepting his story at face value. I was always quick to point out that I was not on assignment to seek testimony from a pilot or a police officer, nor was it necessary to conduct a polygraph examination. This was more or less an entertainment piece, not a scientific inquiry, and so I let it go at that. Did his potentially life saving UFO experience really happen, or can we put it down as an urban legend of the Mojave Desert told by one of the most entertaining actors of our time?

Recently, in the last few months, Shatner revealed during a TV interview that he had concocted the entire incident, I would surmise to get some non-Star Trek media attention, as all celebrities must garner some form of publicity if they are to stay at the top of their game. I have been asked if I am offended that Shatner “took advantage” of the situation and used me in effect as a patsy to grab the limelight and possibly boost his “ratings” among UFO fans who are not usually all that thrilled by Star Trek and science fiction in general? Not at all! It was a wonderful story and it paid my overdue electric bill at the time, I am sure. Like I say, there was no call for a close scrutiny of the events Bill Shatner related. But it seemed to be a well thought out story; still, Bill is an actor and that’s what good actors do best – create believable stories that will live on (like Shakespeare?).



But now let’s speed up and time travel ahead to the present day. Somehow CINEFLIX got wind of what they thought would be a great story to dramatize as part of Shatner’s series for the Canadian counterpart of the History Channel. The Canadian cable outlet airs some of the same shows that the History Channel in the U.S. does, but they also have original programming of their own which CINEFLIX produces a great deal of, and very adequately, I might add. I spent three days in Toronto as we went over every minute detail of what we were going to film. If it were Major Donald Keyhoe he might have flipped out (like he did on the Armstrong Circle Theater because, though the show was not “scripted,” we did have certain perimeters to work within. It was my old friend Joshua P. Warren, host of Speaking of Strange – broadcast every Saturday night out of Ashville, NC – who originally hooked me up with the Toronto production company who was looking for “someone in authority” to confirm the legitimacy of a tiny creature caught by a Mexican farmer in a large animal trap that had been dubbed “an alien space baby” by the easily excited and emotional press in that country. I remembered that Josh had talked about this “remarkable” finding on the Dark 30 Hour portion of his show and had posted a picture of the alien baby on his website www.SpeakingOfStrange.com. Warren is a real character, a true showman, and so it’s hard to define “real” in his world. Josh is a film maker, like myself, and we share a lot in common, including a pint of brew from time to time. We met at a horror film fest and didn’t realize that each of us was an expert in the paranormal. Josh is a certified ghost hunter supreme and probably the world’s leading expert on the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights seen in dense forest and mountains around Morgantown. Hundreds have gotten up close and personal with these lights and Joshua has even videotaped one (and this is for real!). One of the old timers living on the mountain, a fellow named Ralph Layl, had claimed to have journeyed inside the mountains, met with aliens at an underground base there and even had one of the visitors laid out in a coffin under the counter at his long crumbled Outer Space Museum at the very point where the forestry department has set up a roadside stop so tourists can attempt a sighting of the lights themselves. After buying one of his booklets that told his “entire story,” he would bring out the little creature which resembled a pigmy more than it did an alien. I had snapped a shot or two of the creature in the coffin and it had been published and posted with the proclamation that I had proclaimed it an actual alien corpse. NOT TRUE! But, hey, a good story is a good story and so I let it ride. Nevertheless, when Shatner’s people contacted me about verifying the alien baby caught in a trap in Mexico I told them outright that I was skeptical. Even I don’t want to ruin my credibility. After studying stills of the creature and a video or two I told the Cineplex staff that there is no way I could go on “William Shatner’s Weird or What” and declare this a true extraterrestrial. However, upon closer examination, I wasn’t ready to write the little tike off completely. Minus its skin layer, the sinister looking carcass did appear strange and unusual – I know Shatner would prefer the word “Weird” in there somewhere and I was willing to go that far. The legend goes that the farmer Marao Lopez had captured the creature, shown it to a few of his farm hands and when it squawked and lunged for them (what would you do if you were tangled up in a nasty trap?) they did the only thing that came to mind . . . they dipped the creature into a vat of acid which pealed off his skin and killed him. Greetings to you Mr. Teethe men eventually took their possession to a university in Mexico and they were told that it was like nothing born of this earth, though it did have some components that appeared human (like a hybrid?) The scientists said the creature could not have been a mutant of any time as it had no DNA and all living things should have DNA. Tests revealed a creature that is unknown to scientists – its skeleton has characteristics of a lizard, its teeth do not have any roots like humans and it can stay underwater for a long time (well, if it’s dead, that last statement has no meaning). Supposedly, we hear on good authority that the farmer who caught the creature in the trap (there was said to be a second one who escaped)died shortly after all this attention when he was in a bad car accident and burned to a crisp. A case of the Ultra-Terrestrials seeking revenge? My notion was, and this was what I told Shatner’s producers, that the creature could not have been a space being. First off, it was too tiny and fragile to wheel itself about at the speed of light. And where was the craft that it arrived on Earth in? And what about the lack of breathing apparatus? And how could a super smart alien (it had an enlarged brain, the examining scientists had said) get himself caught in such a primitive trap? It didn’t add up, as far as I was concerned, to something extraterrestrial, that’s for damn sure. But what of another possible explanation? In the book “Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer,” we dealt with the existence of the Djinn, a shadowy race of demonic creatures known in the Islamic faith as living in another dimension and for the most part cursing humans and committing dastardly deeds. They often appear as smoke and possess people just like the devil would do in our Western culture. And the thing is, if you compared a picture or illustration of the Djinn, they offer up a reasonable resemblance to the alien baby of Mexico.

And so exactly what is a Djinn (often spelled Jinn)?

Well, we know about the Genie in the bottle from “A Thousand and One Arabian Nights,” but otherwise most of us who are not of the Islamic religion don’t really know the story/nature of the Djinn and who they
really are. Easily put into the category of Ultra-Terrestrials, they are not the nicest of entities.

The following is a definition that seems most prevalent . . .

The word “Djinn” translates as anything that is concealed or invisible. The Djinn are a race that has no defined physical form of their own, so they are therefore invisible to the naked eye. However, they are shape shifters who can take on the physical form of just about anything they want. Many say that they walk among us every day.

You will often see smoke when you’re Djinn appears, not because the smoke IS the Djinn, but because it accompanies him/her. It is simply a sign that your Djinn is nearby and ready to communicate, and signifies the presence of energy.

Djinn can also appear with orbs, streaks of light, mists or other kinds of phenomena. It can be a big, awe-inspiring appearance, or a subtle, almost-not-noticed kind of appearance. With Djinn, like people, no two are exactly alike and there are countless ways they may manifest.

Some Djinn will never manifest in any kind of physical form, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there and watching you. These Djinn will generally communicate with you only during dreams or meditation. They aren’t any more or less powerful than other Djinn, they just choose to present themselves differently. So I took a shot and took the train to Toronto where I lauded my theory of the Djinn. I am sure this is the first time the subject of aliens versus the Djinn has been discussed on a widely-viewed television program. Of course, my statements were broken up into brief sound bites but I do believe I got the message across to Shatner, as well as his very obliging producers and crew, that all strange looking beings do not have to come from a place far, far away in another galaxy, but might be here living right alongside us. We could almost reach out and touch them . . . and possibly some of us have. The world of Ultra-Terrestrials is a mystifying one, and there is a lot to learn about those that seem flesh and blood one moment but can metamorphose, can alter their shape, size and appearance as well as their density.

* * * * * *


In my Authentic Book Of Ultra-Terrestrial Contacts I have selected some case studies that have seldom – if ever — been published previously and are exclusively from my personal archives. For example. The trucker who says he took a space journey that covered Light Years. – The man from Tehran who claims “I was taken inside a flying saucer!” – The nine foot Martians and the Silvery Midgets. – Flower “People” and Alien Pods.– Space Monsters from afar . –The Emissaries of Peace, the Spacemen who seek love and not war! I, myself, observed and made “contact” using a high powered torchlight with a strange craft in the sky over Warminster, England. Known as an authentic space port in the 1960s and 70s, even members of the rock band the Rolling Stones, having experienced a close encounter here. I would safely say that once we have separated the good and the negative Ultra-Terrestrials that it can benefit us to institute contact with these beings. . . though its doubtful that the “powers that be” would allow us to do so! From what I consider to be “credible sources, I relate how it may be possible for us how to contact the peace loving Guardians. How to set up a telepathic bond with The Watchers. Here are even the plans for The Nikola Tesla Scope, a communications device which may be used to “talk” with the “Outsiders.” I think his is one of my more exciting book on an intriguing topic as presented with as much documentation as possible. As a BONUS anyone ordering this book has an opportunity to receive at no additional cost a 60 minute audio CD narrated by Brad Steiger which discuses the various forms of alien contact and how to get the most positive benefits out of a UFO sighting or close encounter. The Authentic Book Of Ultra-Terrestrial Contacts: From The Secret Alien Files of UFO Researcher Timothy Green Beckley http://www.amazon.com/The-Authentic-Book-Ultra-Terrestrial-Contacts/dp/1606111213 Also Recommended Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer: UFO Parasites – Alien Soul Suckers – Invaders From Demonic Realmshttp://www.amazon.com/Round-Trip-Hell-Flying-Saucer/dp/1606110918/ref=sr_1_1_bnp_1_per?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1342425500&sr=1-1&keywords=round+trip+to+hell+in+a+flying+saucer



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