I’m Calling out Billy Ray Cyrus on UFO’s

I’m Calling out Billy Ray Cyrus on UFO’s


Billy Ray Cyrus: Courtesy of foxnews

In opening I just want to make it clear I am not knocking or disrespecting Billy Ray Cyrus in any way. As a matter of fact I have respected his work as a musician and actor for a long time, as well as my son who most likely has seen every Hanna Montana shows ever made including the movie. This article has been created to clear up a few questions I have for Billy.

Reading the recent news headlines, I had to stop and have a double take. Yes, there it was… Billy Ray Cyrus and his son Trace are embarking on a reality TV series about UFO’s and the Paranormal. They will be traveling around looking at various paranormal events and looking for some sort of explanation for them.

The first thing that popped into my head was that what background in paranormal investigation would the duo have to offer Ufology or the paranormal and do any justice without possibly making a mockery of the community? Thus far the only explanation I have found is that he wants to do something with his son and has an interest in this area.


Well I don’t know about you, but just having an interest in this study doesn’t quite cut it for me. There has been many people that have had shows on TV that hold a bag full of credentials to give their show some weight and valued insight. UFO Hunters for one is an example of people that have put their life blood for many years into Ufology.


There also have been many great documentaries and Paranormal series that have included persons with a deep understanding of the theories, science, and politics behind UFO’s and the Paranormal. Another person as an example is a very famous Canadian, Dan Aykroyd      that has been an active member in the Ufology community for many years and even is a leading member in Mufon. He has had his own paranormal TV show, appeared on many documentaries and even has gone head to head with with some of the most reputable people on the planet regarding UFO’s on Larry King Live. This is just to name a couple of many, many people that have had a lot to offer our study in the publics eye.


Don’t get me me wrong, I am not bashing Billy Ray, I am just want to question what he has to bring to the table on this topic and if this is going to be done tastefully and or with professionalism to give the topics credibility without making the Ufology community cringe and shake their heads as we all get sent into the giggle factor zone again. Billy with out a doubt is a successful business man in his own right. Music, TV shows, his daughter Miley and now his son. I am just hoping that this is not just a launch pad to get his sons career off to a start at the expense of the entire Ufology and Paranormal communities.

I remember Billy was to actually play a concert at the Roswell festival, but it was canceled due to reasons we won’t get into today. So I have to think that maybe he has a connection to the community, but how deeply, or was this concert a plug for this upcoming show he and his son had in the makes?

So in closing, I just want to say I think that Billy owes it to the Ufology and Paranormal community to come clean and forward with what he has to offer and the full intent of the show as well as maybe why he has an interest? Did he or his son have some sort of experience that has driven them to look for some sort of answers? Does he have any professional consultants from our field helping? Is there going to be sound science? These are all questions that Billy really needs to address to our community in my opinion for the sake of all of us that hang our selves out there in the world on a regular basis to bring our communities forward.

So. Billy Ray…. I’m Calling you out on this one…

One blue collar root good ole boy from the great white north to another from the southern states… What is the scoop?

Not the glitzy pimped out Hollywood sell version for the show, but the down home chatting with friends over a cold one truth of what you have to offer and why?

I think you owe us all this much. Our community has worked hard and long to get us thus far. So Billy please feel free to contact this publication or send me a line through my email, or even write an article to post for us. I would much be interested on your take in all of this.

Thanks Herb Deary

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