Take a look as Doorways Investigations looks inside the historical Emmitt House in search of paranormal activity.

Credits: Doorways Investigation Group

Emmitt House is an 1861-constructed hotel in the southern Ohio town of Waverly – built along the Ohio and Erie Canal beginning in 1829. Doorways Investigations peaked inside during 2011 and walked away with some interesting paranormal activity.

Canal entrepeneur James Emmitt built the hotel – and some say he never left.

Watch the video by click on the photo above or click here: – WATCH VIDEO. A woman in a cleaning robe has been seen walking the halls and children are often heard playing in upper floors. Some employees claim there is a “dark presence” in the basement.

Join Brian Yount and his team as they investigate. We’ve featured this group before – as they seem to reveal some interesting pieces of paranormal activity. Check it out.


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