Large Black Craft Nearly Touches Down in Missouri

By Roger Marsh,
UFO Examiner

The silent object startled the witness as it quickly moved close and toward the ground.
Credits: Wikipedia.

A Lee’s Summit, MO, witness walking in John Knox Village reports watching a “large, dull, black craft” that was triangular in shape, silent, less than 300 feet away, and under about 210 feet off of the ground that appeared to be “surrounded by a vacuum of some sort,” according to December 8, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
“I was walking north parallel to Pryor Road, and as I ascended a small hill, I happened to look up,” the witness stated. “There was an object descending and coming towards me which at first I took to be a small plane on a very dangerous downward trajectory.”
The witness did not recognize the object as any known aircraft, but noticed something even more unusual.
“It was surrounded by a cloudy mist, which seemed rather strange considering the night was cold and very clear.”
The witness also realized that the object – which was now coming toward the witness – was completely silent.

“More than silent, it was almost as if it were surrounded by a vacuum of some sort. It descended into my line of sight at maybe 70 to 100 yards distant and perhaps 50 to 70 yards off the ground. I couldn’t see the entire craft (again, I don’t know what else to call it), but what I could see looked vaguely triangular and I could make out lines on it; straight lines running along it, so I knew it was something manufactured, not organic in any sense.”
As the object moved closer to the witness and seemed as though it was going to touch land, the witness paniced and moved away.
“It was moving east to west along Chipman Road, very close to a shopping center. I can’t possibly be the only person who saw this thing – it was practically on the ground. It moved effortlessly through the sky, drifting almost downward, which is why my first impression was that it was a plane about to crash almost directly in front of me.”
The witness described the object’s movement.
“It moved, as best as I can describe it, rather like the puck moves on an air hockey table. It was traveling no faster than 15 or 20 mph and was semi-concealed in a whitish mist. It was, I must reiterate, absolutely silent and showed no indication of battling wind resistance or of having any visible means of locomotion.”
No images or videos were included with the MUFON report, which was filed on December 8, 2011. The incident occurred on December 7, 2011. Lee’s Summit and the surrounding area has been the site recently of a high amount of reported UFO activity. The above quotes were edited for clarity.

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