Large Low-Flying Boomerang UFO Glided Over Virgina Home

By Roger Marsh,
UFO Examiner

The object was flying very low to the ground with three bright lights.
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A Stafford, VA, mother and son report watching a “very large boomerang-shaped object with three extremely bright, white lights” that was slowly gliding behind their home, according to November 29, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The woman was home alone at 10:30 p.m. when the object first came into view from the east.

“The angle of elevation from my viewpoint was probably about 45 degrees,” the woman stated. “The big lights were white, but it also had a few blinking red lights, not the normal red and green lights you would see on the wings of a commercial airplane. I am accustomed to seeing planes in the night sky as we are on a path toward the DC airports. This was much lower than the planes normally fly and was traveling roughly north to south rather than the normal south to north-flying planes we are accustomed to seeing at night heading toward the airports.”

The object turned toward the south.

“I noticed that the extremely bright lights were not aimed at the ground as if it were a search helicopter. It moved behind the trees in back of my house. I thought it was strange, but figured I’d seen the last of it so I went and sat down. From my chair where I was watching TV I can see that same section of the sky. Maybe 5 or 10 minutes later, I saw what I assume was the same object traveling back this way, south to north.”

As the object came closer, it moved toward her house.

“When it turned toward me I could see that it was very large and had three huge, round, white lights spaced widely and evenly across the front. I could see for certain by now that it was not a helicopter. Plus, we see and hear plenty of helicopters here due to our proximity to the Quantico Marine Corps Base and other military installations. I am very familiar with the loud sound of a helicopter going by. As it approached, I began to hear that it was only making a low sound.”

As the object came closer, it appeared to move toward the ground.

“For some reason, I wasn’t afraid that it was going to crash, I assume because I could tell how slowly it was moving and it seemed to be under control. It was simply mesmerizing and I was transfixed watching it. I was frustrated that I was home alone and couldn’t yell for someone to come see what I was seeing.

“As I watched with my jaw dropped, it glided by very slowly and rather quietly, but not silently, almost overhead. From my porch, it appeared to pass about 30-50 feet to the south of me. I would compare the sound and movement to a boat with a trolling motor, only flying, or the sound somewhat like a lawnmower in the distance. It certainly wasn’t the sound of a normal plane engine, which would have been rather deafening at that close range. I am not familiar with a plane that can fly that quietly and slowly or with the configuration of the three huge lights.”

As the object moved by, the witness was able to see the shape.

“As it passed by, the intensity of the lights was no longer interfering with my view of the object. I was looking at it from underneath so I could make out the shape, probably aided by the small streetlight that is almost below where it passed. It was dark and appeared to be somewhat of a boomerang shape. There were no lights on the underneath side.

“If I were to compare it to a full moon, I’d estimate that from side to side it would be larger than 10 or 12 moons. It’s difficult to say at night, but I’d guess it was about 200 feet above the ground. From the time it first came into view from underneath until it went over the trees was about 10 seconds. I could still see it through the small stand of trees beside my house, but I didn’t have an unobstructed view any more. It was like standing on the runway if a 747 could glide quietly in for a landing, except it wasn’t shaped like a commercial airplane. It was quite large.”

The object continued moving south – away from the house – until it disappeared. The woman went inside in search of a camera. Her son came home, and 20 minutes later, the object appeared again.

“At this point, my son looked out and saw the object and commented on how bright and low it was. He watched until it disappeared behind the trees in our yard. Typical of his not wanting to appear too excited and since he hadn’t witnessed what I had seen before, he went back into the kitchen, but I walked out behind my house so I could see behind the trees and watched as it moved south.

“It never disappeared from sight, but eventually I determined that it was moving closer again and a little higher in the sky. Oddly, the appearance of the lights didn’t change like it had turned around – more like it was backing up. The bright lights were no longer visible. It came back the way it went, behind my house, higher this time and moving more quickly, but with no white lights on the front, just the red flashing lights on the body. I watched as it flew north and out of sight. That was the last I saw of it.”

Two illustrations were provided by the witness that can be downloaded for view here: Illustration 1, and Illustration 2. No images or videos were included with the MUFON report, which was filed on November 29, 2011. The events occurred on November 19, 2011. Stafford is the county seat of Stafford County, VA, population 4,320.

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