Michigan family ‘frightened’ observing orange light


By Roger Marsh
UFO Examiner

A Michigan couple and other family members were frightened November 26, 2010, after watching a bright orange light with defined edges move across the sky that was followed by what they believed to be odd occurrences around them for several hours afterwards, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

A woman and her boyfriend first noticed the light in the sky. They were joined by the woman’s brothers as they continued to watch the object.

“It moved faster than any flying object that I have ever seen, and it made absolutely no noise,” the reporting witness stated. “One of my brothers was particularly unnerved by how silent the craft was, especially because it moved so fast.”

But family members say that “weird things started happening after it was gone.”

A high wind picked up from the Canadian side of the river.

“First, the wind picked up like crazy, blowing from the North East/ East toward the South West/West and it was blowing so hard that our windows were rattling in the wind. The wind actually made waves appear on the river.”

They then noticed lights from a nearby Indian Reservation that they had never seen before.

“Also, after the sphere sped off, a bunch of strange white lights began to blink on and off across the inland area of the Canadian inland that we can see from the window. They looked like those lights on towers that blink to warn airplanes, but they were much shorter and the light was white, not red. The Canadian area is an Indian Reservation and the part of the reservation where the lights were blinking is only sparsely inhabited and mostly just used for fishing and hunting (the residents live elsewhere on as it is a really big area). I didnt even know there were lights on that part of the reservation to blink, as I have never seen them before (and I have been living in the area for 18 years).”

They then noticed a light down river from them that seemed to be odd.

“Downriver a spotlight or flood light kept flashing from what appeared to be a boat out on the water. I looked through binoculars but could not tell if the light was from a boat on the water or from a house that is right on the river’s edge on the Canadian shore further to the south east. The light blinked on and off sporadically with no discernible pattern. I have never seen anything like it, though I think I should mention that we are relatively near to Selfridge Air Force Base. Mind you, this was Thanksgiving and it was 2 in the morning, and it was freezing cold outside.”

Finally, the family mentions that there was the strange absence of freighters moving by along the river.

“There was a weird absence of freighters before and after the appearance and disappearance of the sphere. Typically, a lot of freighters come by on the St Claire River, even in November (they dont usually stop running, if ever, until January or until the ice is too thick). They come by on average every 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Thanksgiving evening, just a few hours before the sighting, had been particularly busy with freighters and I remember that because my cousin kept calling out every time a freighter went by all throughout Thanksgiving dinner and into the evening. However, from 1:30 a.m. to at least 30-40 minutes after the sighting (roughly 3 a.m. or 3:10 a.m.), not a single freighter, or any boat went by. We fell asleep around 3 a.m. and so there may not have been another freighter for an even longer period, though i can’t confirm that.”

No video or images were provided with the MUFON report, which was filed on December 9, 2010. No town name was mentioned in the public portion of the report. 

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