Misinformation, Disinformation, UFOs and the Primal indicator

By dmondeo

In UFOlogy today we are inundated with so much conflicting information surrounding the UFO phenomenon. It is hard to know what is true and what is false. We have a varied selection of photographic and Video imagery offered as evidence, much of it now days is so easy to fake with the computer software available to everyone. We have De-bunkers and skeptics who work hard to kill the credibility of any new evidence that comes to light.

Yet despite all that hoaxing and disinformation the belief in UFO’s and ETs is still growing daily.

One of the reasons it is growing is because people are waking up and starting to listen to that inner voice, their gut instinct that helps them discern right from wrong.

I call it the primal indicator, it is one of a set of basic tools if you will, that we are born with. It is part of a sixth sense that tells us when danger is around.

It guides us and yet often we ignore it, favoring what our emotions tell us and then we find ourselves in bad situations because of that.

There is a saying “Follow your heart” many misinterpret that and follow their emotions thinking wrongly that heart means simply how one feels emotionally.

Our true Heart encompasses the primal indicator and we’d do well to listen to it.

How often have you heard people talking and deep down inside something tells you that what they’re saying is not quite right?

You see a photo or video of a UFO it looks amazing but something about it, a gut feeling you have that it is not quite what it appears to be?

This is our Primal indicator working. It is not a lie detector, it is more a warning device telling us that we should be careful in that situation.

There is so much deception around these days that in the field of UFOlogy we need to be alert and have our wits (The basic human power of intelligent thought and perception) about us. De-bunkers and Hoaxers can’t compete against the primal indicator and this is why people are waking up.

The problem with the modern way of living is that we are being re programed via the media and technology to follow our emotions.

All our lives we are bombarded with imagery and sounds that trigger emotional responses. We are cocooned, surrounded by technology that offers us a false sense of security. We need more than ever now to reconnect with the senses we were given when we entered this life. We need to rediscover (come to) our senses and break with the emotional programing we are used to functioning under.

Take the challenge and test your Primal indicator give it a little exercise and see if you can discern what it is saying to you when you next engage in conversation.

The Primal indicator is a tool that we should use in conjunction with our other senses, intelligent thought and perception.

If we heed our Primal indicator we may no longer fall prey to the deception that is stalking us. We perhaps will become better at discerning peoples true character and intent. Then perhaps we will foil the plans of those who wish to deceive.

We may even stop the fighting and in turn make our world a better place.

God bless you all


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