More UFO Sightings Over Kansas City, Missouri Area!

Roger Marsh
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The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) at Missouri is reporting a UFO sighting increase that has been ongoing these past six weeks, according to a June 23, 2011, telephone interview with Assistant State Director Margie Kay.
“The last six weeks in Kansas City have been absolutely crazy with sightings,” Kay said today. “It all started May 7. I was in St. Louis to do a talk, and I was asked by Missouri State Director Debbie Ziegelmeyer to do an interview with a guy named Ray.”
Kay discovered that the man claims to have been meeting with extraterrestrials all of his life.
“He has been visited by ETs his entire life,” she said. “He’s 63 now, and has been visited since age 12. And it’s a conscious memory. They give him a telepathic message to meet him somewhere – he goes there and talks to them. I think he’s very credible.”
But the idea that someone is conversing frequently with ETs was just the tip of the iceberg.
“After the interview, I drove back to Kansas City. It was almost dark and I just had the feeling that something was near me and that I should take a picture of the sky. I was driving along I-70 – and I used my cell phone to take a picture of the sky. Then I pulled over and looked up and didn’t see anything. But I took another photo. I now have two UFO pictures of an object that I didn’t see at the time.
And back home, more strange things were going on.
“I live in Independence. I went home, and over the next week there are Apache helicopters seen around the Lee Summit area, flying low, taking turns flying in an out of the Lee Summit Airport. On Saturday night, one week later, several people stopped on I-435 and called in – these are people who don’t know each other. They jumped out of their cars after seeing orange balls of light. Apparently there was something shooting out of these objects. They couldn’t see what. But one witness counted 125 of them. So one of the gentlemen who had stopped called a friend and his friend just happened to be on I-435 in Gregory and pulled over and took 13 pictures of these objects.
“The next thing I know, I am getting inundated with calls. Some of the witnesses went on television – interviewed as a witness.”
Then reports began to come in of a large, gray object.
“It’s 4 o’clock in the morning Sunday, just hours later from this last sighting, and there is a report of a giant, gray UFO in Lee Summit. Four people saw it in one vehicle and another one saw it from another vehicle. They all got pictures.

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