Morse Code of the Gods?




by Jerry Williams


Morse code is a code of language of dots and dashes, that in single moments mean nothing, but placed together can mean a language and a means to an end on communication.  Perhaps the same could be said about crop circles, the seemingly random aspects of crop circles could be a language to the human race from others in the sky and beyond if looked in a different perspective.

Crop circles are a controversial topic in UFO research circles, since it is riddled with
forgeries, fakes, and the typical fame seeker riding the UFO research and efforts to get
to the truth.  Despite such drawbacks, serious crop circle researchers can point to evidence
that the circles have been here for a very long time.

The most argued case for the long history of crop circles is the English pamplet from 1678
called ‘The Mowing Devil’, and it seems to be the first recorded case of a crop circle.  
In this pamplet a farmer refused to pay the price to mow his field, swearing he
would rather have the devil mow it instead.  That night,according to the pamplet, the field
appeared to be in flame, and the next day the field had been mowed in an eerie and perfect way.  If true, then crop circles have been going on for quite some time and the question of what they are only deepens with such historical context.

Is there a code or a language for the human race in the seemingly endless variations of crop circles that are discovered year and year across the globe?  More research is needed, and the weeding out of the fame seeker can help the UFO researcher sort fact from fantasy, and perhaps the symbols of a possibly ancient arcane language could finally be understood. 

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