MUFON Pennsylvania Director To Set Record Straight Concerning CIA

Roger Marsh
UFO Examiner

Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) State Director John Ventre was a guest on Visions Radio April 16, 2011, to counter statements made by Joedy Cooks on a recent show.

Cooks – identified as a Bigfoot researcher – made some rather wild statements – seemingly as fact – that MUFON intimidated witnesses, destroyed evidence, and was controlled by the CIA.

MUFON State Director John Ventre, left, with Pennsylvania members
Brian Seech and Roger Marsh.
Photo: Roger Marsh


“MUFON, I would not trust MUFON if they sat and told me aliens exist, okay,” Cooks stated on the show. “Now MUFON, their sole purpose, is to lie to you about the truth and stop any information being released. And especially their STAR team.”

Ventre’s guest spot can be heard at this link. Cooks was offered an opportunity to appear on the show with Ventre, but refused. 

Ventre says on the show – now available by podcast – that in fact MUFON field investigators are trained to make people comfortable as they collect information on UFO cases. Many reports can be explained as something natural or manmade, Ventre explained, “but it’s the 7 percent of cases that can’t be explained” that we’re interested in.

Ventre addressed all of Mr. Cooks’ statements.

As far as CIA infiltration, Ventre points out that MUFON International Director Clifford Clifts “grows and sells Christmas trees” for a living. As far as destroying “evidence”, which Cooks says he has on video tape, Ventre says that it’s the stuff of urban legends. MUFON had a policy where all field investigator reports were copied and sent to headquarters, and that they were stored in a rented storage area. MUFON decided to leave the original files with field investigators and no longer store copies of these files. And that was what was thrown away.

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