Orange lights reported over 5 states

By Roger Marsh,
UFO Examiner


Witnesses in five states reported watching orange lights in the sky on Thanksgiving Day that appeared to move in a controlled manner, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
Six reports were filed in the past 24 hours from Arizona, California, Florida, North Carolina and Utah, all describing one or more orange lights – sometimes appearing as either a fireball or a teardrop shape.
In California, the witness was able to take video of the objects at the point where they were moving away in Case 33584.
“Noticed a single redish-orange fireball rising from eastern horizon from San Diego city center,” the witness stated. “At first it looked like an asteroid, but it was going up instead of down. Shortly after a second appeared from horizon following same path as the first. Then there was a third. I ran to get my wife so I wasn’t the only one who saw.”

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All three objects appeared to follow the same path.
“The three objects followed the exact path – rising fast at first, then appeared to slow down as they rose. First object faded, away then the second, and third faded.”
Two cases were filed from Arizona.
A “glowing orange ball” was reported moving west to east over Maricopa, AZ, in Case 33587.
“At approx. 10:45 p.m., while seated, my mother witnessed through the window a glowing orange fireball above the neighbor’s roof,” the reporting witness stated. “It appeared to be about the size of a full moon, but was too low and disappeared quickly. She ran outside to investigate and found it had moved far to the east, and was now about the size of a nickel held at arm’s length. I did not see the initial fireball, but followed her outside directly because her reaction seemed so unusual. Within seconds I observed the orange object to be aspirin sized at arm’s length and moving quickly away from us in an easterly direction.”
The objects continued to fade.
“Within moments the object diminished in size until we could no longer see it. It appeared to be moving at a high rate of speed. We heard no sound. The entire event took 60-90 seconds. Mom noticed it because it was bright, oddly out of place, and moving too quickly. It may be of note that we saw at least one helicopter in our field of view after the light disappeared, but the helicopter was easily identifiable and moving in a different direction. We are curious to know if anyone else saw this object.”
Other witnesses also reported from Arizona, including Case 33582, where one person is a “retired Air Force technician who worked with A-10s.”
“I looked up at the sky and noticed there was an orange teardrop shape crossing the sky,” the reporting witness stated. “My brother and fiancé both took notice and we watched as it crossed.”
There were two objects.
“The first object was moving across the sky from what appeared west-to-east and then shot off into the distance. Soon after, another object of same color and shape appeared along the same flight path. It was bright orange and looked almost like a comet. It followed what, from the ground, appeared to be the same path.”
In Florida, the witness describes two objects – a “bright orange glowing light” and an “orange fireball” in Case 33588.
“Looking to the northwest approximately 30 degrees or so above the horizon, I noticed a bright orange glowing light,” the witness stated. “It was probably the size of a couple of stars put together, or of an aircraft landing light in the distance. I watched it for a few seconds because it was not the color of an aircraft landing light. I also looked for strobe lights or aircraft navigation lights. There were none.”
The witness described the light’s movement.
“The light then seemed to hover in place on a magnetic heading of approximately 200 degrees. The light then seemed to fade away as if it were moving off now directly away from us.”
At Gastonia, NC, a Thanksgiving dinner was interrupted when an orange light was noticed in the sky in Case 33590.
“First thing I noticed, it was a cloudless star-lit night,” the witness stated. “This orange light was moving slowly across the sky, slowing down, then moving again. Also while we watched the light, would turn a little red. We watched for about three or four minutes, then it almost stopped and then started going straight up. We looked at each other in disbelief as it then vanished into the sky.”
In Utah, the witness described the object as an “orange ball of light” in Case 33581.
“I pulled my car over to use my phone to video record the light,” the witness stated. “We watched it for about one minute until it faded out. I am not positive that it was moving when we first saw it, but it was stationary the entire time I recorded it.” The video was not included with the MUFON report.
In other Thanksgiving Day reports:
Witnesses in Arizona describe three “stars” that moved in Case 33592.
“I was viewing Orion’s Nebulae at 2:15 a.m. through my telescope,” the witness stated. “I thought the number of stars to be strange – meaning there seemed to be more stars then there’s supposed to be. Then three ‘stars’ or UFOs just started to move in a westerly direction. Moving slowly for 10 minutes or so. All three just started to slow down, then they all stopped at once. I sat there for a few more minutes to see if anything else would happen, but nothing did, so I went to bed.”
In Illinois, the witness describes an object with “two pulsating lights” and another light that moved around the object in a clockwise pattern in Case 33583.
“I was able to catch it in video for four minutes as it proceeded a flight pattern from east to west,” the witness stated. “Lost site of it as it continued west somewhere over Route 53. This isn’t my first sighting, and since I am closed to O’Hare Airport, I am familiar to distinguish this was not a jet plane or helicopter. It was at 9:33 p.m., so I hope others will report it.”
In Ohio, the witness simply mentions “lights in the sky” at 1:30 a.m. in Case 33568.
“As I watched it more, it would move up, move down, very quickly and precisely,” the witness stated. “It would hover, it was high up in the sky.”
Then the object appeared to move away.
“As I looked up, it took off – as in – there was a streak of light, almost like a shooting start, but this was a straight path across the night sky. It went right across Orion’s Belt heading west. At that point I knew it was to be an unknown flying object.”
A witness near Brookfield, CN, reports two red lights in Case 33594 at 9:25 p.m. after leaving a parent’s home for Thanksgiving dinner.
“They live on top of a mountain overlooking the eastern part of Candlewood Lake,” the witness stated. “I came over a rise about one-third miles from the house and saw two red lights to the southeast about 20 to 25 degrees off the horizon. I drove about another one-third mile to a clearing where I had clear view to the east, south, and west. That’s when I saw more clusters of red lights to the south and west. They appeared to come straight at my position from the southwest and arced to the southeast and disappeared, coming the closest about one mile from my position. There were over 15 lights in loose clusters of 3 to 4 lights per cluster moving independently from one another. The lights were not attached to any solid object, I could see stars between the lights. The lights were about 20 times larger than navigation lights on airplanes. I observed them for about four minutes, during that time the lights were consistent in size and shape. They didn’t pulsate, flicker, change color, or make any sound. Their speed was roughly about 60 to 80 mph.”

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