“UFO’s. . . Seeing is Believing”. The Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network will present its Second Annual UFO Conference on Saturday, April 26th, 2014, from 830 a.m. – 6 p.m. at the Erie Bayfront Convention Center at 1 Sassafras Pier, Erie, PA.

Pennsylvania has been the epicenter of the world’s largest UFO wave since the summer of 2008. There have been over 300 UFO reports filed with MUFON each year. “We’re getting clusters of sightings from every town from Erie to Pittsburgh to Philly,” MUFON Pennsylvania State Director John Ventre said. “I get reports of UFOs coming in from Lake Erie and across Wheeling, West Virginia; into the Pittsburgh area and they are seen minutes later on the eastern part of the state.”


The Conference will present a combination of expert Paranormal and UFO speakers including two cast members of History Channels “Hangar 1: The UFO Files” series. Speakers include Travis Walton of A Fire in the Sky, John Ventre of the Mutual UFO Network presenting on UFOs over Pa, Richard Dolan presenting on UFOs for the 21st Century Mind, Michael Lee Hill on Lake Erie UFOs and local Erie Reverand Swope discussing Slender Man.

“The quality of speakers at this conference rivals the larger, pricier conferences that take place around the country,” Ventre said. Professional presentations and vendor tables will highlight this conference in an academic setting. “Ventre said. Admission price is $25. The speakers will throw out the first pitch at the Erie Sea Wolves game Friday night April 25th. Some of the proceeds will be donated to the local Erie Homes for Children and Adults. Advance orders and the Conference agenda can be obtained at John Ventre can be reached at 724.836.1266 or at

The Mutual UFO Network was founded in 1969 after the US Air Force concluded their 17-year Project Blue Book study of UFOs and concluded that UFOs are not a threat to National Security.
“They never said UFOs don’t exist,” Ventre said. “There is overwhelming evidence that they do. I believe this is an aviation safety issue. The only reason there are not more collisions is because of their ability to maneuver, not ours.” MUFON has 2,700 members worldwide and over 900 certified investigators. The Pennsylvania MUFON branch has 129 members and 28 certified investigators. Anyone interested in joining MUFON can speak to John Ventre or one of the many investigators that will be at the conference from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Ohio. “One thing I know from conducting my investigations – if you’ve seen one, you believe,” Ventre said.

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