September UFO Traffic Report

Roger Marsh,
UFO Examiner

The UFO Traffic Report for Thursday, September 29, 2011, includes a new report of cigar-shaped objects with a center “black band” from Waterford, MI; multiple “strange lights” over Boise, ID; and an Arizona witness who photographed a triangle UFO with three green, glowing lights, as reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
Over the past 72 hours, witnesses reported more than 42 September UFO sightings and five older cases. Reports came in from 26 states with a spike in cases taking place on September 25 – where 16 cases occurred over 15 states.

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Top News
A Waterford, MI, witness reports watching two cigar-shaped objects with “a dark spot in the center” crossing the sky without sound that moved into a cloud “and never came out.” Story.
A Boise, ID, witness reports multiple “strange lights” over the cities’ night sky. Story.

An Arizona witness reports a triangle-shaped object with “three green, glowing orbs” moving north in a “straight, slow and steady formation” over Tortolita Mountain. Story.
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 You control public access to identity and location. Report a UFO. Good witness testimony and site evidence – including photos and video – are very welcome.
Place the camera in a stable (non-moving) position if possible. Use the video’s audio to verbally document what you are experiencing at the time.
If you encounter an unfamiliar object very low to the ground or one that has landed, move a safe distance away, call 911, and please file a MUFON report soon after the event. Older-recalled UFO event reports also appreciated.


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