Soviet Nukes Activated By UFOs!

UFOs activated Soviet nukes: Robert Hastings reviews testimony

By Roger Marsh
Paranormal News Examiner

Following publication of Robert Hastings’ book on UFOs and Nukes, former Soviet military personnel came forward with their account where UFOs apparently tested their launch facilities.
Credits: Robert Hastings

The U.S. nuclear arms program was not the only country affected by UFO intervention that seemed to be testing how to launch or possibly shut down a nuclear arms launch, as author and UFO-nukes researcher Robert Hastings details in a report released today where similar incidents occurred in the Soviet Union.
Hastings kicks off the story with what he believes is one of the most disturbing incidents from a U.S. military base – the testimony of David H. Schuur, who was a Minuteman missile crew member in the 455th/91st Strategic Missile Wing at Minot AFB from December 1963 through November 1967.
The testimony includes Schuur’s account that a UFO once activated the launch sequence in most of his Minuteman missiles. Part of that testimony includes:
“However, when the object passed over our flight, we started receiving many spurious indications on our console. The object was apparently sending some kind of signals into each missile. Not every missile got checked [out] by the object, but there were several that did. Maybe six, seven, or eight. Maybe all ten got checked, but I don’t think so. As this thing was passing over each missile site, we would start getting erratic indications on that particular missile. After a few seconds, everything reset back to normal. But then the next missile showed spurious indicators so the object had apparently moved on to that one and did the same thing to it. Then on to the next one, and so on. It was as if the object was scanning each missile, one by one.” 

The next day, the logs and tapes were turned in, and personnel were told – “It never happened.”

Following publication of these and other similar events in Hastings’ book, UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinatry Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, former Soviet Union military came forward with their own encounters.

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