Texans Report Multiple UFO Sightings April 6!

Texans report multiple lights overhead April 6 from four locations

By Roger Marsh,
UFO Examiner

Four cases describing fireballs or meteor-like or bright light objects were reported from Texas on February 6, 2012.
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Multiple reports of fireballs, meteors or hovering lights were filed from Central Texas on April 6, 2012, from four locations spanning about 237 miles, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

At 9:20 p.m. CST, a parent and two sons reported watching an “orange fireball” three times in the north-northwest sky in Case 37169. The second object appeared about 5 minutes after the first; and the third object was seen at about 10 p.m.

“The size of the object appeared similar to Venus, which was higher in the sky,” the reporting witness stated. “The object was orange in color and pulsated in brightness. The object seemed to be moving north-northwest and eventually faded from view. 

“Approximately 5 minutes later, the same or similar object appeared in the same general direction but seemed to ascend from a location further north. This time the object appeared like a fireball and seemed to be much closer. The object appeared to be heading our direction and I became a little concerned that it would get too close for comfort. 

“At its apparent closest distance or largest size, it was about the size of my thumbnail at arm’s length. The object faded in a manner similar to the first sighting. Two neighbors said they saw the object also. I believe both my other sons saw it too. At about 10 p.m. CST, my 11-year-old son noticed a light again. This sighting was very similar to the second sighting. My wife had just arrived home and saw the object also. The sightings made for a pretty exciting evening.”

Temple is a city in Bell County, Central Texas, population 66,102.

At 9:25 p.m., two witnesses in Murphy, about 110 miles northeast of Temple, described a “fiery-like object with haze” that was red, orange and yellow and appeared to be moving overhead at between 800 and 1,000 feet in Case 37170.

“Object moved from southeast to northwest at same altitude in straight line at 2 o’clock above the horizon,” the reporting witness stated. “Object was fiery with haze surrounding it, but fire was in same direction as object was moving, no contrail, no smoke, no sound, stayed at same speed and altitude until moved from sight due to distance. Color was red, orange and yellow, but not like a normal flame. Speed appeared to be from 150 to 200 mph at approximately 800 to 1000 feet. Hard to gauge as no reference for height or speed but moved similar to aircraft making approach but with no change in altitude. Unable to see any structure as object moved directly over head from viewing point. Haze surrounded the object, humid night with full moon.”

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