The Gary McKinnon saga continues…

I am personally sick and tired of how this whole McKinnon episode is being played out. It is obvious what is going on here. The talk of extradition is and always has been BS. The better plan here is to show this guy is unstable.

Makes sense. Nothing he says’s, has any value then. Very smart play by our Nations brain trust.

If you look past all political hum drum, it is easy to see. The United States in no way really wants this man on trial. The things he knows and has seen can be verified by several high ranking officials. Is this the trial NASA really wants on the front page?

This man Gary McKinnon has served more time than most felons convicted of violent crimes. His crime was not violent. As a matter of fact, I do not think I stand alone when I say this. What he did was uncover a crime. Not only against the American people. The people of the world as well, Should he spend years locked up for doing the right thing? I say absolutely NOT! In fact, I think he deserves a medal.

Let this man out of prison. If not hold his trial in England on national television for the world to see. Dr. Stephen Greer. I am calling you out sir. If they take this man to trial anywhere on this planet, I would expect you and your whistle blowers to be there to collaborate what he says he discovered.

This trying to make Gary look like a psycho has to stop. The guy knows what he discovered. He has shared much of this with us. I believe everything he said he found. Backed up from other testimony from creditable persons, I have no reason not to accept what he has told us, as fact.

Mr. Clegg if you read this. DO THE RIGHT THING. This has gone on far too long. No other crime against the USA would be allowed to go on this long without a trial. It has been pushed down this road because they do not want a trial.

They do not want the truth and the lies exposed. This has become very obvious.

Gary has been confined, removed from his loved ones, his credibility bashed, his person questioned. His mind questioned. Enough torture. This is torture anyway you cut it. This man is a human. Why is he not being treated as one?

It is way past the time for any human rights activists to get involved with this case and bring an end to the injustice here.

Drkdrgn 02/14/2011

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