The ‘low’ down on UFO encounters

Strange Facts: The ‘low’ down on UFO encounters

Roger Marsh,
UFO Examiner

Imagine Homer Simpson watching television during a UFO Traffic Report. As the host says “star-like” or “distant sphere” it’s followed by Homer’s response from the couch as he munches on a pound of six-month-old butter he found behind the refrigerator.
The object was possibly 10 miles out.

Testimony gets interesting when the UFO is close to the witness.

Credits: The Simpsons

While most credible reports incoming at the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database are distant objects behaving badly – well, not acting like stars or planets or one of the thousands of man-made flying machine styles- there are those precious few where the object is under 500 feet – a Close Encounter of the First Kind.
Scary words thanks to Hollywood’s alien invasion bent, but notice Homer just sat upright on the couch and a dozen network executives suddenly began listening for the first time.
Every UFO report is logged and reviewed and probed (oops, bad word) – but even the hardened UFO investigator hangs onto the witnesses’ every word once the UFO is under 500 feet to gain just one more glimpse into exactly what these things look like – a first step toward developing an understanding of an apparent intelligence in control of something not made in Detroit.

Read enough witness testimony and you find most folks setting you up before offering the actual description – explaining exactly what common thing they were doing just prior to the sighting, how they were caught off guard, how they did not believe in UFOs before the event, how they are not crazy, or how they were not indulging in alcohol or recreational drugs at the time; or ever in their life.
It’s instinct when you have a great story to tell that’s actually only 5 seconds long.
And you know some guy from New Jersey is going to call you something nasty in the comments section because you weren’t prepared with a heavy tripod, high definition video camera with a big lens, and a back-up to your back-up battery – and oh, all the equipment previously set in place in just the right direction to capture the moment for the world to see what you saw.
Maybe a UFO will fly through Steven Spielberg’s next movie set since all the equipment’s already set up. But even that hardened UFO investigator is leaning forward waiting for just the object’s description and perhaps the emotion of the moment.
Forget the set-up – okay, just location and date. Assume they are sane and without toxic stuff on the brain. Here are some Strange Facts when Americans were up-close during a UFO sighting this year.

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